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Breast Augmentation with Lift for Asymmetry, and Tummy Tuck

My breast have always been uneven. However after breastfeeding the one got worse and started to sag. No matter how much I worked on my abs I still had hanging skin. Hated looking at myself in the mirror. I wanted to love my self again. Dr. Moore was the right choice for me. Felt him and his... READ MORE

29 Year Old Mom of 1 Wanting Augmentation for Asymmetrical Breasts and Tummy Tuck. Inland Empire, CA

29 year old mom of 1 wanting augmentation for asymmetrical breasts and tummy tuck. (R:B L: A ) 5'2, 150 lbs. Born asymmetrical and left side never full developed. Breast feeding my daughter really deflated any fullness in my right side and left breast stayed the same. hoping to achieve... READ MORE

Almost 34, Mama to 4 Kiddos and Ready to Feel Good in my Own Skin Again!! Scheduled for March with Dr Vath! - Golden, CO

I am scheduled for a mommy make over with Dr Vath in Golden, CO on March 18, 2016. I am so glad to have found this site, I have been pouring over all of the reviews of forum posts for a few months now but am finally ready to be an active part of it myself. I had my consult with Dr Vath early... READ MORE

28-year-old mom of two/ breast assymetry, full tummy tuck BL BA / 275 LB - 575 RB moderate profile plus tex Silicone

A little bit about me , I'm 28 have two kids, breast fed them both for a total of 2 1/2 years of constant breastfeeding , might not seem like a lot but it was enough time to drastically change the appearance in my breasts and make them waaaaaaaay saggy and even more asymmetric than when I... READ MORE

Breast Aug + Lift to Correct Asymmetry, Plus Tummy Tuck - Toronto, ON

Dr Bray was my first choice based on before and after photos, and out of the 4 surgeons I consulted, he was my first choice based on the consultation. He understood that I'm looking for natural results with respect to breast work, and I'm looking for a low scar with respect to the tummy tuck. ... READ MORE

54 Year Old Nan on the journey

Dr Bandak was recommended by a friend who had great results from two different procedures. First impression: Absolutely wonderful! Staff was friendly as well as Dr. Bandak. Everyone was personable and Dr Bandak was so easy to speak with. I didnt feel rushed and everything was explained. Breasts... READ MORE

Mommy make over- Tijuana, Mexico

Wanted a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. I did a viral consultation, I was suggested to get lip and fat transferred to buttocks. I developed a fever when I arrived home and called Dr. Quiroz, he informed me it was normal. I went to see my doctor after fever was 103 persistently. I... READ MORE

36 Years Old, No Children, 100 Pound Weight Loss (TT W Lipo & Vertical Incision, BL W/ Implants) - Huntsville, AL

So, I had my consultation with my PS today. At first I thought he'd recommend a body lift, but in the end, he said that it wouldn't make enough of a difference to go through the recovery, so just doing a tummy tuck. Apparently I really AM big boned and my hips are fairly wide structurally, so... READ MORE

38 Year Old, 2 Kids and a Bad Diet Equal Much Needed Body Makeover - Dallas, TX

I have thought about breast augmentation long before I had children. After kids.....I now think about it even more. I have always had asymmetrical breast. I know, it is rare that any woman has two breast the same size, but mine are REALLY different. I am literally an A cup on my left breast and... READ MORE

51 yo, Fleur-De-Lis TT, BL & BA; 5'5" 156 lbs - East Texas

I'm 51 years old and had gastric bypass 17 years ago, losing about 80 lbs. I gained back about 20 over the years but have been stable. I currently weigh 156 (I'm 5'5"). The weight loss left me with loose skin & apron that I've just lived with over the years. I've also always had significant... READ MORE

30 Year Old Mother - Asymmetrical Breasts and Severe Stretch Marks- Mommy Makeover -COMPLETE :) :) :) Tampa, FL

All my life I have wanted larger (and symmetrical) breasts. I never was more than an A cup and I hated it. I had a son at 19 years old and the pregnancy took a huge toll on my body. I went from a size 0 (pre-baby) pant to a size 7 (post-baby) and had unsightly stretch marks. The stretch marks... READ MORE

39, 2kids, In Need of Mommy Makeover. Dominican Republic, DO

I've been trolling this site for two years and I am ready to get my body back! I need a tummy tuck and a breast lift. I'm not sure if I should get implants to correct my asymmetrical breast. After reading so many post about women that had their implants removed, I'm hoping for a fat transfer... READ MORE

40 Years Old-4 Kids..tummy Tuck,implants/lift - Honolulu, HI

This was my second surgery by Dr.Peterson he did my arm and neck lipo last year and my tummy tuck and implants/ lift this time around.I am very pleased with my results..Dr Peterson worked a miracle on had asymmetrical breasts and he gave me perfect size DD breasts. The tummy tuck... READ MORE

42 Yr Workaholic Mom Learning to Love Myself - Folsom, CA

I'm a 42 year old former athlete, certifiable workaholic mother of two kids who gained a lot of weight with pregnancy and then developed polycstic ovarian syndrome which essentially made it impossible to lose weight despite trying every diet and exercise plan known to man. A week before my... READ MORE

43yr Old Mom of Two - Wanted to Feel Comfortable in my Skin Again. Anchorage, AK

I presented with asymmetrical breasts that sagged and a double pooch from two difficult pregnancies in my early 20's. Most of my abdominal stretch marks were below the belly button, so I was hoping to greatly reduce those. More than anything, I wanted to be able to buy a bra that fit properly... READ MORE

Dr. Salama Gave Me a Very Beautiful Body! Tummy Tuck/lipo/Breast Lift with Augmentation. Aventura, FL

I'm going to be completely honest and very detailed in my review. I'm a real person who had real concerns and my body looked very bad from being overweight my whole life, a gastric bypass and 2 back to back pregnancies, the last which had been a set of twins. I'm very pleased with my results... READ MORE

37 Years Old, 5'8" Height, 175 Lbs., Mommy Makeover. San Antonio, TX

I have been waiting a long time to have this procedure, and have had several consultations in three states over the years. As much as I wanted and needed the procedure, my gut told me it wasn't the right time nor the right doctor. I addressed my desire and dissaponent with my primary care... READ MORE

Unsymetrical - Champaign, IL

Gravity and a baby. This is the first of many reviews I will be posting. I had an extended tummy tuck, breast lift/aug, and lipo of flanks in January. The first problem was an infection. I had an infection and called to tell them on a friday. They said I had to wait until monday to be... READ MORE

41 Yr Old Mom of 2 -Finally Getting my MM!! - Scottsdale, AZ

I just booked my surgery for 10 days from now with Dr. Pablo Pritchard in Scottsdale, AZ. Will be traveling there from Los Angeles so my family can watch after the kids. I'm getting a TT, BA and BL (one one side because of asymmetry) as well as lipo of the inner/outer thighs. I'm really... READ MORE

35 y/o with TT, BL/BA, lipo to flanks and back, and fat transfer to butt

I have met with and selected my surgeon, Dr. Joseph Cannova. He was professional and knowledgeable, but very kind and respectful. I lost over 100 pounds and feel amazing! I would like my body to match my spirit, energy and happiness so I am pursuing cosmetic surgery. Who knew the asymmetry... READ MORE

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