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How long after surgery is the safe zone for blood clots?

I have been reading about some cases where people have developed blood clots after surgery. How long after surgery is the safe zone, where if you... READ MORE

Are Pre-op/post-op Vitamins or Supplements Necessary After Mommy Makeover?

I've read a lot about taking multi-vitamins (without vitamin E), Arnica Montana, and Bromelain pre and post-op. I normally take a multi-vitmain,... READ MORE

Can You Wear Nail Polish when Going in for Your Mommy Makeover Surgery?

Just wondering if I can leave nail polish on my toenails when I go in to have my surgery. My PS didn't mention anything about it so I wondered if... READ MORE

Mitral Valve Prolapse - Safe to Have a Mommy Makeover?

The sugery is suppose to last 7 hourse and 45 minutes. I am having a tummy tuck,lift,implants,smart lipo on arms,chin,back ,hip and thighs. I have... READ MORE

Safe to do tummy tuck breast implants & arm reduction together?

I'm a 23 year old female 160lb 5'7 and I'm planning to have a tummy tuck breast implants & arm reduction how safe is doing all these... READ MORE

My platelet count is 110,000. Is this count too low to perform a safe tummy tuck/breast augmentation procedure?

I am interested in getting a mommy makeover but my blood work shows that my platelet count is on the lower side: 110,000. I am considering a... READ MORE

What is Safe Time to Be Under Anesthesia?

Hello, I will be having surgery on 8/2/12, I'm concerned about the time my PS said I would be under 7.5 hours. He will be performing a tummy tuck with... READ MORE

I Am Getting a Mommy Makeover with Lipo on Arms and Chin. 8 Hour Surgery - Is It Too Long?

The doctor said it should take about 7 hours and 45 minutes.he said it is done all the time. my surgery is scheduled for jan 14th.i am 35 years old... READ MORE

Is safe the antiviral medication Valacyclovir therapy for Mommy makeover surgery in 10 days?

I'm schedule to have a mommy makeover including breast implants in 10 days. I got herpes 10 years ago. Even do I don't have an outbreak right now I... READ MORE

I want to get a full tummy tuck with lipo suction in flanks and breast augmentation silicone (photos)

I'm 26 years old 122 pound 5'2 had two children via c-section. My breast now are an A cup my main problem is my flabby stomach and my stretch marks.... READ MORE

Is an 8 hour surgery safe?

I've decided to have a full Tummy tuck,breast lift,breast augmentation with lipo of the flanks. My plastic surgeon seems to be ok with doing all the... READ MORE

Can you die from a Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift?

I am wondering what the chances are of dieing from getting a breast lift with a tummy tuck. Would it be better/safer to get them done in two separate... READ MORE

Does it Normally Take 7-8 Hours for Mommy Makeover? Should I do TT and Breast Red. Separately?

I am a 35 year old female 2 children the last one by c-section i need to have a breast reduction and lift due to medical problems so i ask the doctor... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have a Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck at a Private Facility Not a Hospital?

Is It Safe to Have a Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck at a Private Facility Not a Hospital? READ MORE

Can I have ice chips before surgery?

My mouth gets very dry at night and in the morning. I know I'm not allowed anything after midnight. I just want something to wet my throat. So is it... READ MORE

Is It Safe for Me to Have a Tummy Tuck, Breast Reduction and Lift, and Full Body Lipo? (photo0

I am 26 years old and have never had kids. I am scheduled to have my surgery on Nov 8th in Bogota Colombia with Dr. Felipe Amaya. I am 5'2 and weigh... READ MORE

Could a pre surgery epidural steroid injection put me at risk for bleeding our is it safe?

I am going to have a bl with implant and a tt. I get epidural steroid injections in my spine and am due for one 2 days before my surgery. I have to... READ MORE

How Much Surgery is Too Much at Once?

Is it okay to have a complete mommy make-over (lipo, tummy tuck, breast lift with small implants) and a Brazilian butt lift all at once? How much... READ MORE

I have high blood pressure that I control with medication. Is it safe for me to get a Mommy Makeover?

Hi, I'm a BBW and am contemplating in getting Liposculpture in the upper and lower abdomen, breast lift with implants and bbl. My hemoglobin... READ MORE

Can someone that smokes get Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift, and Brazilian Butt Lift done?

How long would they have to stop smoking before surgery and also is it safe for a smoker to do these procedures ... Lip, tummy tuck, breast lift and... READ MORE

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