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Mommy Makeover

I have wanted to do this for several years and am so excited and nervous! I have an 11yr old and 8yr old. I gained 50 lbs with my first pregnancy and that wreaked havoc on my body! I haven't worn a bikini since my honeymoon in 2003! I had my pre surgery consult 2 days ago and I feel more... READ MORE

Multiple Procedures - One Surgery. Mastopexy with Fat Graft, Brachioplasty, Medial Thigh Lift, Abdominoplasty - New Zealand, NZ

Pre appointment. This is the first appointment I have with my surgeon Winston McEwan to see if he thinks I am a good candidate for surgery. I want to have multiple surgeries at once so that the recovery time is shorter and the expense is less. I ask about brachioplasty (arm lift), medial... READ MORE

Bangkok BA TT - Bangkok, TH

I'm 49/currently 200cc PIP implants and lift of 15 years done in Melb. Over muscle. Dr stuffed up cut too much skin placed 200 overs instead of 300 understand. Uncool around areolas. Not sure to get under or over but def aiming at about 350cc. I am currently 8DD. I am 5'1". Will be... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift - London, GB

I've wanted a tummy tuck for 10 years since carrying my son who was 10lb 1oz left me with an apron of skin, Over the years I have lost and gained weight and have recently lost 3 1/2 stone getting to a weight I was happy with but knowing that no amount of weightloss or exercise would get rid of... READ MORE

58 Yo Getting a Mommy Makeover. - Riverside, CA

I decided to have multiple procedures done. My Dr. Said I should be able to have multiple procedures done. Breast aug, Lipo of flanks, hips, front and back of upper legs, abd. muscle repair and Mimi TT. I had two Dr. do the surgery. My primary dr. was going on maternity in a few days. But I... READ MORE

Liposculpture,BBL,Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift with Implants - Dominican Republic

Hello dolls: I will have my surgery sometime on January, as for now we set up a temporary date as I am not going to be able to to know for sure until October or November. Anyways I found dr mallol here on realself and At the beggening I was not sure, He does not have many reviews compared... READ MORE

49 Year Old Three Kids Remarried in Need of a TT , BL and Inplants - California

My surgery is in 10 days had my pre- op and got all lab work done. I am very nervous specially since I don' t like the go under part. I ca't wait to be able to dress and not worry about my breadts being all over or my saggie belly coming out of my pants. I got my meds for after the surgery... READ MORE

I Did It!!!! - Toronto, ON

I'm a 39 yrs old mother of 2 wonderful kids. Like thousands of women, I wanted my body back after the toil of pregnancy, my husband was absolutely against my having surgery, it took him some months but he eventually came around for I would never do anything without him being on board, and he was... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover my Experience. Spain, ES

I should have started this long before but somehow things go by so fast……...and I think it is more valuable for everybody to share my experience after the deed is done my body is wrecked due to my two lovely babies but I have finally decided to no longer live with it. I was freaking about the... READ MORE

Home After Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck - Minneapolis, MN

I've been home for three hours. Feeling OK, haven't moved from the la-z-boy yet. Will walk around in a half hour. We've emptied my drains and catheter once. I'm on a muscle relaxer, stool softener, will pick up vicodin in a little bit (pharmacy forgot to give it to me! And I didn't know I... READ MORE

Just Made Decision to Do Mommy Makeover - Newport Beach, CA

After 3 pregnancies and 3 breastfed babies, I'm ready to do something for myself. My goal is to make my body more proportional and balance in size. Especially after they lost shape due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. I did my research and came across to this website. Thanks to you all... READ MORE

Mommy Makerover Plus Rhinoplasty/septoplasty - Orlando, FL

I'm only 4 days post surgery and I'm very please with the results already. I was surprised and relieved at how little pain I felt after day 2. I just assumed it would be at least a week or so given the tummy tuck incision. I have yet to experience any complications of any kind. By the beginning... READ MORE

43 Year Old Mom of 3

Hi! I'm a 43 year old mother of 3 and just had my "mommy makeover less than 24 hours ago. I had a drainless tummy tuck using exparel with abdominal tightening for diastasis and breast implant revision and mastopexy. Previous implants were done 17 years ago, with saline implants over the muscle,... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck/ Breast Implants, Not Sure How to Feel Yet

I am a mother of 3 that had some body issues after the pregnancies took a toll on my body. I'm not really sure how I found Dr Collins office, I believe just a Google search. I do want to start out by saying they got me in right away for my consult once I called. The office was in a nice location... READ MORE

I Almost Died - Mexico, MO

I was so excited to have a make-over with Dr Suarez. His reviews were great and his staff seemed very knowledgeable. I met with Dr Suarez the day before surgery and I felt like I was in great hands. I spent the night at his hospital and I had surgery early the next morning. The first thing I... READ MORE

31 Years Old, 2 Babies That Sucked the Life out of my Body, 1 Company That Helped Me Get my Groove Back! Thailand, TH

In November 2015 I had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation in Bangkok with Medi Makeovers. My experience was really incredible. I was really nervous about going overseas as there is such a stigma attached to having procedures done outside Australia, and I had a lot of friends telling me horror... READ MORE

39, 2 Large Children, 25lb Weight Loss, Too Much Skin in Tummy and Boobs - Jacksonville, FL

DO IT. If you have thought about it more than once, have talked yourself out of it because of the cost or the time or whatever else you can think of, put those thoughts away and go straight to Dr. Doolabh. You will NOT regret it. From the minute you walk in to the lobby to the minute you are... READ MORE

Best Thing I Have Ever Done for Myself!! - Sydney, AU

I am a 46 year old mother of 2 grown boys. My weight has fluctuated over the years. For the past 3 years I have been spending 5 days a week at the gym. I managed to lose 8 kilos through hard work. However, I could not shift the weight around my stomach. I originally sought out a plastic... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover - Done! - La Mesa, CA

I am 41 with 3 children (ages 22, 18, and 11), and I am now 7 months post-op. I had breast augmentation, lipo, and extended tummy tuck with muscle repair with Dr. Tom J. Pousti (The GREATEST doctor EVER!!!) I have been thinking about having surgery for quite some time (20 years). I had stretch... READ MORE

Full TT and Implant Replacement with Lift - 10 Days Post Op - Cleveland, OH

I had my silicone implants for over 20 years. While I didn't have any outward problems, I knew it was probably time for their replacement and a breast lift, along with a full tummy tuck. Two big baby boys, over 9 lbs. each, both now teenagers btw, really took its toll on my waistline. Little... READ MORE

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