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What Size Should my Nipples Be if I Am Estimated to Be a C Cup After Breast Lift?

I am trying to decide what size nipples I should be reduced to when I have my upcoming major lift / mommy makeover. My doc said he uses a 3.5 cm... READ MORE

Can I leave my nipple rings during surgery if I use plastic rings instead of surgical steel ones?

I am going for plastic surgery (Full lipo, Tummy Tuck and BBL) I have my nipples pierced and I wanted to know if I can keep the rings in during... READ MORE

Botched Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift/augmentation? (photo)

I am very unhappy with the scarring after my surgeries. My doctor has just been telling me to wait and see. I am 7 months post-op. I am also unhappy... READ MORE

I Had my Tummy Tuck, my Tummy Feel So Funny, Feels Like There is Air Between the Skin?

I had Tummy tuck,breast lift with implants and inverted nipples fixed.Tummy looks better its a bit swolen or I dont know what to call it.Its not red... READ MORE

Is Mommy Makeover the Answer? (photo)

I just had twin boys 10 months ago i have lost weight but still have stretch marks and my abdominal muscles are torn. I'am willing to do tummy tuck... READ MORE

Laser Bra Mommy Makeover Option?

Aside from Laser bra procedure what will help correct sagging breasts? It is a popular option to other techniques that cause nipple sensitivity while... READ MORE

Sjogren's and Breast Lift vs. Lift w/ Augmentation. Is Sjogren's a contraindication for augmentation?

48 yo mom of 3 and lost 80lbs with umbilical hernia. I will have a TT as part of the hernia repair and now considering full MM, but very fearful of... READ MORE

Am I too skinny for a tummy tuck? And 400 or 450cc? Going moderate plus under muscle through nipple. (photos)

So I'm 5'5 130lbs and athletic. I have one child. I'm getting a breast augmentation and would like more volume, higher up, and closer together.... READ MORE

Has my Mommy Makeover gone wrong? (photos)

Not only am I upset with the size of my breasts to which the dr. Said they would be the same size after my breast lift. But what in the heck is wrong... READ MORE

Mommy makeover, post op 5 weeks out. Am I healing properly? (photos)

My nipples burn more then they did from a couple of weeks ago, and my stomach is swollen in the same places, and even on my upper abdoemn. Is this all... READ MORE

Lollipop or Anchor breast reduction with Tummy tuck and lipo? (photos)

I had my consult & was recommended lollipop breast reduction with pursestring nipple. My friend who had an anchor with this Dr looks great. A comment... READ MORE

Mommy makeover; So will existing scarring be a problem? (photos)

So will existing scarring be a problem? I don't want augmentation or fat injected in other parts. Will tt get rid of skin irritations as well as belly... READ MORE

Is augmentation enough? (Photos)

I'm going interviewing surgeons for a Mommy Makeofer to get a tummy tuck and breast augmentation and wondered if I can skip the lift. I've breast fed... READ MORE

8 weeks post op. Why has abdominal incision opened? It appears infected? Does left nipple area appear infected as well? (Photo)

I am concerned about how the abdominal incision has opened in areas, especially the area below naval. Is this a normal healing process ? How could... READ MORE

what kind of procedures can I expect to correct my post partum body (photos)

3 kids, BF 2, my breasts are droopy and deflated, I would like them lifted and enlarged (40 C now, would like to be 40 d-dd ish) but not sure what... READ MORE

Are my nipples too low? I also feel like they look very disfigured? (photo)

I had 450cc placed into both of my breasts along with a breast lift 2 days ago. I know I have a long healing process ahead of me but I feel like my... READ MORE

Will a released pocket of original implants raise nipple & and give symmetry? Hoping for normal breasts, & "bottom boob" (photo)

I'm scheduled for a BA /TT with a Doc who seems to truly love his job, takes pride in his work. I'm very anxious, want realistic expectations. hoping... READ MORE

Wanting tummy tuck & silicone implants 350-400cc. Surgeon suggest full anchor lift I wish for benelli? No lift possible? (photo)

I do not like the scarring and complications that can be associated with the full lift. Nipple sits above crease doing pencil trick. Surgeon is pretty... READ MORE

Mommy makeover, will the breast implant scar be visible?

I always see a scar right through the middle of the breast. Is this necessary, can she do the breast implant from underneath the breast? Has anyone... READ MORE

Why isn't nitropaste prescribed for everyone? What are the pros and cons of it?

If nitropaste promotes blood flow for especially the belly button and nipples after a tummy tuck and breast surgery then why isnt is always prescribed... READ MORE

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