9 months post-op + Mommy Makeover

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41 Yr Old Mom of 4, Massive Diastasis Recti & Umbilical Hernia. Drainless TT and 300 cc BA

I am a busy mother who also happens to be a full time physician. I never thought I would be one to get plastic surgery. It's not my style. But, I was so tired of my patients asking me if I was pregnant. Every. Single. Day. I lost 20 pounds and still my stomach just stuck way out there. To... READ MORE

45 Year Old Mom with a Much Needed Makeover - Toronto, CA

My body had changed quite a bit following my pregnancies and deliveries - age didn't help either! I had lost my confidence and was feeling I needed to address my body image. I have always wanted to get a breast augmentation to go bigger but now I also needed to fill in the sagging breasts. I... READ MORE

Worst Doctor Ever! - Mexico

He placed a stitch 2 tight, and my skin died. He released the stitch but wanted to wait to remove the skin. I woke up in the middle of the 1st & 2nd skin removal. I was told not to move since I wanted to see. I told the doc that I wasnt feeling good and he dismissed me. After a month of... READ MORE

My 40th birthday - Mommy Makeover - El Paso, TX

At first I just wanted to have my breasts lifted for my 40th birthday so I began shopping doctors. When one showed me the before and after from the MM, I was sold on that idea. I am 5"8 and had 2 c-sections. My abs were never going to be the same from just exercise or diet. I am a work out... READ MORE

Can't Wait to See Me with a TT - Savannah, GA

I've been wanting a TT for a couple of years now. I'm finally going for it. I had a Breast Reduction August 17, 2012. Now 9 months later I'm headed back to finish what I started. I originally went to see my PS for a TT when he recommended a breast reduction. Who knew my insurance would pay for... READ MORE

Not Happy

My tummy is now misshapen - I have a large bulge just above my pelvic bone...looks like I'm wearing a fannypack around my lower abdomen. I can't wear form-fitting clothes and I'm embarrassed by my profile - exactly the opposite of my expectations. I now need additional surgery to improve it -... READ MORE

After 2 Sets of Twins, Better Than Ever! - Round Rock, TX

After having 2 sets of twins, my body was wrecked! My abdominal muscles had split and I had a hernia. I had excess stomach skin and my boobs were sad and saggy. When I finally decided to go see Dr. Kerr, I was ready to get my body back and start a new chapter. Dr. Kerr and his staff were so... READ MORE

50 Year Old, Mother of 2 - Well Overdue for a Mommy Makeover! - Mississauga, ON

I wanted to feel and look better. I knew I wanted the Mommy Makeover; I needed to find just the right Dr. After doing many consultations over 2 yrs, (needed to be 100%), I found Dr. Weinberg. I wanted to be realistic about my results - I have dropped 2 1/2 dress sizes and continue to drop more... READ MORE

Very Tired of Shoulder Dents and Carrying a Large Top Load! - Paradise Valley, AZ

I had heard from friends that a breast reduction was the best thing they ever did for themselves! I finally was at the place where I could consider spending some money on ME after raising kids alone for 18 years. I visited 3 doctors about the procedure and had decided on one in Chandler, AZ. ... READ MORE

Mommy Make Over, Done! - Miami, FL

After I had my first child, I did not like how my belly turned out, it was flabby, I had excess skin. Also my breast needed a lift. I am so happy I had the mommy make over which included TT and breast lift. I feel more confident now. Yes its painful for the first few days after the surgery, but... READ MORE

45 Year Old Mother of Seven.... Lost 40 Pounds and Needed to Get Rid of Deflated Tummy and Breasts - Novato, CA

I was so scared. I had never had surgery before. After my weight loss, I was happy being back down to the size I was when I was in my twenties. But, I didn't have the shape I used to have. My tummy was sagging and so were my breasts. I decided to start shopping for plastic surgeons. I knew I... READ MORE

Thanks Rejuvenus - Houston, TX

I always wanted bigger breasts, and I wasn't happy with my appearance. I'm very happy with the surgery, and am enjoying the "new me."  I was told the swelling would last 6-8 weeks but that it could be longer for some people.  For me it has been 9 months of... READ MORE

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