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1 day post-op + Mommy Makeover

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31 Female, Mommy Makeover, 185lbs, 5'5. Hello Flat Side! - Tulsa, OK

One day post op****** Didn't expect to be so emotional after surgery, looking down and seeing my breast and stomach flat and non saggy just blew me away. Surgery was 6 hours long I received a full tummy tuck with monsplasty, breast anchor lift without implants, lipo of my lower back and hips.... READ MORE

38 Years Old, with a Much Needed Mommy Makeover - Burlington, ON

I decided to write a review on here because I found all of the pictures and details of the procedures so helpful. I decided on getting a Mommy makeover (Breast reduction and tummy tuck) because my large breasts were causing me a lot of back pain, and after my c-section I had the dreaded... READ MORE

Breast Lift (No Implants) and Tummy Tuck to Get my Pre-baby Body Back - Toronto, ON

It has been a long journey to get to this point, 9 years to be exact. I am Mom to two beautiful kids that I was able to birth naturally and breastfeed for over a year each. I did what I was biologically supposed to do. The aftermath to my body though I wasn't expecting. I was able to drop... READ MORE

30 Years Old, 5 Kids Breastfed All for About 8 Months Need to Get my Body Back!!! - Harrison, NY

Hi I'm a 30 year old mom of five, two of them one year old twins. Even before I had my twins I had a lot of stretch marks and loose skin. I tried everything to get rid of them like creams, fraxel laser, thermage. While the fraxel did minimize the stretch marks they were never completely gone.... READ MORE

Smiling Real Big! - Orlando, FL

Hello everyone! I had a tummy tuck, Brest lift and breast augmentation done yesterday Oct. 24, 2016. I am so incredibly happy. I can't even believe my new life has started. It has been over 3 years since my hubby saw me naked, I've been hiding my saggy breastfeeding boobs and my kangaroo pouch... READ MORE

42 Y.o. Working Mom, Consistent Intense Exercise Can Only Do So Much! - Seattle, WA

I have 2 kiddos and work full time at a sometimes crazy stressful job. I exercise regularly: lifting, hiking, some mountain climbing, and started crossfit 6 months ago. Exercise has helped immensely in keeping me in shape after babies, and it always helps me address anxiety and depression. ... READ MORE

Back to Dr Estevez After Another Baby and a Lot of Fat - Dominican Republic, DO

Doctor Estevez is very professional and understanding. His recovery house is a must.i am Happy with My results so far I am kind of sad My breast are smaller But I will get used to it. This tummy tuck is nothing like a c section or regular liposuction.. I got lipo to arms and stomach and back. I... READ MORE

34 Years Old 3 Kids - Layton, UT

I just want to look how I feel inside, Dr Yates was able to show me how I would look on the computer with my real body. He was able to answer all my questions and made the whole process comfortable and as little awkward possible, I am so shy about my body and he is so professional and everyone... READ MORE

Deflated Breasts - Dublin, Ireland

My breasts reduced from at 34C/D down to empty 34A after three pregnancies and breast feeding. I was borderline for a lift. I researched 4 different surgeons in Republic of Ireland including Clane Hospital, Aesthetic Surgery Ireland and Blackrock Clinic. I went with my gut feeling and have... READ MORE

5'9" 180# 38c Pre-op, Sientra Round HP 440cc Gummie Bear Implants, Ext TT No Lipo - Altamonte Springs, FL

I'm a nurse in the Orlando area and by word of mouth literally everyone I asked said "Dr. Fiala!!" People I never would have guessed were his patients have such beautiful, natural results. He really is an artist and a perfectionist! Perhaps a bit pricier, but attention to detail is so worth... READ MORE

36, Weight Loss After Lapband, Fleur De Lis Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift - New York

Ive been overweight practically my entire life. I began to gain weight at around the age of 10 and kept gaining well into my adulthood until I found myself at 322lbs. After the lapband I found moderate weight loss bit then ai joined weight watchers and that changed it all. I lost about 130 lbs.... READ MORE

42 Year Old Mom, Height 5'6 Weight 184 - Toronto, ON

I had been a member of Realself for awhile now and I've been reading everyone's reviews. These reviews have helped me so much in gathering information and helped me to become brave enough to actually go through my procedure. I think it's time to pay it forward and do my review. The cost... READ MORE

53 Year Old with a 75lb Weight loss, Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck - Idaho

I had my breast reduction and tummy tuck yesterday, October 19th. I have wanted the breast reduction since I was a little kid. My "training" bra was a cupped bra. I think a B. Guys either loved it or hated it when I went though my teenage and college years. I met the love of my life in grad... READ MORE

37 Year Old Woman Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation, Arm Lift - Newport Beach, CA

Hi there well I got everything done at once. l had never been in for any surgery, however my stomach and my boobs were so bad. I really never had them in the right place. Dr. Hishram Seify performed the procedures. 1 day post op now and I feel fine. He was wonderful the whole experience was... READ MORE

42 Yrs Old, in Need of Getting my Body Back! - Kent, GB

I've wanted this for over 10 years! It's called justice... After 3 pregnancies, 3 ceasarians lots of skin n weight loss I needed to get back to my pre baby body? I went with Mr John Davison Canterbury Chaucer hospital for my procedure. I had full TT and BA with fat repair to right buttock (... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover After 2 Childern - Rosarito, Mexico

I im so excited, Dr Eduardo Gongora is truly exceptional including all his medical staff. I absolutely love my results 1 day after surgery. Pain control is phenomenol by his RNs u get the best of care here. I would highly recommend Dr. GONGORA and absolutely feel comfortable bring my family to... READ MORE

tummy tuck and lipo

Hi everybody I am writing this with the hope of getting support from all of you wonderful women and also so that someone else can read my experiences, maybe gain something and keep this cycle going! I will be awaiting Nancy's call today as to which procedure should be done first! (Either MMO or... READ MORE

So Ready for This 8/09/13- California, CA

I am a stay at home mama to four monsters. I have been married for 13+ years. I also have lost 75lbs in the last 3 years. I had a hysterectomy in August of 2010, and it was terrible. The pain and emotions that came along with that....all I can say I that I was not prepared for it. I am so ready... READ MORE

It Was my Time - Los Gatos, CA

I am 1 day post op. I'm 31 years old, mommy of 3. I had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation of 421cc. Yesterday was my surgery, I was anxious and nervous but once I was in I don't remember much. Slept most of the rest of the day and night. It's a little hard to get in an out of bed(I think my... READ MORE

38yr 2 Kids Weight Loss - Miami, FL

I have recently lost 50lbs and had lots of handy skin. I've hated my boobs all my life but didn't want huge. i'm only a few days out but I'm thinking maybe I should have gone 1 size larger. i'm still very happy and am welcoming the recovery. My arms have been worst so far oh and sleeping sitting... READ MORE

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