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B to D cup + Mommy Makeover

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36 Years Old 3 Children Ready to Look Hot Again - Harrison, NY

Hopefully I can wear a swimsuit without being afraid of bending over and having this tummy hanging all over the place.I have always had small breast 34 b small b that is deflated... Hoping for full c small d. My weight has been steady since my second child 140 lbs and I'm 5'4. I oldest is 20... READ MORE

38 Years Old, Mom of Two 9 Lb Babies Who Were Both Breastfed for Years Finally About to Get my Body Back!! - Syracuse, NY

I am so tired of saggy mom belly and deflated boobs. I adore my kids, but don't love what pregnancy did to my body. I am going from a B cup to a D cup. Hey, if you're gonna have the operation... ???? My surgery is in a few days now and I am definitely starting to get nervous. I opted not to have... READ MORE

36 Years Young, Mommy Who Needed a Makeover! Mini Tummy Tuck with Breast Augmentation - Indianapolis, IN

After becoming a mom, my breast became so small and my stomach developed the "pregnancy pouch". I've always had the smaller frame but pregnancy did a number on my body. I went from 102 lbs when I first became pregnant to 170 lbs right before I gave birth. I lost all of my pregnancy weight but... READ MORE

mmo part 2! - Hampton Roads, VA

Hello beautiful ladies! So the second part of my MMO is almost here finally!!! Just a little update: 4"11 type 1 diabetic about 126lbs (before my BA) now 130lbs. Went from a 32B to a beautiful 34D (back in March). Since I couldn't take the entire time i needed off for recovery plus me being a... READ MORE

Finding Me Again!! -Hickory, NC

Hey Yall! I want to send a great big "Thank y'all" to everyone. After finding this site, I have decided to make my dreams come true..have surgery and hopefully even wear a two piece bathing suit next summer!!! My stats: 5'9" 165 lbs a B in victory secret and would like to be a D. I lost 130... READ MORE

32 Years Old, 5'4" 127 Lbs, 4 Kids, Mommy Makeover! 375/300cc Implants, Lift & Tummy Tuck - Novi, MI

I am officially 1 week pre-op for my mommy makeover! I'm so excited and a bit anxious! I am a mom of four kids (11, 9, 8, 6) and at one point I had four kids age 4 and under! We didn't plan the spacing to be quite so close, but somehow it all works out! The pregnancies did take a big toll on... READ MORE

The Phoenix flew February 2012..Surgery in Tijuana, MX

February 14, 2012 Been having mixed emotions about this very big journey I am about to embark on. On our way home today, talking to my boyfriend I felt anxiety coming on. I have never had any surgeries, other than having 4 live births. Even started thinking about that made my stomach turn a... READ MORE

Here We Go...Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation & Lipo on Inner and Outer Thighs! - Huntersville, NC

In 3 days, I will be having a complete makeover which will consist of a Tummy Tuck, Breast Implants and Lipo to the inner and outer thighs. I am a 39 year old woman weighing 170 lbs and 5'3" tall. I have 2 kids (daughter 20, son 11). I am currently a small B cup and hope to be a small D cup. I... READ MORE

New pics! Glad to have gotten it done!!! Annapolis, MD

Tomorrow is my surgery! I am getting a full tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and lift. I am nervous and cant sleep. I keep telling myself it cant be as bad as childbirth, right??? I had 2 huge babies that have messed my body all up! My boobs are saggy and after the second baby i have the skin... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck

I'd gone from a C to a small B after kids and weight loss, and I wanted to be a D. Dr Sharp was very compassionate and understanding, he took my (big) nerves away from the first appointment I had, I felt as though I'd made the right decision. I always wanted a mini tummy tuck and I decided to... READ MORE

Still Tight and High 425cc HP - Alpharetta, GA

It'll be 2wks PO on Friday. Went from deflated 34B to 34D 425cc Hp round mentor silicon and got some SAL (suction assisted lipo) on abdominal. Dr said took 1000cc of fat. Feel like this recovery is putting it back in. Can't wait to feel soft and be able to workout!! Nervous about posting pics... READ MORE

Mother of 2; Post 120 Lbs Loss - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Very happy with my decision to use Dr. Wigoda. Great experience, so far my results are coming along great. Breast Augmentation went from a small B to small D Tummy tuck experience was not bad muscle repair is the worst part of the recovery. Dr. Wigoda is a great doctor made me feel comfortable... READ MORE

33 Y.o. Mother of 2 - Tired of Extra, Saggy Skin on Belly and Small, Saggy Breasts After Breastfeeding. Lake Havasu City, AZ

I could not be happier!!! Dr. Richards is a perfectionist and it shows in his work. During the consultation I appreciated that he took the time to listen to exactly what I wanted, which was a more natural look (I went with 350cc mod plus silicone). I went from a 34B to a modest 34D. I also got a... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Breast Augmentation - Miami

After 3 years post surgery, My scars still looks horrible. The belly botton looks unreal. He did my belly botton twice and still look unnatural. I paid 8,500 for a horrible scar. To high and thick. I had c cection in the past, and my scar was unnoticeable. For some reason this scar is still... READ MORE

BA, with lift, Lipo, and TT - Southern CA

I have thought about getting a tummy tuck for the past 6 months or so. I have been up and down in weight since my late teens and since September 2011 I have been on a lifestyle change of healthy eating and working out. To date I have lost 38 pounds, and want to lose about another 35 before I get... READ MORE

3 C-Sections+ 30 Pound Weight Loss=Time 4 Mommy Makeover - Cumming, GA

The thought of me ever having a mommy makeover has never crossed my mind until I hit 40 earlier this year. Sure, my husband asked what I wanted for my big 40th, big party, vacation..I told him I wanted to think about it. So I thought, what can I ask for that would be beneficial and lasting to... READ MORE

41 Y/o- MM is Scheduled!!! - Norwalk, CT

Had my son almost 18 yrs ago, have a terrible hanging over belly that I am so excited to finally get removed!! Also having Lipo of flanks and a breast augmentation with a slight lift on my right side (nipple). Currently a size 36b aiming for 36d, looks like I will be getting 425-450cc's. ... READ MORE

I LOVE Dr. Harrell's Work - Weston, FL

I had a consultation with Dr. Harrell & his assistant Hazel in early summer of this year. I had previously visited his website, & felt like his work surpassed most other cosmetic surgeons I had researched in South Florida. Dr. Harrell & Hazel made my husband & I feel 100% comfortable with the... READ MORE

Best Valentine's Gift Ever! - Honolulu, HI

I'm a mother of 2 wonderful children. After 19 years of exercising and eating healthy, trying numerous stretch mark creams, skin tightening wraps and creams, I hate the body that I see in mirror! I hated the saggy tits, the stretch marks, the flabby belly, and the loose skin! Depression set... READ MORE

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