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How does a plastic surgeon determine whether there is fat above or below the abdominal muscle?

I just went for a consultation and the doctor told me that a tummy tuck wouldn't help the "rounded" appearance of my tummy, even with a tummy tuck.... READ MORE

Should I Still Be Feeling Extreme Spasm in the Area Where I Had a Tummy Tuck After 1 Year?

I had a mommy makeover 13 months ago and still feel down the center of my torso a pulling, spasm like feeling which I never had before, could this be... READ MORE

Will a mommy makeover do? (photos)

I would like to get a mommy makeover not sure if I want to Brazilian butt lift or no I'm prettysure I need lipo and my stomach muscles tighten what do... READ MORE

I am 5'9, 200lb, 29.5 BMI and 3 years post VSG. Am I good candidate for TT and BA/lift? (photos)

2 c-Sections and 64lbs weight loss. I know I would like to lose a little more weight and build back some muscle, but would like to do the TT/BA... READ MORE

I'm 2 weeks post tummy tuck for a ugly scar removal and BA. My belly button is black like a scab and feels lIke a scab. (photo)

Does belly button look normal for 2.5 weeks post op? It's a little red around and hurts 2 inches on the right and 2 inches on the left of it, I'm sure... READ MORE

With a mummy makeover can I opt for liposuction vs a tummy tuck? (photo)

My stomach muscles are not weak, I've had one baby via a c-section. I am carrying extra weight especially in the lower abdomen, can I have liposuction... READ MORE

Can you wear compression garment too much?

I wear my secondary compression almost all the time, sometimes I sleep in it! I thought it would help me heal and keep swelling down, but my muscles... READ MORE

Mom makeover, 450 in each breast under the muscle, on 3/1/16. Why does my right breast move around? (photos)

I have breastbone pain. I had my mom mkovr on 3/1/16 breast implants 450 each breast under the muscle. My left implant is fine but my right for... READ MORE

Bariatric body contour: abdominoplasty, auto augmentation, arm lift, lower body lift, breast lift, thigh lift (Photo)

Good day, My questions are #1. Which body contour procedure would be best for me once I've achieved and sustained my goal weigh? #2. Would I be able... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for BA & TT ?If so , High or moderate profile silicone and which placement of Implant? (Photos)

5"4 135lbs 32A (was size A prepregnacy,then maintained size 34 B cup until weight gain in 2014. 2014 size 36D cup) Am I a good candidate for BA &... READ MORE

I'll be getting a mommy makeover. Concerned about the gap between my abdominal muscles as well as having a hernia? (Photo)

I have been told I have a gap between by abdominal muscles which causes my stomach to stick out when I have little fat. Obviously the loose skin and... READ MORE

6 days post op - concerned because I've developed the flu... any tips on what I should do?

Will I damage the tightened muscles by coughing and sneezing? Can I take off the binder at night and just keep the compression tights on? I have both... READ MORE

Could I pop a stitch just by getting up out of bed?

Hi, I had my mommy makeover yesterday with a TT and BA. I know from reading stories from other people who have gotten these surgeries that the first 3... READ MORE

Breast lift, implants and tummy tuck for a RMSF patient (sister to Lymes disease) safe?

I was diagnosed in 2008 with Rocky Mountain Spotted tick fever ( sister to Lymes). I didn't have any of the visible symptoms. Physically; anxiety,... READ MORE

Did I lift too much 2 1/2 months after BL & BA?

Last week I lifted a weight a little too heavy at the gym, it was about 40 lbs, I lifted it once to move it out of the way and I felt the burn! And... READ MORE

Abdominal Pain 9 months post op TT, MR. ? (Photos)

I am 9 months post op TT and MR. my abdominal muscles are still so sore. It moves around from side to side or top to middle, so I don't think it could... READ MORE

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