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BL Without Implants + 2nd Round of Liposculpture + TT?

In November 2016 I had a major liposculpture procedure that removed 3.5 liters of fat from my body. I also had some fat grafting on my bootie. My doctor did an awesome job but my boobs are not matching with the rest of my body. I was super insecure about having them done in the same time since I... READ MORE

Mommy Wanted Her Sexy Back!! - Beverly Hills, CA

After having 3 children my mommy making body was ready for some much needed tlc. After years of searching for the best doctor for me, my sister in law suggested Dr. Rahban. I was very particular in what I wanted and after seeing the doctors before and after pics I was amazed. His tummy tuck... READ MORE

Replacement of Implants, Donut Lift, Full Tummy Tuck , VA

I'm scheduled to replace my 330cc saline implants (which are now 13 years old!) with 400 cc mentor moderate high profile implants and getting a full tummy tuck. Im also having a donut areola lift and some lipo on my outer thigh. I'm starting this review as a way to keep me sane throughout this... READ MORE

19 Years Old, 2 Year Old Son, New Body Needed to Enjoy the Rest of my Young Years Comfortably!! - Miami, FL

I'm 19 years old and I had my son at 16 which is pretty young. My son was 9lbs and 3oz when he was born so I had to have a c section, I also breast fed him for 3 months. I was 135lbs at the start of my pregnancy and 193lbs by the end, I am now 155lbs 5'2. The fast stretching and growth during... READ MORE

30 Year Old Mother, 36 D, 5'7, 185lbs - Reno, NV

I have had body issues since I hit puberty! I have never known what it's like to feel confident and happy in my skin - let alone SEXY! Initially it was just stretch marks on my hips and breasts, but now at 30 years old and after having my child I am experiencing a lot of excess skin in my... READ MORE

24 Year Old, One Kid, Lost 80 Pounds, Mommy Makeover Much Needed. Tacoma, WA

Hello, I went in for a consultation yesterday for a mommy makeover and today I went ahead and made a deposit to book my surgery date! June 15, 2016 is when it will be happening. I developed breasts when I was 9 years old and by the time I was 13 they were a DD. The areola has been stretched... READ MORE

Getting Ready for BL , BA and TT....My Intro Post to Say "Hello" - Greenville, NC

I found RS weeks ago and have been reading profiles on procedures I'm interested in. Let me first say I was 268 lbs my height is 5'6 and I was a 42DD. I had gastric bypass almost 4 years ago in September 2012 along with my husband. My weight has been stabilized at 135lbs now for almost a year... READ MORE

Five Weeks Post OP - New Pics (TT w/MR, BL/BA) - Battle Creek, MI

I had my first experience with plastic surgery when I was 23. I had already had one child and I had the biggest breasts. I hated them. I couldn't wear shirts, they were in the way, my back know the spiel. I had a reduction. I was thrilled to have smaller breasts, but not so thrilled... READ MORE

April 18th - TT and BA!!! Just in Time for Summer - Illinois

I'm a 35 year old mother of 3. The twins are 10 and the youngest is 4. My body is shot from pregnancy and nursing. I only went to see the PS for a BA, but he tugged at my loose skin and said he could do something about that too. My husband and I decided to go for it. I'm... READ MORE

Please Read This Before You Choose Her. Saint Clair Shores, MI

I loved her during consultation, but after my breast procedure and tummy tuck, I was so disappointed at the results. All went great than when the healing process began, I was horrified and only now been able to post this. My right implant didn't drop, she pulled stitches out of my left areole... READ MORE

Mommy Make over. Upland, CA

DR. Tarick ismaili is beyond your expectation he really took his time answering my questions and explaning things to me , not in a hurry i wont only give him 5 but 10 star for his perfection , he did mommy make over on me im 10 days post op and amayzed of what he really give me nice flat... READ MORE

Just Bad - Towson, MD

Had Mommy make-over in 2011. Left with an uneven scar on my tummy that's a mile wide. (Why?) There is a small skin flap over the left side. (How can you miss this?) Belly button looks good though. (Thx...I guess) My breast lift needed revision as the left implant was stuck near my armpit. I... READ MORE

54 Year Old in Need of a BA, BL and Tummy Tuck. I Am Going for 500 Cc. I Want Bigger Boobs. Billings, MT

I've waited a long time for this. I had a great body when younger and have wanted to have bigger boobs and a smaller waist. I've tried exercising for a long time plus doing weight lifting. Afterwhile I stopped because I wasn't seeing any results, got depressed so all together I stopped. I could... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover including Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift and Augmentation, Lipo in Many Areas, 30 Years Old - Chattanooga, TN

I am hoping for a round breast with much smaller areola and a bigger cup size with Fullness on the top, not just the bottom. Hoping to get rid of all the excess fat and flap that having 5 kids has left me with. I am going to get lipo on the following areas: hips, flank, sacram, below the bra... READ MORE

31 Years Old Mommy of 3 and Married to a Very Handsome Man and Ready for a Mommy Makeover - Wichita, KS

I have 3 kids who I love so much but these Lil ones have done a number on my body . Lol I am in Kansas now and looking for a ps I have had work done in Mexico. .. (bad idea) well for me anyways I had and have so much trouble with my implants I want them out ,might need a lift as well . I am... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover Dr. Moelleken - Beverly Hills, CA

I am a 27 yr. old mother of 2. My body has completely transformed from my pregnancy's and breast feeding. I gained a healthy amount of weight with both of my boys (25 lbs.). I'm a small person and was all belly, which made for lots of stretch marks and split abdominal muscles. I already had... READ MORE

My Mommy Makeover - Pleasanton, CA

I been keeping a journal of my procedure n decided to post it up finally so here's a copy and paste of my recovery. Surgery day...(7/22/2013) Surgery was at 7:30am I remember trying to wake up around 3pm but it wasn't clear. Everything was blurry n I just felt really drugged up. I remember I... READ MORE

Momma Makeover 5/1/11 Florida

I have wanted to have my breasts fixed since I can remember. I have never loved them. My left is smaller than my right and breastfeeding two kids completely destroyed them. My areolas spread and my skin stretched. I now wish I appreciated my boobs as the were pre-baby! But, what can you do... READ MORE

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