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Can You Use Decongestants Before Surgery?

I had to postpone my MM it was jan 14th because I had a bad cold and its rescheduled this wed the 23rd, I went to my primary and they gave me... READ MORE

Is safe the antiviral medication Valacyclovir therapy for Mommy makeover surgery in 10 days?

I'm schedule to have a mommy makeover including breast implants in 10 days. I got herpes 10 years ago. Even do I don't have an outbreak right now I... READ MORE

Should You Take Pain Medicine Regularly or Only if You Experience Severe Pain?

I have heard that taking pain medicine regularly instead of letting the pain get bad will help you heal. Is this true? If so how long should you... READ MORE

Hormone Replacement and Mommy Makeover?

I am on prometrium (po)& vivelle patch for perimenopausal symptoms (for 2 years). I will be 49 at time of surgery (TT, BA, BL, and lipo)-... READ MORE

List of things needed for a TT, BL, and BLL?

Every time I look at surgery prices I know there are other fees that are not included and items that the patient needs to buy. In order to budget... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have a Breast Lift and Tummy Tuck when You Are Taking Medication for Hypothyroidism?

Would I need clearance from my doctor? What are the risk? I understand the risk with the surgery, however does hypothyroidism increase my chances of... READ MORE

How Long is Recovery For Mommy Makeover in Worst Case Scenario?

I wanted to know in the worst case how long I will not be able to drive my kids to school, and karate and ballet after school? I am getting a full... READ MORE

Can I take Diclofen Pot 50mg after my Mommy Makeover to help with pain?

In the past my doctor prescribe me Diclofen for my back pain due to having scoliosis. I only take it whenever I experience real bad back pains. I have... READ MORE

Topamax during surgery?

I'm on 100 mg topamax daily for migraines, is this something I should inform my surgeon about now since topamax is a medication you can't just... READ MORE

I'm currently taking medication for anxiety and wondering if I need to stop taking before a mommy makeover?

I've been taking Sertraline 50Mg daily for the past few months for mostly anxiety and some depression. I'm booked in Jan for a mommy makeover, breast... READ MORE

Tachycardia and low blood pressure after surgery

I'm planning on having a full tummy tuck and breast lift in the fall. I'm terrified of getting put to sleep. I've had wisdom teeth removed and 4 c... READ MORE

Meds. What Should I Be Taking After My Mommy Makeover?

I have quite the mini pharmacy at my disposal right now. I recently had a mommy make over with a tummy tuck, BL and lipo to inner, outer and back of... READ MORE

What do I need to do and what supplies do I need to bring with me for my mommy makeover?

I would love ideas of what medicine/scar cream or supplies I need to bring with me to be comfortable after my surgery. And any other supplies I might... READ MORE

Is there anyway I can get a Tummy Tuck and breast lift/aug without quitting smoking completely? (photos)

I have been cutting back on cigarettes I got down to about 5 a day as opposed to a whole pack daily. Ive been smoking off and on for about 10 years... READ MORE

Do I need implants or a lift, mini tummy tuck or full tummy tuck? (photos)

Hello there. I have several consultations and each doctor has given me a suggestion on what I need done. I am 23 years old, no children, 5'5 and weigh... READ MORE

I am 36 yrs old 148 lbs 5'3 scheduled for BA, lipo sculpture, BBL and possibly a tummy tuck. in June 2015.

I have a hx of dvt in 2006 during pregnancy. I've been ok since then. Doctors were not too sure what might've caused they say intake of "birth control... READ MORE

Previous Medications During Surgery?

I will be stopping my birth control this week, (3 weeks to go) so I'm good with that. I am on midodrine and florinef for low blood pressure and I used... READ MORE

Medicine and surgery

I take these medicines and already booked my surgery date are there any I need to stop taking or not take before or after surgery ? Prozac(old)... READ MORE

Can I take Loratadine before mommy makeover surgery?

I am having the mommy make over surgery in December and I have been very diligent about cutting out all medications aside from my thyroid medication.... READ MORE

Medication day of surgery?

I take medicine for my anxiety everyday. What would happen if I do not take them the morning of my surgery. I'm afraid it would interact w the... READ MORE

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