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How Many Things Can Go Wrong on a Mommy Makeover Before It is Not Coincidence? (photo)

I had a mommy makeover on 2.16.12. My right nipple died. My left breast has an open wound the size of a palm. And I have a seroma on my belly - that... READ MORE

How should I treat my wound after a Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation/Lift? (photo)

I am 1 month post op from my tummy tuck and breast aug/lift I have 2 open wounds, one at the " T junction " of my aug/lift and the other right in the... READ MORE

2 week post op, scabs came off from the wound on my left breast. Should I be concerned? (photos)

Hello I had a mommy makeover tt, breast lift and augmentation on 4/22. Things seemed to be healing well until yesterday. As I removed the gauze from... READ MORE

Delayed Healing wounds at 6 weeks PO. Was told to stop using Neosporin and use Hydrogel instead (Photo)

I unfortunately ended up in the hospital last week (non surgery related) and the wound specialist there said I should only be using Hydrogel at this... READ MORE

Did I harm my wound by removing surgical tape too soon?

My PS did not put surgical tape over the wounds of my BL and TT. He just advised me to clean it and put gauze over it and secure it with tape. I read... READ MORE

Just want some advice or opinion on my 7 weeks post op wound? (Photos)

Mummy makeover 7 weeks ago. i am thrilled with my results but i had a wound separation at around 3 weeks, now larger.My surgeon has contacted me... READ MORE

What is a normal healing schedule? (Photo)

I had a mommy makeover 14 days ago. Do my wounds look like they're healing on schedule? I'm concerned about the blackened parts of my wounds, I flew... READ MORE

Activity after MM? (Photo)

I had a lift/gummy bear implant and a mini tummy tuck 2 1/2 weeks ago. I have felt pretty good. I am an active person and find myself being much more... READ MORE

The inverted T has delayed wound healing but the random blister wound is very odd. Doing wound care (xeroform/ABD Pads) (Photo)

I have been four weeks post op. The odd blister cam about week 2 post op. I do the dressing changes daily as instructed. I shower with Dial soap. I... READ MORE

Does this look like it's healing OK? (Photo)

OK so I went out of state for my surgery and it's not easy to get answers from my surgeon so I go to the plastic surgeons office at Kaiser here in... READ MORE

I am looking for advice and a projected recovery timeline for my current wound care situation. (Photo)

I had a mommy makeover (breast augmentation/ saline sub muscle & tummy tuck w/lipo. I am 13DPO & am suffering from tissue narcosis. I have no... READ MORE

What does the red mean? (Photo)

What is the red around my would seperation? I am on bactrim (10 day rx will be done on friday) and was on keflex twice. Once right after surgery and... READ MORE

I'm 3 weeks post op from having a tummy tuck, muscle repair, lipo, breast lift with implants (Photo)

My wound is draining clear fluid, two swab results came back negative to infection What could this be?? How ling should it take to heal, is there... READ MORE

Is this the normal way to heal? What is the correct way to clean the wound? Is antibiotic ointment working? (Photo)

I have a tummy tuck Lipo and mamoplasty 4 weeks ago. The 1st I never took off the faja so never noticed a black area every week is changing and I was... READ MORE

Hair growing in wound separation. 3 weeks post-op. (photos)

I will be 3 weeks po on Tuesday. I have had 2 infections and wound separation. In my holes I can see pubic hair growing in. Is this okay or does this... READ MORE

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