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2017 Transformation by Dr. Fisher ~ I'm So Ready

Like many of you ladies, I'm looking to improve my body and get rid of excess skin in my abdomen. I'm 46 years old (married and have 2 young adult children). Since I have lost 57LBs, I decided it was time to get rid of belly flab. About time... LOL I have done a lot of research and looked at... READ MORE

32 YO Mom of 2, 1 C/s... Pre-surgery Was an A Cup and Had a LOT of Belly Skin and Fat - Edina, MN

I am 5'1" and always have been flat chested and wanted implants but they always seemed unrealistic for me because of the cost. Then, after 2 kids (both 8.5 lbs) and my second baby being a c/s I wanted a tummy tuck wayyyyy more than a BA but again, neither seemed attainable due to the cost. ... READ MORE

Sisters Having Mommy Makeovers Together. Miami, FL

My sister and I have decided to have Mommy Makeovers together. Traveling from Iowa to Miami to see Dr. Ortega for our re-creations!! I have read reviews and studied pics on RealSelf until I am cross-eyed. I thank everyone for putting themselves out there so that others may learn and research.... READ MORE

My Name is Elizabeth I'm 26, I Have One Daughter - Miami, FL

My motivition was that after my baby my body change a lot stretch marks on my belly and fat and the side of my hips, my breast were down and I felt uncountable with me, i decide to get a tummy tuck and brest reduction and augmentation.. Went i wake up it was pain full but with my medication and... READ MORE


I KNEW I was in here...somewhere beneath the size 18, stretch marked, globby, apron of belly fat and 44H breasts. Went to see Dr. John S. Lee at NW Plastic Surgery. He is an outstanding doctor and a true artist. He gave me my life back. Post surgery, I have lost 30 lbs and find life a WHOLE lot... READ MORE

Finally Getting Mommy Makeover--35 Yr Old Mother of 2 Children - Newport News, VA

Well I have finally done it...I have scheduled my mommy makeover. I am 5'5 and 130 pounds. Even though I'm on the slimmer side (size 5/6) I have a lot of loose skin and a pocket of fat on my belly. My last pregnancy I went from 108 pounds to 210 at the point of delivery. I lost the weight... READ MORE

Finally, Something for Me - Houston, TX

I am doing this review so that I can help someone else that is contemplating using Dr. Steely. I am the 44 year old mother of 4 and have decided to have a mommy make over. I want nice breasts because my large breast have been stretched out and now sag. I'd like to eliminate some stretch marks... READ MORE

31 Years 2 Kids - Plano, TX

I've always gained weight and had fat in my belly. I'm happy so far but my scar comes up higher on one side leaving a love handle. I'm going back tomorrow to get my drains out and will discuss this concern with the doctor then and continue to update recovery pictures here. I was very pleased... READ MORE

An Amazing Experience, Doctor and Staff

I went to doctor Pollard in August of 2016 to inquire about a tummy tuck and breast lift. I was referred by my sister who is in the medical field and assured me that Dr. Pollard was “down to earth” and would “give it to you straight”. I was 53 years old, kids in College and I had a few medical... READ MORE

No More Belly Fat, Nice Butt! - Dominican Republic, DO

I have committed to having a "mommy makeover" 12/2/2016. But indecisive about the surgeon: Dra Robles vs. Dra Manon. Reading all the reviews can make me excited about the final results and nervous at the same time with all the complications and lengthy recovery. Deposit paid with Robles, just... READ MORE

49 Yrs Old, Tired of Trying to Get Flat Belly, and Wearing Wire Bras with Everything. - Orange County, CA

My motivation was my MD, she had just had a tummy tuck and breast lift and look fabulous. I had always wanted these two procedures. She had done all the research and being a doctor with knowledge and understanding of what this intakes she had the procedures and was a walking proof of what a... READ MORE

Part Two of my Mommy Makeover..!!! - Clear Lake , TX

After having 2 boy and a major abdominal surgery I wanted to have my scar and excess belly fat removed and have Breast Augmentation done. Dr. Wiener was very informative in giving my all the information I needed to make this decision. He told my what he could do and what to expect. I am VERY... READ MORE

43 Years of Age, One Child, Stretched Skin & Belly Fat Be Gone! - Jacksonville, FL

Having been very petite and in shape until I gained 60 lbs during my pregnancy, the extra weight has been unbearable. I lost much of the extra weight only to find more of my belly hanging over my c-section scar. It sent me into a spiral of trying to figure out how to live in this body. It just... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover for Non-mommy Scheduled Soon - Atlanta, GA

I am a 60 year old woman having a mommy makeover without having been a mom. I have always disliked my breasts and now with middle age, I have gotten these rolls of fat around my waist despite no weight gain. I am in great health so I see no reason why I shouldn't go with this at may age. My... READ MORE

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