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How Long is Too Long to Wait to Drain an Abdominal Seroma? I Am Almost 3 Weeks Post Op and Ten Days Post Seroma.

I was out of town when the seroma developed. I just got back and the dr. will drain it tomorrow but I had to wait ten days because I was away. Is this... READ MORE

How Many Things Can Go Wrong on a Mommy Makeover Before It is Not Coincidence? (photo)

I had a mommy makeover on 2.16.12. My right nipple died. My left breast has an open wound the size of a palm. And I have a seroma on my belly - that... READ MORE

Seroma After Breast Lift? my swelling has been going down how long will it take for it to be completely gone. (photo)

I had a tummy tuck and breast lift no implant 12 days ago my PS discovered a small seroma. Also how long will I be able to work again I don't do any... READ MORE

Seroma 3 Weeks Post Mommy Makeover. Also Had BL and Rippling Around Nipples Are Horrible?

I m 3 weeks post op from a mommy makeover. i am unsure if the lower abdominal swelling above my incision but below my belly button could result in a... READ MORE

Seroma found in my lower back, doctor does not want to aspirate, what should I do because I am in alot of pain?

I had a breast augmentation, tummy tuck and lipo( back, flanks and adomen) . I am 6 weeks post op and I am experiencing lower back pain like burning... READ MORE

I had a Mommy Makeover 6/25 including full TT and BA. One of my drains fell out on their own about 2 weeks ago. Seroma? (photo)

I had a mommy makeover on 6/25 including full TT and BA One of my drains fell out on their own about 2 weeks ago. The other one is still in and... READ MORE

Seroma. Will I be able to continue working with the drain?

I've had a persistent seroma. If it continues the next step is drains. If that's unsuccessful then surgery. I am a Physical therapist will I be able... READ MORE

How bad is fluid in abdomen after a tummy tuck 4 weeks post op? (photos)

Tummy tuck with seroma needing treatment. In Florida area. PS in DR...I had a tummy tuck 4 weeks ago in DR. I still have a significant amount of fluid... READ MORE

What is a seroma?

I keep seeing that word, is it a complication? How or can it be prevented? READ MORE

Both breast red since surgery 5 weeks ago,could this be allergies, weight of implants, red breast syndrome, or infection?(photo)

Oth breast, have both been red since the surgery. The redness is contained to the breast area no migration to chest wall. No temp, minimal soreness... READ MORE

Loose fat on outer thigh after Vaser Lipo. Is this Seroma or perm? How do I get rid of it? Will it go away naturally? (Photo)

Everything is numb and swollen and I noticed the upper thigh and inner thigh areas are smooth and solid however on the outer sides of my legs above my... READ MORE

Need your opinion about my outcome so far?

1 month postop mommy makeover. Developed seroma 2nd week and was drained two syringes the first day and then about 15cc a week from that. My ps stated... READ MORE

Can you use the word RARE when a condition or situation IS actually RARE. What is RARE? 1 out of 50? 1 out of 1000?

Any person that has spent any time here on realself can see that sutures opening, infection, drains staying longer than a week, necrosis, and every... READ MORE

Swelling and pain 9 weeks post full TT, muscle repair, lipo to flanks & breast augmentation. Is this normal? (photos)

I am 9 weeks post op, I have developed swelling, to stomach area and on one side where my flank lipo was? At 5-6 weeks post op my stomach was totally... READ MORE

I am 12 PO from a TT and BA. I noticed I have a large amount of fluid build up which I believe is seroma. What should I do?

I noticed a large amount of fluid build up on my left side and under my BB. It feels like it is up to my rib age and very uncomfortable. I have been a... READ MORE

How can I avoid seromas and lipo burns?

I am due to have a mommy makeover June of this year. I have come across several reviews of patients being burned due to lipo and patients developing... READ MORE

How many times does it take to be drained for Seromas to go away, is this normal???? (photos)

4 weeks ago, I had a breast aug, mini tummy tuck w/lipo on the love handles. Seromas on both sides have been drained 4x now. I had one drain post... READ MORE

Six weeks ago, I had a tummy tuck, lipo to thighs, and breast lift. I am due to travel in a couple of days. Is this safe?

My doctor inserted steriods in an attempt to mesh the tissue together, but I still feel a wave (small) of fluid. Should I be concern? What risk... READ MORE

I am 5 weeks post and have a seroma which my PS drains 1-2x a week. When can I get back to the gym? (Photo)

My seroma came on in the 2nd week and I had 200cc drained out, 4 days later had 150cc drained, then 120cc, 90cc, 90cc, 90cc were drained at 5 day... READ MORE

How much will cost to remove a pseudo bursa and how long will it take to heal?

I had a mommy make over about 5 months ago and develop a seroma, it was draine once , and I was told, a week later that it was gone , 2 months post op... READ MORE

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