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4 Children, 38 Years Old Tt, Lift with No Implants

After 4 children, 3 rather large (8.11 & 8.14) I have decided I really want to get rid of the extra skin on my stomach. Also I am one cup size bigger after breastfeeding for a total of about 6 years. I am nervous as my children are 21 months, 3, 5, and 8 years old. Two more weeks though!... READ MORE

39 Yr Old Mom of Two Via C-section

After my daughters I was fine with my body.(except my abdomen) Then gained a little weight and my stomach kinda got a little bigger. I am in my ideal weight so decided to change my saline implants 375cc/400cc for silicone HP 600cc. 1-5days after surgery I looked flat although uneven parts. 8... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck, BBL, and Lipo

I had a BBL and lipo to my back and sides done by Dr. Larson in Atlanta, Georgia a couple of years ago. While my butt is substantially bigger than it was (it used to be flat as a board!), I still did not receive the results I wanted. I was supposed to have lipo to my stomach as well but I... READ MORE

I Am 36 Years Old, I Have Three Beautiful Children! I Always Wanted to Have Bigger Breasts, So I Decided to Do my Breasts, Tummy

I have been following the work of Doctor Cochran, through the website and friends! I am very happy to see the work done by him! The results are surprendent! So he decides to perform my surgery with him, I have good references of him and I'm anxious to get my day, I'm sure that soon I'll be... READ MORE

48 Year Old Mom of 2 Teenage Boys...time to Get the Body I Have Always Wanted - Calgary, AB

I have never been thin....ever! I was always chubby. As a young woman/teenager, in my mind's eye I was enormous and massively obese! Of course, as so many of us do, I look back at pictures of me when I was in my early 20s and see a beautiful young woman looking back at me. In my early 30s,... READ MORE

Help!!! - New York, NY

I had a tummy tuck and I Feel like my body changed for the worst. I had but and its gone. All I wanted were the wrinkles of my stomach and a breast lift. What I got in return were swollen hips and thighs, super swollen tummy and my butt is all gone????????????????. Will my figure improve? Also... READ MORE

A++ Dr. Pantoja- Tummy tuck, ab muscle repair,breast lift and augmentation 520 CC's

I am a mother of 2, breast fed both and have been married for 7 years. I am getting a mommy makeover with Dr. Pantoja in Tijuana, Mexico on April 12th. I'm getting more and more nervous as the day arrives but I've seen many reviews for Dr. Pantoja and his work is amazing. My boobs are deflated... READ MORE

dr.pantoja! Bbl, Tummy Tuck, Breast Implants - Mexico, MX

Have my surgery scheduled with Dr pantojaCan't Wait excited! Having a bbl, tummy tuck and my breast implants redone. I have had my implants for 11 years salene. Want bigger breast and the silicone high profile breast. He will be taking fat from back,sides and upper Arms for the bbl. I'm nervous... READ MORE

33 Yr Old, 5'3, 125lbs-Tummy Tuck, BL and BA- Bellevue, WA

I've been dreaming of having a tummy tuck since I was 20 after my son was born and I never got my body back. 13 years later I'm finally doing it! I met with Dr Egrari in Bellevue, WA and set my date that day. I decided to have a lift and implants done as well. I have my pre-op 3 days and... READ MORE

26 Year Old Mommy! WANTS MY SEXY BACK - Atlanta, GA

Please CAN ANYONE GIVE ME A GOOD REPORT ON DR.OTEGA and his MOMMY MAKE OVER PROCEDURE. I have been searching and searching for a good doctor, and to be honest I have been following this office for over a year going back & forth with myself if I'm going to do this or not .WELL I AM, I just want... READ MORE

32 Year Old Mother of Five. Im Not Looking for Perfection I Just Want to Be Comfortable in my Own Skin. - Princeton, NJ

I had my twins at the age of 17, I went from barely hundred pounds to 190lbs. It really stretched my body everywhere. I've always been very insecure about my stomach. I now have five kids and there all starting to get bigger I feel ready to do something for me that would make me feel sexy again... READ MORE

56 Years Old, Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift & Tummy Tuck. - Warrenville, IL

I started my search for a plastic surgeon at the beginning of December, I found the site The Real Self Team. On that site I read many patient reviews of several plastic surgeons. When I narrowed my search to breast augmentation,beast lift and tummy tuck procedures, Dr. Sigalove was the top... READ MORE

35 Years Old, 3 Kids Ready for a Upgrade - Sydney, AU

Iam ready too get my self a new body!! I have had implants before about 7 years ago 410cc silicone high profile at the time was told that's all he could fit in me as was so flat chested :-/ So after some bigger ones soon yah :) Have decided too get my tummy tuck done as well,though not quiet at... READ MORE

35 Yrs 3 Kids Ready for a New Me

I am so ready for a new me I honestly think I look gross my body just changed completely after my last baby I've been interviewing Drs in TJ because that's what I can afford I'm getting a tummy tuck, boob lift with implants I want bigger lol plus Lipo sculpture bbl I am so nervous the dr called... READ MORE

32 Year Old Mother of 4 Wants Her Sexy Back - Dominican Republic, DO

I just want a flatter tummy and a bigger butt. I have been thinking about this for 2 years and I have been researching this for about 6 months. I was very scared at first but I'm ready now. Any dolls thinking about mung surgery in May. I also need advice on great recovery houses. I lost my great... READ MORE

57 Yr Old Mommy Maker over - Mexico, MX

After doing many research, when I spoke with Dr Rodriguez I knew he was the right surgeon for me, very down to earth, upfront, detailed, very impressive, he sent me photos of his work, had a Skype consolation, and that was it for me, he was going to do a revision on my breast lift that I had... READ MORE

30 Year Old Mother of 3 Handsome Boys and I Was in Need of a Tt - Mount Pleasant, TN

I had a TT and breast augmentation done to get my body to look banging, but now my stomach looks like I'm pregnant and one of breast are bigger then the other.I'm so not pleased cause I feel like he should have given me lipo on my back and sides also. I now have to pay out of pocket for lipo... READ MORE

36 Years Old With 2 Kids And Needed A Tummy Tuck With Breast Implants & Lift - Bay Harbor , FL

I always wanted bigger and perky Breast with a flat stomach. So after having my second child , I decided to do my surgery. I was very scared at first but after doing my research I decided to do it. The healing process wasn't as severe and the pain only lasted a couple days. I'm so happy with my... READ MORE

Get a Personal Trainer - Farmington, MI

I received a tummy tuck and breast lift. On the front end everyone was nice. However, the day of the surgery I remember feeling like I was pushed out the back door. One year later my stomach is bigger than before I got the surgery and still numb. I've gone to bi-monthly follow up apps with Dr.... READ MORE

LIPOSUCTION to Abdomen, Inner and Outer Thighs BREAST AUGMENTATION ( B Cup to Large C or D) - Alabama

I'm 33 years old and a mother of a 10 year old. I'm 5'6.5" , but I'm not sure how much I weigh because I don't weigh myself. If I had to guess, probably 140lbs. I'm of average size and have always been relatively satisfied with my body. I'm pretty active even though I do not exercise. I... READ MORE

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