2 days post-op + Mommy Makeover

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34 Years Old with One Child and 80 Lb Weight Loss - Trumbull, CT

After losing so much weight I still felt very discouraged by my pouch and extra fat in my tummy; my Breast were huge and saggy. I didn't go down in cup size with my weight loss. It was hard to workout with all the extra weight. I could never find bras that fit and when did, they were super... READ MORE

Feeling great after Tummy Tuck, Lift and Implants - Columbus, OH no regrets!

I had been thinking about doing this for about 8 months. I read a lot of reviews but since I didn't know very many people in the area I decided to get 5 consultations. I'm glad I did, the first doctor I saw was Dr. Donaldson in Columbus. I felt comfortable with him but the cost was over $17000... READ MORE

Mommy makeover!

Dr Larson did my breast lift 1 year ago. I was so satisfied with his work and I've been thinking about doing my TT and BA with him. I finally got my breast implant and TT done, its day 2 after my surgery, I am in so much pain. But the pain medication helps a lot. I just can't wait to get back... READ MORE

41 Yr Old Mother of 2 Both C-section - Chesterfield, MO

Day 1 slept a lot drain 2 had nothing in it. Had a lot of pain and swelling in that hip . Finally got up to the bathroom and it started to rain and got some relief. Back pain was the worse (lipo) when I got up but got better as I started to move around. Day 2 Came home no appetite and with all... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover, 37 Years-old

I have never had decent sized boobs or a six pack. After having kids, I loved the fullness of my breasts while nursing. I also hated the bulge on my tummy that would lay there when I was on my side in bed. Granted, it wasn't huge, but I weighed 128 before having kids (was always a twig) but now... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck, and Breast Augmentation - Dominican Republic

At 17 I was pregnant with my first child, I gave birth at 18 my body was completely destroyed I was very depressed always crying and complaining about my body. I would lay in bed for days without wanting to look at myself in the mirror. At 21 I had my second child, I became very over weight... READ MORE

37 Yr Old Fitness Instructor with 4 Kids - Detroit, MI

I've always been fairly fit but a few years ago I really trimmed down. I was happy about my health and fitness but disappointed at the loose skin on my belly and tiny breasts that I was left with. After consulting with my doctor she suggested tummy tuck and breast augmentation. The quote I was... READ MORE

Had Mommy Make over with Lipo on Flanks and Breast Lift - Paramus, NJ

Great experience ! I was very nervous and felt the confidence from Dr. Ferraro and put my trust into him., he looks at this as a peice of art and you can tell he loved doing what he does .. His care after the procedure was amazing and saw me every couple days to change bandages , which I didn't... READ MORE

Ouch! Surgery Was 2 Days Ago...TT with Breast Lift/Implant - Miami, FL

Dr Ortega is definitely skilled and knowledgeable in his craft. He has a to the point approach and knowing that he is working in a plastic surgery center where they do more volume with low prices and the focus isn't customer service, its more quality of the result. I am just a few days out so... READ MORE

Albuquerque, NM...Mommy Makeover! I'm so thankful that I Found a great Dr. and I'm happy to start this new journey of my life.

I have researched, and met with several different plastic surgeons in the ALBUQUERQUE New Mexico area for over a year now. I was a 36 D at one time in high school but I'm now a 36 C due to 4 pregnancies and breastfeeding. I wanted a lift with an implant size to get me back to a size D. I had... READ MORE

Drastic Measures Choosing a Mommy Makeover - Temecula, CA

I waffled for a few years on this issue. I've been a gym rat and ran myself into skeletal proportions and yet my preggo looking tummy mocked me...grrr. At 40 it was time to do something. I first decided on a boob lift because nursing 3 kiddos with natural DDD's = very large flap jacks--so very... READ MORE

28 Year Old Mom of 1. 5'4" Full Tt with Lipo on Flanks & 400cc Breast Augmentation - Lubbock, TX

So I decided to treat myself with a full tummy tuck with lipo on the love handles & a breast augmentation. I'm officially two days past surgery & I can already tell just how flat my new stomach is!!! Plus it doesn't hurt as bad as I thought it would. But yes it hurts. My new boobs are huge right... READ MORE

41 Yr Old New Body! BA, BL, TT, BBL AND LIpo - Ridgewood, NY

This Doctor is a diamond in the rough. He has an eye and talent that i believe is untapped in this industry. Theres a lot of doctors out there that blind you with technology and fancy offices but do crappy work and charge you double the amount. My experience with Dr Singer began with a breast... READ MORE

43 Yrs Old, Mom of 4, Preop Weight 150 Lbs, 5'2", Lost 50 Lbs in Last Year. Texas, TX

I wanted to have mommy makeover to fix the loose skin & saggy breasts after having 4 beautiful kids. I'm two days post op & will write later as I'm feeling discomfort even with meds. Painful for sure, i had four kids, vaginal births, with no pain meds at all, even my 10 lb baby, so my pain... READ MORE

28 Year Old Mother of 3 - Pearland, TX

I knew that my body would get worse with each pregnancy, and that I refused to live the rest of my life with a loose flabby stomach and droopy boobs. I also knew what to expect as far as pain because I took care of my mom after her mommy makeover last year. I've only had a quick peek but can... READ MORE

My Mommy Makeover - Dallas, TX

I'm 35 yrs old, 2 kids ages 4 and 2. Gained 70lbs with both my pregnancies and here I am hoping to get a resemblance of my old self. Got a tummy tuck, lipo of hips, breast lift with silicone augmentation. Will try to post pics later. Am 2 days post op and am feeling ok. Just took my 1st... READ MORE

Dr. Roger Brown - Kalispell, MT

I lost over 100 pounds about 8 years ago, and had a tummy tuck done then. However, the surgeon in Hawaii that did it, basically just did a mini, eventhough he told me it was a full and charged me 8000 dollars!! Last Friday I had surgery a full tummy tuck with muscle tightening and Breast Aug,... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover; BA, BL, FTT & Lipo Flanks - Dallas, TX

I'm 48 hours post op and truly amazed at how good I feel. I honestly felt worse from two root canals I had back in December. My husband dropped me off at the surgical center, the nurses phoned him throughout the surgery, unpinned completion of the operation Dr. Hubbard called my husband to... READ MORE

40 Years Old, 5 Kids and Hoping to Look my Best at 40. Mommy Makeover- Full Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift/reduction/implant

Just as many others on RealSelf, I had been considering a mommy makeover for years. I have five children and after each one I saw my body become unrecognizable. I didn't just one day wake up and decide I wanted to do this to myself, but asked myself if this is something I really wanted to do and... READ MORE

46 Yr Old/ 2 C Sections and Breast Feeding. Got Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift and Reduction.

I went home yesterday after staying overnight. Not too much pain. Taking pain meds on time. Dr. Woljick was excellent. Going back to dr. On Monday. Anyone else have their surgery lately? Took a shower. Cant wait until I can wash my hair. I went from DD to C. Had tummy tuck, breast lift and reduction READ MORE

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