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Is It Normal to Have Clear Bloody Fluid Leaking out of the Incision Site 15 Days Post-op?

I am a 27 year old female that had a tummy tuck and breast implants, my belly button got infected and came out positive for sidimonus, now I'm 15... READ MORE

Is coughing up a red phlegm mucus wad normal after a breathing tube & surgery?

I am 4 days post op, and today I coughed up red phlegm or mucus. The past 3 days I have coughed up one, brown to green phlegm per day and figured it... READ MORE

Breast Lift and TT Gone Wrong?

I had a breast lift and augmentation, muscle repair and a tummy tuck a month ago exactly. After carrying triplets, the above was necessary. I have... READ MORE

Is is Normal to Have Blood in my Urine After Tummy Tuck?

I'm 7 days post op from a mommy make over (TT BL BA) and so far everything has been going good with healing. This morning however, I woke up with my... READ MORE

Is waking up from anesthesia and going into a full blown panic attack uncommon? After coming to from my surgery of tt, ba, bbl

I remember the nurse asking me how do I feel? I remember telling her, I'm feeling a little anxious. Then it started to get worse and worse and worse,... READ MORE

What is a Low Dose of Lovenox Post-op? Tummy Tuck/augmentation?

Just wondering what is considered a low dose (safe dose)? I know some surgeons sugest blood thinners and some do not but I would like to know what a... READ MORE

Shingles Outbreak After MM?

10 days post MM and I got a small shingles outbreak on my flank area about an inch and a bit away from my scar. I have gotten them in the past, mainly... READ MORE

Is it normal for my pubic area below my scar to stick out more then my belly?

I had a mommy makeoverthe end of January I asked my doctor of it was normal for my pubic are to look like that. He said yes because i didn't ask for... READ MORE

Can I take duromine 2 weeks post op of mommy makeover?

I am 2 weeks post op from mommy makeover. I have put on some weight and am eating too much while recovering and would like to take duromine to control... READ MORE

Burning and muscle shaking after surgery. Is this normal?

I had a mommy makeover on feb 24 so I'm 5 days post op. I am experiencing burning in my entire body and muscle tremors, is this normal. I've went to... READ MORE

My drain site really hurts when I lay down. The pain is about an 8. What should I do? Is this normal?

When I lay down, no matter what position, my drain hurts VERY badly. It is from a Mommy Makeover, placed in the groin area. The pain radiates to my... READ MORE

Itchy! Is this normal? (Photo)

I had a BA, TT and lipo on 11/17. I don't have any rashes but I feel itchy all over, especially my butt cheeks. Just wanting to know if this is normal... READ MORE

Is a significant amount of swelling normal 3 months after having a Mommy Makeover? (Photo)

I had mymommy makeover on 1/27/15 and I was completely happy with my results up until one month ago. My stomach was flat and my body had a nice... READ MORE

I Am Five Days Post Op Full TT and Breast Aug with Lift. Drains Have Little Coming Out. Clogged?

I never had more than 25cc per day even on day one. Have milked but having trouble getting some material out close to site where they exit. Could they... READ MORE

Is 2 1/2 Hours Reasonable for MM- TT & BA and Lift?

I've meet with 6 PS's & for the same procedure I was quoted 2 1/2-5 hours! How can it vary so much. Price varied from 10k to 18k. Is 2 1/2... READ MORE

I'm 2 weeks post op mommy makeover, boobs look horrible. (Photo)

So I went to Spectrum in Miami Fl to Dr. Mel Ortega.. and my tummy tuck looks Amazing.. but my boobs look horrible.. what can I do? I have been... READ MORE

Is back pain normal after a Mommy Makeover?

What do you recommend to ease back pain? READ MORE

Why am I not seeing the reasonably expected results from my TT, lipo and BR with lift? (photo)

I had a TT, lipo (flanks & breast sides), & a breast red. with lift on Jan. 15. 7 weeks later, I am still wearing the same size bras as pre-surgery,... READ MORE

Am I using the proper treatment for this areola wound that is 4 weeks and 2 days old post op? (Photo)

I had a mommy makeover ( full breast lift with augmentation, TT and lipo of flanks) about a month ago. Pretty much all my incisions are healing nicely... READ MORE

6 months post-op, shouldn't my clothes fit looser than pre-op? I seem swollen. (Photo)

Hi. I am 6 months post op for the mommy makeover and still feel like by belly is a bit swollen from above my belly button up to my incision right... READ MORE

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