Scarring + Mommy Makeover

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Botched Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift/augmentation? (photo)

I am very unhappy with the scarring after my surgeries. My doctor has just been telling me to wait and see. I am 7 months post-op. I am also unhappy... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift & Breast Implants Help? (photo)

How low will I be able to get my tt scar, will it remove stretch marks around belly button? I am a D and want to be about that, but fuller/perkier. I... READ MORE

Muffin Top Post Op with No Lipo? (photo)

I am 7 days post op from a full tt and ba, I know its very early. I am unhappy with my tt rezults so far. It seems like evrything I aked the ps to do,... READ MORE

What Type of Scarring Should be Expected After Mommy Makeover?

Hello- I'm considering a mommy makeover and wanted to find out what type of scarring is to be expected. I noticed in some of the photos women had... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover Recovery, Scarring and Aftercare?

I am 7 months post gained a drastic 70 pounds with my pregnancy. Although I was able to lose the weight, I am left with a pregnancy pooch, flabby... READ MORE

I'm Asian, How Can I Minimize the Dark Scarring That Happens Due to the Pigment of my Skin? (photo)

I'm scheduled for a tummy tuck and a breast augmentation. My main concern is the TT scar and trying to make that scar look as best (thin and light) as... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover Gone Wrong? (photo)

Should my incision from my reduction go all the way into my armpits? Why do I have so much hyper pigmentation? Why is the scarring to thick? With a... READ MORE

I Am Schedule to Have a Tummy Tuck with Breast Lift. Doc Says I May End Up Having a T Scar After? (photo)

My doctor is not sure but told me that I may end up having a T scar after the full tummy tuck due to not having a enough skin to pull it through. I am... READ MORE

Where Are the Incisions Placed for a Mommy Makeover Tummy Tuck Procedure?

Where would the scars be noticeable after the body has fully healed from a tummy tuck? READ MORE

What's the Best Thing to Do Fade my Scars?

My plastic surgeon has instructed me to use a silicone mixed scar cream to massage into my incisions. What's the best thing to do for scar care? I... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck Scar & Breast Lift?

Thinking about a TT and breast lift. First, how long does the scar last in a TT? Does it ever really go away? What's the difference between a mini... READ MORE

Confused After Breast Lift?

I had a bl with fg and TT with mr 6 weeks ago. My md never put bandages on my incisions, nor wanted me to wear a surgical bra, just a Warner wireless... READ MORE

Age 30, African American woman with 1 child via c-section. I'd like a BL w/implants and a TT. Will scarring be an issue? (Photo)

Should I wait until after I'm done having kids to get a tummy tuck? Can I get the breast lift with implants now and still be able to breast feed? Will... READ MORE

What should I buy to prepare for my Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation to make my recovery as easy as possible?

I would just like to know what things I should buy in advance for my tummy tuck and breast augmentation coming up in 4 weeks? What kind of clothes are... READ MORE

I Would Like to Start Preparing to Have a Full Mommy Makeover in About a Year?

I would like to start preparing to have a full mommy makeover in about a year from now, but I am concerned with scarring. I am have a couple of keloid... READ MORE

I was told to wear a girdle and breast strap six weeks post op. Will this work or do I need to go under the knife again? (Photo)

I have a mommy make over 7 weeks ago (august 6) Breast is uneven. Lower stomach swollen and Feel like jelly. My doctor who wanted no binder what so... READ MORE

I'm wanting a Mommy makeover. My main concern is the Tummy tuck scaring. Any suggestions? (photos)

I'm wanting to get surgery abroad. Most tummy tuck scars from the US are exactly the result I'm after, a low lying scar able to be hidden under... READ MORE

Sensitive Starring After TT and Breast Lift?

I had surgery 9 weeks ago and My scarring seems a bit raised and quite sensitive more so near end of day. I use silicone strips for part of the day... READ MORE

For African American women with dark skin how does the scarring look after having a mommy make over?

Also if you had a c-section do you cut along that same line so you don't have double scaring? READ MORE

What Are the Odds of Having Permanent Raised Scars with a Breast Lift/augmentation and Tummy Tuck if Prone to Calcium Deposits?

I am seriously considering a breast lift w/ augmentation and a tummy tuck, but I am concerned about scarring. I generally have not had a problem with... READ MORE

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