Vertical Scar + Mommy Makeover

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Is This Vertical Scar Normal After MOM?

I had a Mommy makeover that included a full tummy tuck. After surgery I developed a vertical line/scar from my belly button to my tummy tuck... READ MORE

8 1/2 Months PO from my Mommy Makeover Would a Scar Revision Be Possible? Or Laser Treatment? (photo)

I had my TT in December Overall, I'm 100% happy with my TT. My scar is really low and my stomach is flat. However, I needed a small vertical incision... READ MORE

Vertical TT scar? (photo)

I have had a consult with a wonderful board certified surgeon whom I think will do a great job but the only thing he mentioned during consult that... READ MORE

Can I avoid a vertical scar? (photos)

After trying to get my body back for four years after baby #3 I've finally decided to have my mommy makeover! While researching, I came across some... READ MORE

I am a 44 y/o mom of two teenagers - I've had 4 consultations for mommy makeover and they all said something different? (Photos)

The 1st surgeon fully tummy tuck , lipo and I would have vertical scar plus/horizontal for breasts aug w lollipop lift, 2nd said mini tummy tuck with... READ MORE

Cover an old scar?

I'm planning on having a mommy makeover soon. All the before and after pics are horizontal. I have a vertical scar from my liver donation that I did... READ MORE

Will a tummy tuck take some of my vertical scar away? (Photo)

I'm schedule to have a extended tummy tuck will it take some of my vertical scar away? And also is a extended tummy tuck needed or should a full be... READ MORE

I want to get a mommy makeover but a have a hernia mesh. What surgeons do you know that can do it?

The hernia below my belly button was 4 in and put a mesh there to fix it. He put a mesh above my belly button he said so it wouldn't turn into a... READ MORE

Lipo or (mini tummy tuck)? - Mommy Makeover (breast lift and reshaping of abdomen/hips back of thighs). (photos)

Breast lift (arm pit bulge removed) - is a vertical scar mandatory? abdomen definition (waist line back and overhang gone) - can lipo alone achieve... READ MORE

What size implants?? And will I have a Tummy Tuck vertical scar? (photos)

I have set a date for BA/BL and a full TT.I'm planning on a periareolar lift with 375cc mod silicone. I'm struggling with picking the most ideal... READ MORE

What is likely and most efficient procedure for a firmer stomach and breast lift? (photos)

I'm a 40yr old, had 2 natural births, very active & satisfied with weight. Have 2 finger diastisis only at umbilical but above and below that area... READ MORE

Can I have revision to get vertical scar or can this be removed like dog ears? Can it be local anesthetic? (photos)

10 weeks PO. TT MR BA BL. When I lean over my stomach hangs on both sides but the middle is flat over the muscle repair. Since it's flat in the middle... READ MORE

Mommy makeover with back flank lip and no vertical scars possible?

Pondering a mommy makeover but I want to know if they can also lip the back flanks (from armpit to hips) on the back at the same time. Also, When you... READ MORE

5'9/236 pounds. Hoping to have a TT, breast lift and BBL, lipo arms. 1-2 procedures. Realistic at this time? (photos)

5 pregnancies, one abdominal surgery leaving vertical scar from pubic to navel. About 40 pound weight loss. I understand the recommendation to be at... READ MORE

Can a scar revision fix a vertical TT scar?

I am 2 weeks post op from a mommy makeover. My breasts are amazing but I'm disappointed in my TT scar. Doc said he'd do a slide and keep my real belly... READ MORE

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