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250-269 lbs + Mommy Makeover

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26 No Kids but Need a Mommy Make over

I just want to feel comfortable naked :(. So I've been overweight since I was like 6 years old. I've never worn a bikini or had a flat tummy. After wanting to get a tummy tuck for years I've finally decided to do it. I just graduated college and definitely think I deserve it. I'm expecting to... READ MORE

Plus Size Mommy Makeover. 800cc silicone augmentation Omaha, NE

So after years and years of struggling with PCOS and the weight it brings with it I have decided to mold my plus size body into something I can be happy with. I have spent my entire adult hood trying to lose weight to no avail. I started out doing all the diets and supplement...then learned... READ MORE

NEW Here !!! Hie Dolls Need Some Advice - Dominican Republic

Hey dolls im new to realself well ive been browsing but its my first time writing something here !!! i want a momy makeover in dominicain republic!!! my choice as been stuck on Dr Israel manon.. i feel the one for me but still wanted to have some of your advice!! where did u go how did it went?... READ MORE

20, Dr Daniel Correa BBL, BA, BL and Lipo - Colombia, CO

5'6 250 pounds. I am going to Medellin Colombia Oct 26 to Dr Daniel Correa for liposuction to stomach, back and arms. Bbl and also breast implants with a breast lift. My mother is coming with me for support. I don't have a recovery house yet. I met Dr. Correa on instagram and I love the look of... READ MORE

*I'm Doing This for Me* - Dominican Republic, DO

I just started doing some research on mommy makeovers, I have 3 children 20,13 and 8. After my 13 year old was born, I started take birth control pills,in a short period of time, I gained a lot of weight. So that's when I stopped taking them and its seems no matter what I did, I could not get... READ MORE

Duran doll July 24th! Tummy tuck, lipo and vaginal lift-Dr. Augustina Hilario Duran - Dominican Republic

I want to lose the apron of stretched skin that hangs in my lap, I want to have a trim waist line adding to the curviness I seek and I want to regain the confidence I once had. The idea of what I am going to do (extended TT, breast lift, vaginal lift and liposculpture of the whole mid section of... READ MORE

36yr Old, Weighed 268lbs, 2 Kids, Lost 113lbs Weight. Aurora, CO

After losing 113lbs, I couldn't stand looking at my body. I breast fed for 3.5yrs and my breast were saggy, no more feeling. My stomach(s) couldn't get any smaller no matter how much I worked out. Saved up for Tummy tuck, breast lift, 330CC implants. Worth every penny....???? Dr. Serota and... READ MORE

35 Years Old, 6'2", 2 Kids, Mommy Makeover 5/21/15 - Golden, CO

I've been married 13 years and have two children ages 8 and 9. My boys are only 12 months apart and weighed in at 9lbs 11oz and 10lbs 14oz. I'm so excited for my surgery scheduled for December 4th in Denver. I've been wanting a Mommy Makeover for years. I'm 6'2" and currently weigh 250. ... READ MORE

32, 4 Kids, Mommy Makeover! TT, BL/BA, BBL, LIPO - Dominican Republic

I have been reviewing doctors in the Dominican Republic for about 3 weeks now. I have received quotes from 2 out of my top 4 doctors and I am currently waiting for my other 2 quotes before I make my final decision. I am so excited to start this journey and begin my quest for the new me. I am so... READ MORE

27 Years, 1 kid and my body was Horrible - Dominican Republic

I'm waiting for confirmation from Doctor Baez, I think I will operate on June 4, came to DR on June 1, let me gain too much weight with my pregnancy, and not take care of me after giving birth, arrive although I am now 285 pounds to 255, and still a month away, I'm trying to get down to... READ MORE

Inspiring to Become a Duran Doll - Dominican Republic

Hello everyone and welcome to my page Currently I am 263lb and fed up with this body. I am currently in my transitional phase were I am concentrating on dropping the 60lb. I would love to join my sister in July but I do not think I will be ready at that time. So maybe n 5 month I will start... READ MORE

Future Sang Caputo doll , Mother of 1, 28, I Need Self esteem back

So I've been stalking this sight on & off for 3 years , and I think I've choosen my surgeon DR Sang , So far dr sang has answered all my question in a timely fashion & suggested I loose 25-30 lbs before my surgery, I'm 5 9 , 250 right now ! Goal weight in 2 months needs to be 220, I'm... READ MORE

Incredible Mommy Makeover: 3 Children and Significant Weight Loss

I am a 36 year old mom of 3 children under the age of 7 from Rochester, NY. I had all 3 of my children via c-section and had a significant weight gain during those years of having very little children in the house. When my youngest was 8 months old I found myself at my heaviest weight of 258 lbs... READ MORE

43 Year Old Breast Reduction, Tummy Tuck

Finally after 2 years of getting up the courage, when I was at my GP's office I asked for a referral for a BR. As long as I can remember I have had a substantial chest - I was a C cup in grade 7, and after having children they only seemed to grow and grow! Don't really know the true size, as I... READ MORE

Please delete

I would say that I'm still in the planning phase, except that I've been "planning" for a few years so maybe I'm now "deciding"? Anywho, we've had a lot of change recently including a big move to another state and now we're somewhat settled and not anticipating another move with work for at... READ MORE

36 Yr Old Mommy of 2 Need Help Deciding! - Miami, FL

I am currently needing some kind of confidence booster! I do not know if I should do a mommy make over with a reduction instead of an enlargement and add a butt lift or should I just get some lipo and mini tummy tuck to get me started toward some confidence and work on getting it right by going... READ MORE

31 Y/o VSG Success Patient Losing 114lbs 2kids Via C-Sections Making It Hard to Lose the Pouch & Tone... - Miami, FL

I have showed interest in a Dr. Out of state in DR due to Prices but my Husband and Family absolutely Shut me down And didn't support it ,not the fact I want to have these procedures done but that fact every other week women going to get procedures done over seas and were dying on the table.Not... READ MORE

42yrs old 5"8"1/2 250lbs - Dominican Republic

Hello ladies so I have been on rs for over a year now reading all your post and commits. I'm looking at three different Dr's yily, disla and duarn which one should I use as A FULL SIZE woman .... I WANT A COMPLETE MOMMY MAKE OVER......I emailed aLL THREE TODAY, HOPING TO DO SX IN APRIL...... READ MORE

Healing Now - Maine, ME

I'm writing this a little late, as I had my surgery on March 5th. But I'm bored - LOL! I'm 5'4", 114 pounds. I've been eating healthy and exercising consistently for the past year, so that I am almost to where I was pre-kids. I have 3 young children, all c-section and large babies. So needless... READ MORE

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