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Price for Mommy Makeover, Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift, Liposculpture and Brazilian Butt Lift

I'm considering going to Rio, Brazil for a Mommy makeover, tummy tuck, breast lift, Liposculpture / Brazilian butt lift. I’m being told... READ MORE

Where Can I Get a Mommy Makeover for $6,000?

Im 41 Years and I Have 6 Kids and I Need to No Were Can I Get a Mommy Make over for 6000? i need a breast lift a tummy tuck fat injection in my bottom... READ MORE

I want to get a full tummy tuck with lipo suction in flanks and breast augmentation silicone (photos)

I'm 26 years old 122 pound 5'2 had two children via c-section. My breast now are an A cup my main problem is my flabby stomach and my stretch marks.... READ MORE

Ins Co. Paying for BR but I'm Paying TT/LP. Do Drs Normally Charge Separate Anesthesia Fee?

I was under the impression that since I'm getting put under once and the insurance company is paying for that - that I would not have to pay for the... READ MORE

Does it matter which procedure I get first?

I want a "mommy makeover", breast Aug and tummy tuck, however I am quickly learning prices in VA are considerably higher then those in FL. I have... READ MORE

I would like the mommy makeover surgery. Where can I go for an affordable price? (photos)

I'm 26 years old I have one baby and I would like to do the mommy make over surgery I'm petite 4"11 and weight 102 I would like a breast augmentation... READ MORE

Tummy tuck or mommy makeover?

I would like to get a mommy makeover but not sure about the best pricing inthis area I'm struggling which to choose either just a tummy tuck or the... READ MORE

I'm interested in the mommy makeover surgery with extended tummy tuck, breast lift with implants, liposuction and a BBL (Photo)

I already had weight loss surgery I was 240 I'm now 142 looking to having surgery REALLY soon I need to know some price quotes I'm willing to travel... READ MORE

Benefits from both? (Photo)

I would like a tummy tuck & breast augmentation . I got pregnant at 16 & had my gorgeous son at 17 . It has been 2 months and all I can do is stare in... READ MORE

I need a mommy makeover in the $8,000 price range

. I'm 20. 128 pounds. 5'4. I breast fed so my breast are "deflated." My tummy is loose skin and stretch marks. I live in California. TIA READ MORE

Quote was more expensive than what RealSelf reviews reported? Why is there a large difference?

I've been interested in having a TT, lipo to front and back, BL and possibly BA. I found a doctor that I am interested in, so I looked at this... READ MORE

Difference in price based on facility...

Is it generally higher cost when having procedure in a hospital versus a private run facility that many surgeons have? For a tummy tuck and breast lift? READ MORE

Mommy makeover by August 2015, looking for an experienced doctor with a reasonable price! Am willing to travel if price is right

I want a tummy tuck, breast lift, lipo and BBL Am a mother of 4 wonderful kids. 2 c section. Am 5'2" 180 medical problems. hourglass shape is... READ MORE

Pricing for tummy tuck and liposuction and breast lift? Can I get all done at once? (Photo)

I'm 28 years old I weigh about 140 and I'm about 5'1 I want to know how much for the whole procedure and if it's possible all at once thank you READ MORE

Mommy makeover is what I need. Prices in Illinios are super high. (Photo)

Mommy makeover looking forward for surgery at the end of this year 2016 can I please have some kind of estimate with recovery house and nurse READ MORE

Mommy makeover for a diabetic In Charlotte, NC! Recovery and price? (Photo)

I want a mommy make over ! I need a tummy tuck and breast lift and I want a implant to be full and more round I currently have dd. breast and I want... READ MORE

Average pricing for breast augmentation and abdominoplasty in Houston, TX?

What is the average price for breast augmentation - Silicone, and abdominoplasty in Houston, Tx READ MORE

Looking for a price range of a mini-tummy tuck and boob job with gummy bear implants. I just want a ballpark.

I live in Santa Rosa, CA but am considering traveling to SLC, UT where my family lives for the surgery if there is a major price difference. I hear CA... READ MORE

Mommy makeover price in Illinois? Will my breasts need a lift? (Photo)

I workout 6 days a week cardio and weight training. Eat clean. But I feel like it's hard due to 3 csection I had. My last csection was a year again. I... READ MORE

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