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Pubic area fat or swollen? (Photo)

Right under my incision my pubic area has a huge bulge. In panties it looks like i have a male package. The rest of my tummy is already flat. Is it... READ MORE

I had my first Mommy Makeover consult. Do I need a Pubic Lift & Liposuction? [PHOTO]

I had my first consultation last week. For my breasts, he agreed with my desire to go from a small B to a full C, with silicone implants, along with a... READ MORE

Is it normal for my pubic area below my scar to stick out more then my belly?

I had a mommy makeoverthe end of January I asked my doctor of it was normal for my pubic are to look like that. He said yes because i didn't ask for... READ MORE

What will a full Tummy Tuck take care of?

I have a small pouch right on my pubic bone, its under my C-section scar, .  Will this be taken care of with a full tummy tuck?  I would... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a "mommy makeover" (breast lift, lipo, and tummy tuck)? (photos)

I'm looking to get a breast lift, tummy tuck (and whatever lipo is entailed for a procedure on my shape) and also a little bit of lipo on my pubic... READ MORE

I'm 6 weeks post op of full TT, Lipo and Breast reduction. Why do I have a ridge above my pubic area? (Photo)

My PS was honest with me and told me I'd still look thick, but I'm concerned about the ridge look. I do have delayed healing of inscision above pubic... READ MORE

Tummy tuck scar too low? My pubic area seems like it's been affected. (Photo)

I am 3 weeks post mommy makeover. Overall I'm very please with the results. I love my belly button, however, my pubic area is a LOT smaller than it... READ MORE

I'm 17 days po mommy makeover; is my swelling "normal"?? Advice please (photo)

I have an appointment tomorrow but I'd like feedback from others. My compression garment fits at the top (torso) but is extremely tight on my thighs,... READ MORE

Please help, I am not happy with my Mommy Makeover results, what do I do? (photos)

Full TT with muscle repair/lipo/breast aug 10 months ago. TT scar at ends healed ok, but loose skin on hips. Bulges on hips. New belly button is to... READ MORE

Should I continue to try to stand upright if I feel tension on an incision that has not closed above pubic area. (photo)

I'm 5 weeks post mommy makeover and I'm still walking hunched over. My incision above my pubic area is not healing and when I try to stand upright I... READ MORE

14 Days Post Op from Mommy make over and my pubis is itching like crazy!!! Is this normal?

14 Days Post Op from mommy make over (tummy tuck w/ muscle & umbilical hernia repair, breast lift with implants) and my pubis is itching like... READ MORE

Hair growing in wound separation. 3 weeks post-op. (photos)

I will be 3 weeks po on Tuesday. I have had 2 infections and wound separation. In my holes I can see pubic hair growing in. Is this okay or does this... READ MORE

36F (5 kids) would like BA/lift, TT w/pubic lift, lipo on back, and butt lift in two surgeries. How to proceed for best results?

I lost 70 lbs and now "need": 1- BA/ lift. 2- TT (very loose skin with minor fat) and pubic lift. 3- Lipo on upper/lower back 4-Butt Lift. I have no... READ MORE

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