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Is the Binder Suppose to Be So Tight That I Struggle to Breath?

Is the binder suppose to be so tight that I struggle to breath? I had a TT, BA, lipo of flanks, and thighs. 3 days PO. READ MORE

Is Physical Therapy Required/needed or Even Recommended After Having a Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation and Liposuction?

19 days ago I had a mommy makeover. Today I drove my kids to school although I'm not yet walking upright. While driving my abdominal muscles became... READ MORE

Tightness in Chest and Short of Breath 3weeks Post Mommy Makeover. Is This Normal?

Almost 4 weeks post op. I had a haematoma 3days post op as had been vomiting all of first night and so had to back to theatre. Had full tummy tuck and... READ MORE

Is this blister normal? (photos)

I am 6 days post op. Had a full tummy tuck and breast augmentation. Yesterday I had the drains pulled, and my surgical tape removed. I had a reaction... READ MORE

I Am 3 Weeks Post Op Mommy Makeover. Pressure On Lower Abdomen After Walking?

I feel a great deal of pressure in my lower abdomen after being up and walking a bit. Also my body is so tight and has no give in between the BA and... READ MORE

What would be the best approach to a curvier tighter body? I'm stuck in between BBL or TT or mommy makeover? (Photos)

Im 5'9 bmi is 33 two pregnancies. My stomach protudes i have lower belly pooch. With stretch marks everything jiggles. Im like skiny fat i also think... READ MORE

I had gastric sleeve 1 year ago - I lost 120lbs, can I get surgery? (photos)

I don't have a lot of skin I always had tight skin but I want to get my back lipo and sides lipo with a tummy tuck and if possibly my breast done at... READ MORE

What is an average price of a mommy makeover in the Phoenix Arizona area? (photos)

I want to get a mommy makeover with breast augmentation, a tummy tuck and lipo for my outer thigh. I was wonder how much work would I need done for a... READ MORE

How tight should my post op garment really be? (Photo)

I can't sleep in my garment . It feels as if someone is squeezing my kidneys and cutting the circulation through my body. How tight should my post op... READ MORE

6 days post op, my Tummy Tuck incision is too tight. Any suggestions?

Today is day 6 of my MM and although my breast are tender it's my hip incisions that worry me. The area is so tight I feel like I can't hardly move. I... READ MORE

5 days post op, can I take a modified shower? (Photos)

Had my MM on Aug 15th. (5days post op) My breasts are still so tight and swollen & feel like the skin will burst!! (Breast lift, and 475cc saline... READ MORE

1 year post op, I have short of breath, causing lightheaded and panic/anxiety as well as GERD. Is this normal? (photos)

I am a health, fit mother of 4. I had a TT and conservative BA 1 yr ago with a TT scar revision done in Jan. I am now 5 mo PO from the revision and am... READ MORE

1 month post op Mommy make over (BR,BL,FTT and Lipo of flanks), my stomach is not hard and tight like the first week. (photo)

My muffin top is huge! I hate how it looks. My upper ab on the right under my breast is so puffy and it's sore. My scars are taking a bit longer to... READ MORE

Mommy makeover? Will I end up with curves and an extra tight stomach? (Photo)

Will I end up with curves and an extra tight stomach? what size breast is recommended for my size I have a wide back READ MORE

Compression garment is too tight and I'm swelling a lot? (Photos)

Hi , I am on my 11th day . Yesterday I came back from Dominican to Toronto after surgery and now my tummy is swelling like hell . I'm using my... READ MORE

5th week post op from Tummy Tuck with lift/implants. When will I feel better?

I had a full TT revision from one 3 years ago that wasn't done correctly. Decided to do a lift with textured mentor 279cc silicone implants. I still... READ MORE

Worried about capsular contracture - lopsided breast. (photo)

I came to miami for breast aug, and lift on the other and a tummy tuck "mommy makeover " i leave tomorrow i saw a nurse today not the surgeon and she... READ MORE

1 wk PO tension suture TT and cannot stand up straight. does this technique require more healing time? Should I be ableto stand?

I feel very tight and I am unable to stand even halfway straight after 1wk! My tummy tuck has no drains and tension sutures, I also had breast... READ MORE

I had a mommy makeover 3 days ago: tightness, swelling and puckering.

There is a lot of tightness swelling in both breasts that does not seem to be going down ,is there anything I can do to help with recovery ?how long... READ MORE

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