Saline Implants + Mommy Makeover

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What is the Best Procedure to Fix the Loose Skin Above my Navel and the Belly Button Appearance? (photo)

I had my son 6 years ago at the age of 22. My belly button never went back to normal and the skin ABOVE the navel is loose and saggy. Its not a great... READ MORE

I developed hives all over my body one week after surgery. Mini tuck, lipo, and saline implants. Any suggestions? (photo)

I have now had them for 3 weeks. Have been off any and all medication for three weeks. I feel my surgeon is uncertain of the cause. I'm welting... READ MORE

Silicone or saline? - Will 425 cc in silicone look as big as 425 of saline?

I had a consult today.. and I have decided on silicone implants. It seems to me that saline look a little higher profile??? READ MORE

A doctor that will do mommy makeover for less than 10,000? (Photo)

I have recent pics taken for a doctor that those mommy makeover, breast saline revision or replacements, inner thigh lift & can make a shape out of my... READ MORE

Could this be capsular contracture at 6 weeks post? (photo)

I had my mommy makeover exactly 6 weeks ago with a reduction/lift and placement of 250cc smooth saline implant under the muscle. I have noticed that... READ MORE

Are there any alternatives to a saline or silicone implant for breast augmentation?

I am interested in a mommy makeover and have discussed it with my husband. He is VERY against any kind of implant because he thinks they will feel... READ MORE

5'3, 170 Lbs Mommy Makeover Saline Implant Size?

I am scheduled for a Mommy Makeover on 6/20/13. I chose a 459 implant and my ps suggested I go up to 480. When I went in for my pre-op, I decided on a... READ MORE

Bilateral Hip Lift after tummy tuck? (Photo)

I saw my surgeon yeatetday and feel slightly defeated. October 14 I had a tummy tuck with lipo and 450cc saline implants placed. My surgeon suggested... READ MORE

Have any of your patients had significant other hate their procedures? How have you seen them deal with this?

Wife is letting me post on account for help. My wife had a TT and BL with 460 HP saline filled to 460 placed under muscle. The dr and my wife like the... READ MORE

4 days post op mommy makeover. Breasts are too high. (Photo)

Okay look at my pictures I'm extremely sad at this time..I'm 4 days post op mommy makeover and breast Augmentation.. they look horrible they hurt and... READ MORE

Should I have a lift? My PS thinks I should (Photo)

I want to look large but not "FAKE". I've had to BIG beautiful babies that I breast fed. My PS has agreed to my request to NOT do a lift. Just the TT... READ MORE

I'm 15 days post op mommy makeover, and concerned about implant size/asymmetry. How long before I get a final result? (Photo)

Hello! I had a full TT and BA 15 days ago. I got a 520cc saline implant in the right breast and a 540cc in the left breast due to assymetry. I know it... READ MORE

I would like the mommy makeover surgery. Where can I go for an affordable price? (photos)

I'm 26 years old I have one baby and I would like to do the mommy make over surgery I'm petite 4"11 and weight 102 I would like a breast augmentation... READ MORE

How long after a TT before I get a BA? (Photo)

Once I heel and recover to workout, I would like to have my breast proportion to my body. My breast are natural; however, with two sons, I would like... READ MORE

Breast augmentation with lift and tummy tuck. Is it normal for my boobs to be this low just 6 weeks after operation? (Photo)

700cc Mentor saline implants under the muscle. I think the shape is fine for just 6 weeks post op. My concern is if they drop any more they will be to... READ MORE

Does saline last as long as silicone? (Photo)

I'm going I 28 days for my mommy makeover I am convinced I want saline I keep hearing people say silicone lasts longer than saline is this true or not... READ MORE

How do you my boobs look from a doctor's eyes? (photos)

I have 750 cc Mentor saline implants period I am 8 weeks post op. I Austin had breast lift and tummy tuck with liposuction. From a straightforward but... READ MORE

What is the average cost for mommy makeover surgery in San Jose, CA?

I am 24 years old, 160 lb and 5ft. I'm 40-50 lb off of my goal weight and considering mommy makeover procedures to improve my overall quality of life.... READ MORE

4 weeks post Mommy makeover. Which bra should I wear to get best and most natural results? (photos)

MR,TT,LIPO,BA lift and implants). been wearing a CG & foam pad since sx. 275cc high profile saline. At 4 wk appt PS said I could start wearing a bra.... READ MORE

Breast lift and augmentation. I want them to be higher - any suggestions? (photos)

I have 700 CC saline implants filled to 750. I'm still in a lot of pain. They seem to have dropped the second week as far as they're going to drop. .... READ MORE

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