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BMI + Mommy Makeover

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Doing It For Me This Time

Hello, I am a 38yr old mom of 4 having 2 c-sections & my last child weighing in @ 12lbs 2 oz???? I guess it goes w/o being said she destroyed all that was left of me!!! Like most women on the site, I do so much to care for everyone it seems except for myself. So I've decided that taking... READ MORE

3 Kids, Happily Marrried, Feeling Stuck in This Body

I am a mother of 3 beautiful children & married to my college sweetheart. I am 5'8 & 250lbs! Yes 250lbs... sadly this isn't even the heaviest I've been. With all 3 pregnancies I reached 300lbs! 301lbs with my 1st, 304lbs with 2nd & 302lbs with my last pregnancy. My first 2... READ MORE

46 Years Old, 5'2" 200 Lbs and Looking Forward to a New Body

I will tell you that I have been married to the same wonderful man for the last 30 years. He is very supportive of my decision but tells me I don't need anything done, so sweet. I have 3 grown children, all still living at home, working and attending college. I realized about a year ago that... READ MORE

1 Child (22 Years) and Excited to Pull out a Better Version of Myself #newme

31 days til Mommy Makeover! I chooses Dr. Anibal Hungria, I'm going to get my full body done by him. Breast lift, tummy tuck with muscle repair, lipo of my back and BBL I'm 42, 5' 6" 160 lbs my BMI is 25.82 My flight is booked, Surgery date = booked I have 90% of the supplies need. Hemo 13.2,... READ MORE

"Mommy" Makeover (TT with lipo and MR +BL no implants) After 80lb Weight Loss - Florida, NY

I'm a pretty private person, so posting a public blog on such a private matter like this is unnatural for me (and is why I'll be using a fake name and not revealing details like the name of my PS for now). But, like many others, I've gotten a lot of help from seeing the reviews here and wanted... READ MORE

41 year old in need of Mommy Make Over

Mother of 2 ready for a change !Please keep me in your prayers. I have been going to the gym to help me lose more weight . My bmi is 33 .I would love to have it in the 20s before I get to the DR. Also my hem is 11.8 I need to push it up by May.( Please Help) Has anyone used Dr. Jean Paul... READ MORE

38yo 5 Kids One C Section Mommy Makeover 7mths Preop

I've been wanting to makeover my body for years but after 5 kids and low elasticity in my skin I've decided to go with a mommy makeover. Im super nervous and anxious. A friend of mines had a TT, lipo, MR, and BBL in December 2016 with Dra Tania Medina. I love her results so i reached out to... READ MORE

46 year old, 2 adult kids, ready for a Mommy Makeover!

I've been doing tons of research on Mommy Makeovers and have decided to go with Eres Plastic Surgery in Miami. My surgical coordinator Amy has been wonderful in answering all my questions and encouraging me in my journey. I'm going with Dr Valls because of my BMI. I hate that there is not a... READ MORE

Love my Results, Love my Doctor & Office - Austin, TX

I first saw Dr. Maggie and 4 other PS 10 years ago, I was unhappy and heavier than I'd ever been. Dr. Maggi was the only one who refused to do the surgery, he advised me to lower my BMI and to maintain it for a while then come back. The other surgeons were willing to anything I asked for a price... READ MORE

Muffin Top Mommy of 4 - Miami, FL

My ps is Mel Ortega in Miami. I did a consultation (free) by email him and my coordinator photos of my tired looking body. By the way I'am 5"4 currently weighing 200 pounds. Yes my bmi is high. I'm currently taking phertermine the lowest dosage possible. So I attend to lose more by exercising .... READ MORE

32 Years Old 3 Kids & Ready to Be Made Over! - Dominican Republic

I have been looking into doing this surgery for about 4 years now but I just had my last baby 10 mo ago. I contacted Yily in Dominican Republic so far and was quoted 5200 for tummy tuck, lipo in the flanks & back & bbl. Im in love with her work although I have seen some others that could... READ MORE

35 Years Old, 7 Pregnancies, 5 Living Children, 2 Via C Section

I am a 35 year old year old mother. I've had 7 pregnancies with 5 living children. 2 were born via c section. My youngest is 6. I've been researching mommy makeovers for 5 years and for a year on realself. I do low impact cardio 4 to 5 days a week. I am 5'3" and weigh 130 pounds. I would... READ MORE

44 Year Old Contemplating Dominican Republic TT BBL and Lipo

My BMI was 39 now down to 37.7, does anyone know any Dr in the DR that would take me or tell me what my BMI has to be...what measures to take to locate a travel partner...any suggestions on the recovery houses....what happens while you are there for 10 days, restrictions, outings you... READ MORE

Wanting a Better Body TT, Liposculture, Debating Implants (Callmeundecided) - Dominican Republic

Wanting surgery with Dra Duran but as of right now I have a high BMI Im wanting to schedule for the last week of April 2016 or beginning of May 2016. Just plain ole unsure...... Can anyone help me on the difference between working with surgi coordinators or bellevita ? One more question which... READ MORE

From Boring Mom. Cabralbarbie mama. Dominican Republic, DO

Ok where to begin....ok I'm 30-something years old mother, wife, sister, friend etc..etc 5'3 188lbs. I have been unhappy with my body since my third child and decided its time to do something about it ! Well last year I got lipo and bbl ????not going to mention the doctors name and just put it... READ MORE

MMO Journey Begins. Dominican Republic, DO

Hello RealSelf .... I am so glad that my friend told me about this site. I am been amazed by the stories and thank you to all that tell. Your stories are your testimonies! So about me: I'm a single mother of 4, ages are: 14, 12, 11 & 4. My babies are my world and like most mothers ... I put... READ MORE

29yrs Old, 3 Kids, in the Process of Creating my Destiny. Dominican Republic, DO

Hello Queen's????????, My name is Lonni and for quite some time I have battled with the idea of getting the sx or not. I've followed and researched multiple doctors, procedures etc on the issue.. Lbvs.. But Newho I finally made the decision to just go for it and have it done. So my first... READ MORE

Bello Doll, TT, BL, Lipo February 2016 - Dominican Republic, DO

Hi RS, i am 5'5 and weigh 206 lbs. I have decided to go to Dra Bello. I like her work and I like how she is committed to her patients health. I was able to contact her on the WhatsApp. She responded in 15 mins. She emailed me a quote and gave me her assistant contact info on WhatsApp. I... READ MORE

60 Pound Weightloss After 3 Kids...tummy Tuck and Breast Lift - Spartanburg, SC

Im 5'3" and have lost 60 pounds since the birth of my last child. I am still 15 pounds above a normal bmi, but I promised myself at least a consult when I was within 10% of my goal weight. I had several consults and all said I was close enough to go for it. Yay! Things are going fast now. Preop... READ MORE

Team DISLA...all the Way! - Dominican Republic, DO

Hello sisters! Like so many on here I sacrificed my body for a higher cause...motherhood! Don't regret it in the least, well worth it...but time is overdue for me to bring the sexy back. I know it sounds vain (but I know ya'll will understand) but I want to be noticed again. Doesn't mean I will... READ MORE

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