Muscle Tightening + Mommy Makeover

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What Other Procedures Besides Muscle Tightening is an Abdominal Binder Needed?

Is a compression garment after either a mini tummy tuck or tummy tuck? READ MORE

Can the Muscles Being Tightened Cause Your Waist to Be Larger? (photo)

About 2 weeks ago I have TT with lipo to flanks, BL, and BA. Before having the surgery I had a 24 inch waist. I actually didn't have that much fat on... READ MORE

7 Weeks out of TT and Breast Augmentation, Stomach Still Protruding, Normal?

I had my TT and Breast Augmentation 7 weeks ago, Since then my upper abdomen. Lately after I eat anything it bloats and swells up. Is that normal ? it... READ MORE

Tummy tuck results good or bad? (Photo)

Had mommy makeover 3 1/2 weeks ago to have muscles tightened and fix a hernia. Questions: Would you say these result are good? Would you consider the... READ MORE

On the second of July I had a mastopexy with implants and a tummy tuck. However, I just found out that I am pregnant

And I would like to know if I were to carry my pregnancy to term would the tummy tuck pose any danger? I read online that the muscle tightening can... READ MORE

In house financing-Central FL. Need someone reasonable but looking for high quality (Photo)

Looking for a board certified plastic surgeon who will let me pay a few thousand ($4-6k) down and make payments to their office directly interest free... READ MORE

Any suggestions on showering after a Tummy Tuck?

How soon after a patient has had a TT with muscle tightening and breast aug with lift and implants can they shower, rather than sponge bathe? READ MORE

10 weeks post op tummy tuck with repair & lipo to flanks & breast aug with lift. Worried tummy muscles not tight enough! (Photo)

Most soreness has gone but I don't feel my muscles are really any different than before my op. See my pic before which is great result but also pics... READ MORE

What technique should be used to correct my extremely high nipple/areola and correct my stomach bulge? (Photo)

I had a vertical breast lift and full tummy-tuck with muscle tightening 5 1/2 months ago and not at all satisfied with the results. My... READ MORE

Thinking about breast lift and tummy tuck. Do you think I need muscle tightening?

I lost 100 pounds and want to get rid of this extra skin I my tummy what do you think ? I am 44 years old . READ MORE

Benelli lift and tummy tuck. Are your natural areolas reduced to a smaller size?

During a benelli lift with implants are your natural areolas reduced to a smaller size? And during a tummy tuck with muscle tightening and hernia... READ MORE

Very sore, the pain seems to get worse. Is this normal?

I had my mommy makeover 3/3/15 which wasna full tummy tuck, abdominal repair, tighting of muscles, lots of lipo, & breast implants. I havecwent 2 days... READ MORE

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