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34yr mommy of 3, excited to my body updated

Years of research. I've looked through many Dr's. They all seem to have lots of great reviews. All have a few unhappy. So meeting in person and seeing the work of the women outcomes who had the same body type as me was what I based my decision on. Years of research. I've looked through many... READ MORE

Really BIG Baby Mommy Makeover !!! 34, 2 Kids, 2 C-sections, No Boobs, Belly Pooch - Duxbury, MA

I really found it helpful to read other people’s posts when going through my journey and decided to do my own. The best part was finding someone with a similar story, body type and goals. Here are my specs: 126lb 5’6, A cup, 34 yrs old, 2 kids, 2 C-sections. Goals: Breast Augmentation; large B o... READ MORE

So pleased I didn't wait another year!!!

So, just had a mommy makeover 2 days ago. Mother of 3 kids, with two back to back c-sections with a year and half. Gained 65lbs with all pregnancies regardless that I worked out and ate well. Now I'm 35 years old, work full time with a 5, 2 and 10 month old and a traveling husband and have zero... READ MORE

32 Years , 5'10, 150 Lbs - Miami, FL

This week I underwent a tummy tuck and breast augmentation at Spectrum aesthetics with Dr. Ortega. I have been wanting to get these procedures done for quite some time now and alhough i am still super swollen, am pleased with my results so far. I chose Dr. Ortega based on years of experience,... READ MORE

Breast Lift (No Implants) and Tummy Tuck, 55

I've been curvy since high school with full C cups and soft tummy. After pregnancy, my breasts swelled to DD and my tummy was covered with stretch marks. I finally decided to make the leap and get the mommy makeover. After 4 months of researching Drs., interviewing highly recommended (and... READ MORE

29 Years Old, 2 Children, Mommy Makeover (330cc Silicone Moderate Profile) - South Africa, ZA

My body took quite a knock after my second child. My tummy was permanently convex with very, very wrinkled skin. My left breast had also sagged lower than my right due to a lactation issue in my right breast. Met with a PS who said I had diastasis recti (separation of ab muscles). The muscles... READ MORE

Getting Ready for BL , BA and TT....My Intro Post to Say "Hello" - Greenville, NC

I found RS weeks ago and have been reading profiles on procedures I'm interested in. Let me first say I was 268 lbs my height is 5'6 and I was a 42DD. I had gastric bypass almost 4 years ago in September 2012 along with my husband. My weight has been stabilized at 135lbs now for almost a year... READ MORE

5 Days Post Tummy Tuck/Breast Implants and Lift - Tampa, FL

Hello! I am a 41 year old mommy who has had 5 kids (including twins at 36). After delivering my last daughter and getting my tubes tied at 41,I decided I really wanted to get my body back in shape. With a strict diet and moderate exercise I lost the weight but I still looked 5 months pregnant... READ MORE

37, 5'4", 124lbs- 350CC, Mod Plus, Tummy Tuck, Lipo - Round Rock, TX

Two days post op from a BA, lipo and tummy tuck of about 3 inches of skin, no movement of the belly button, lipo of waist, and had a gap in my abs from three pregnancies, so that got sewn up. Took the bandages off at my day one visit and NO purple or bruising from the lipo! I'm totally amazed.... READ MORE

45 Yrs Old, Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift Without Implants - Albuquerque, NM

Hi. I'm on day 4 of recovery and thought since I've gotten a lot of inspiration and education from reading all the posts here, I'd finally add my own story. Also, it seems there aren't a lot of tummy tuck with breast lifts that don't include implants. So hopefully my results can give someone... READ MORE

Had Mommy Make over with Lipo on Flanks and Breast Lift - Paramus, NJ

Great experience ! I was very nervous and felt the confidence from Dr. Ferraro and put my trust into him., he looks at this as a peice of art and you can tell he loved doing what he does .. His care after the procedure was amazing and saw me every couple days to change bandages , which I didn't... READ MORE

36 Yrs Old, 4 Kids Including Twins, Full Mommy Make Over - Newport Beach, CA

I had my first child at 21. My body bounced back to normal less than a year after giving birth. Five years later I gave birth to a set of twins. It took me three years to get back to normal but I did. Nice tone thin tummy, nice perky breasts. I suppose thats what happens in your twenties. Fast... READ MORE

35 Yr Old 7 Kids. Dominican Republic, DO

I am 35 have had 7 kids and lost 110 pounds and I wanted to get my body back . I had started off with doing research with Almonte loved her work well sent her my deposit then she decided That she wouldn't do my mommy makeover cause she was scared over soemthing that had happen in the DR with... READ MORE

Pics a year later.......

I am in the process of looking for a plastic surgeon in the Lexington, KY area. I am hoping to schedule my Mommy makeover for December 2011. If anyone knows of a ps in this area to recommend to me, I would appreciate any info! Updated on 23 Aug 2011: Has anyone used Dr. Henry Wells in... READ MORE

42 yrs old breast lift with implants & tummy tuck

It is my 2nd day of recovery. I feel okay. My surgery lasted for 6.5 hours. I am covered by bandages and wearing the compression bra. Looking forward to see my new beautiful breasts, new belly button and my flat tummy. And yes, my long scar. READ MORE

Finally Did Something for Myself. Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift and Augmentation - Mountlake Terrace, WA

First off, this review is going to be kind of long. I wanted a tummy tuck and breast lift since my first son was born in 2004. I never had the money and wasn't sure I was done having kids. I had another in 2015 and am sure I'm done now! I started researching doctors in the area. My selection... READ MORE

Extremely Satisfied with my Results. Mountain View, CA

I have had two children via c-section, and always over produced milk, going up several cup sizes. This caused my breasts to deflate after breastfeeding. My bmi is only about 18, but I also had some extra skin on my belly (although not enough fat for liposuction) and needed a tummy tuck as well... READ MORE

35 Year Old Mom of Twins. Beverly Hills, CA

I'm very petite at 5'1", and before having kids my weight was always around 95-100lbs. I gained about 75 lbs with my pregnancy. This left me with a severe diastasic recti. In addition to having large breasts and nursing for 9 months.. I was left with deflated saggy boobs. It feels like my... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation at 55! Newport Beach, CA

After raising four kids, it was finally time to fix the things about me that I was insecure about. I am a personal trainer and always make fitness a priority, but there was a part of my stomach from my 3 C-sections that I couldn't flatten out no matter how many core exercises I did. I also... READ MORE

Mom of 3 ~ My Third Experience with a Plastic Surgeon! - Mount Airy, MD

I began my journey and search for a doctor who could help me with a few areas that needed some professional help. I reached my diet and exercise goals on my own and knew that I couldn’t change my body physically beyond what I had already achieved. I have had experience with plastic s... READ MORE

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