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41 Yr Old Mum of 3 with Massive Weight Loss 12 Years Previous. Long Time Coming! Tum Tuck + MR and Breast Uplift /aug

I'm beyond excited for this. I'm fed up with my stomach sitting on my lap and empty flaps for boobs. I'm so ready. Just over two weeks to go until my long awaited full tummy tuck with lipo to flanks, thighs and knees plus an anchor breast lift with anatomical mentor memory gel implants. They... READ MORE

31 Female, Mommy Makeover, 185lbs, 5'5. Hello Flat Side! - Tulsa, OK

One day post op****** Didn't expect to be so emotional after surgery, looking down and seeing my breast and stomach flat and non saggy just blew me away. Surgery was 6 hours long I received a full tummy tuck with monsplasty, breast anchor lift without implants, lipo of my lower back and hips.... READ MORE

"Mommy" Makeover (TT with lipo and MR +BL no implants) After 80lb Weight Loss - Florida, NY

I'm a pretty private person, so posting a public blog on such a private matter like this is unnatural for me (and is why I'll be using a fake name and not revealing details like the name of my PS for now). But, like many others, I've gotten a lot of help from seeing the reviews here and wanted... READ MORE

After Multiple Children and Massive Weight Loss, Makeover Was Reconstructive - Mexico, MX

I had a lot of excess skin after massive weight loss of 100 lbs. I had lots of sagging and loss of elasticity due to aging skin and all the ups and downs of stretching it out through pregnancies and yo-yo weights. I had a breast lift, full anchor cut. I also had a tummy tuck, hip to hip scar... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover

I was pleased at first but as time as gone on I am not liking what I see. The Dr was very nice along with office staff but when I did have a concern the answers I got were oh that's normal and will pass with time. After having 5 kids 2 c-sections I was ready for my body back. I'm 37 140lbs and... READ MORE

35, No Kids, Natural Weight Loss to 165. 5'3"! - Pasadena, CA

This is my first post. Very nervous! Having a full abdominoplasty, flank and upper ab lipo, breast lift (anchor) and aug (450cc overfilled to 550 saline) and chin lipo on July 20th 2016 with Dr. Taneja at MyLook in Pasadena/Huntington Beach CA. Having lost that much weight has left me with... READ MORE

28 Y/o Mom of Twins Full Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift. Olympia, WA

A little bit about me: I'm married, work full time, have 3.5 year old twins, and have recently met my goal weight. I did the healthy way... It took me a year to get here, but I'm here... I finally made it... so.... My surgery is scheduled! I'll be getting a mommy makeover. Aka: SAL abdominal... READ MORE

42-years-old, Surgery to Correct Sagging Breasts and Vertical Scar from C-section. Texas, TX

On February 16th, I underwent a BL with implants, full TT with MR, and light lipo to flanks. My PS has a very good reputation and that is why I chose him. I really did not want to regret my decision my going with someone who charged less as my biggest fear was not liking the outcome. Surgery... READ MORE

30 Years Old, 6 Kids, Time to Get my Body Back! - Kirkland, WA

Ive been following RS for quite a while now, finally had my 1st consultation with Dr. Pratt, I really liked him! I'm getting a mommy makeover procedure done (Drainless tummy tuck, breast lift (anchor) saline implants under the muscle, and lipo to my flanks, back and sides of my breasts. I'm... READ MORE

27 Year Old, Massive Weight Loss with Anchor Cut Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift and Implants. Gilbert, AZ

I am a 27 year old female that has lost over 150 lbs with diet and exercise. I had massive amounts of skin on my body that I needed to get removed. I met with Dr. Olson and immediately felt at ease. During my consultation I did not feel rushed, he throughly explained all of the different... READ MORE

2 Big Babies Left Me Deflated. Duluth, GA

Ok so! I have found this site so helpful during all of my planning and I decided i wanted to share my mommy makeover journey and hopefully help someone that's curious just like I was. I'm having this procedure done with Dr. Mike Song of prima center in Duluth Ga on March 25th which is only 5... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck and Breast Revision - Temecula, CA

Freaking out! About me: 34yrs 160lbs 5'2" over the muscle 13yrs saline 550-700cc (can't remember) 38DD/36DDD Procedure scheduled: Tummy Tuck, breast revision /or Removal with a anchor lift. I used to be a bartender 15 years ago at the time I wanted that fake exotic body; fast forward 10yrs, ... READ MORE

Tomorrow is the Big Day! - Southlake, TX

I'm spending my last day in my old mommy body in my pj's at home alone. It's quite and gives me time to think and pack. I'm having a standard TT and anchor BL. If I said I wasn't scared I'd be lying. Not so much of the surgery or recovery, but of the WHAT IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG! I had a fight... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Augmintation and Tummy Tuck in Spain Dr. Franciso Giraldo at Xanit Hospital/ Spain

I am a 26 years old female i used to be over weight my heaviest weight was 118 Kg and i am 168 cm any ways i did a scopinaro surgery to loose weight and now i am 70 Kg i lost in total 48 kg over a two years period. i have now sagging bobs as you can see and the Dr. Franciso Giraldo informed me... READ MORE

I'm a new woman!

I'm so glad I found Dr. Obaid! After having 2 kids, it was time for my 18yr old (gasp!) saline implants to come out and have a breast lift. I didn't want to put in implants again, and chose Dr. Obaid because of his expertise in fat grafting. I ended up getting liposuction from my armpits to my... READ MORE

I haf an amazing experience!

Dr. LoMonaco and his staff are amazing. I had an anchor tummy tuck and breast lift on in October and I could not be happier. He has the best bed side manner I have ever experienced and his nurses, Chela and Destiny called every day for 2 weeks to check on me. I would recommend Dr. LoMonaco to... READ MORE

39 Year Old. 3 Kids and Need my Body Back! Changing Implant Size and Tummy Tuck! - San Antonio, TX

I am 3 months post BA and anchor lift but I do not like the moderate profile 485cc silicone. I do not have enough projection as I'd like so I will be switching to 600-650cc HP Silicone. I can even go up to 700cc. Surgeon and l will decide on the right size at Pre-Op. I am currently aI saw few... READ MORE

Just Bad - Towson, MD

Had Mommy make-over in 2011. Left with an uneven scar on my tummy that's a mile wide. (Why?) There is a small skin flap over the left side. (How can you miss this?) Belly button looks good though. (Thx...I guess) My breast lift needed revision as the left implant was stuck near my armpit. I... READ MORE

I'm So Impressed with the Minimal Scarring.. - Camarillo, CA

I went in for a mommy make over.. Tummy tuck & breast implant exchange with a lift 6 weeks later.. He was honest about what could be done, kept my pain management to a minimum & did a great job. I feel he & his staff treated me like family . I can barely see my full anchor lift scars & I have... READ MORE

Breast Lift (Anchor Cut) with Tummy Tuck

I am 44 and had my first child at 35 and my second at 40. I had each child via c-section. I worked out 5 days a week and watched everything I ate. No matter what I did, I could not get rid of the skin from my stomach.I had an extended abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) done with a mastopexy (breast... READ MORE

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