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Combining Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift with Implants, and Thigh Lift

I am a very healthy 27 year old mother of 3. Finally done having babies and am begining to plan my mommy makeover. I am currently a few weeks out from... READ MORE

How Many Mothers of Multiples Opt for Mommy Makeovers?

Is it pretty unrealistic to assume that even with diet and exercise that a mother of triplets will ever loose the stretched out and sagging skin on... READ MORE

What Are Some Mommy Makeover Options That Don't Involve a Knife?

Surely there are great ways to look better (and also feel better) without surgery after having kids and experiencing a less perky shape? READ MORE

160 Lb Weight loss has resulted in lots of loose skin all over.. Can this be corrected now? (photos)

Hello I have lost 160lbs. I would like to have an arm lift, breast lift with implants, a tummy tuck and a Brazilian butt lift. I am currently 248 lbs... READ MORE

What's an Acceptable Amount of Time to Wait Before a Mommy Makeover after the last Child?

When do most women get mommy makeover procedures? What are treatments and procedures recommended first to get one on their way to feeling beautiful... READ MORE

Would extension of Tummy Tuck through flanks remove the loose skin, tighten, & smooth this area? (photos)

Seeking PS for a Mommy Makeover. I wonder about saggy skin below my hips; some fat but mostly loose skin in saddle bags & below. Would extension of TT... READ MORE

Mini Vs. Full? Breast Lift or Augmentation? Body Lift? Help!

I lost a significant amount of weight without surgery over the course of several years. I've been stable at a size 4 for two years now, and would like... READ MORE

Extend my Tummy Tuck? (photo)

I had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation 9 years ago. But I still have loose skin on my lower back and want to have it removed. First I'm wondering... READ MORE

I Wonder If I Would Be A Good Candidate For A Mommy Makeover?

I am 34 yrs old. 5' 6" and 128 lbs. I have had 2 very large babies and gained approximately 65lbs during my pregnancies...ugh. I have a very long... READ MORE

What Are the Top 3 Most Effective and Efficient Skin Tuck Procedures After Childbirth?

Which mommy makeover skin tuck procedures have the largest tangible effect with the most minimal surgery? READ MORE

I'm 40 yrs old, 108 lbs, 4'10, and 34DD. Is a mommy makeover right for me? (photos)

*40 yrs old/ 108lbs/ 4'10"/ 3 pregnancies & c-sections Ever since my last pregnancy 2yrs ago), I have had pooch and loose skin over my c-section scar... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover Jan 2014; Why do I still have so much excess flab? (Updated Photos)

I am 5'2" and 107 lbs. My biggest concern going into surgery was the flabby skin above my belly button and on my sides. I gave him permission to cut... READ MORE

Will I achieve a good result at my current weight, if I am undergoing a mommy makeover? (Photo)

I am 28 years old, 5'8" and 190 lbs. I had a twin pregnancy 5 years ago and also breastfed for a year and a half. I plan on having a tummy tuck,... READ MORE

Is having a Mommy Makeover advisable now at a stable weight, or should I wait until I get to my goal weight?

I'm 5'2", and currently weigh 162. At my heaviest, during my last pregnancy, I weighed 221. I've maintained within 15lbs. of my current weight for... READ MORE

MOMMY MAKEOVER: Mini or Full TT? Do I have enough loose skin for a very low scar? What do I do about triple nipple/boob? (photo)

5'6 1/2-120lbs-31 yrs old, 3 kids. I have a third breast- it actually fills with milk when I'm lactating but it doesn't come out from the triple... READ MORE

Loose skin above belly button removal?

I lost 135 pounds over six years ago. I am in shape but my only issue is my bellybutton. It has enough loose skin above it that it makes it sag..and... READ MORE

Do I need to lose weight before a MM? I am 25, 5'2". I am 140 (115 pre pregnancy) and I have a lot of loose skin.

I am considering getting a tummy tuck while I have my breasts done. I am 25yrs, 5'2". My pre pregnancy weight was 115. I am now now 140 and I have a... READ MORE

What would you recommend I get done to get rid of all this skin? (photos)

What would you recommend I get done to get rid of all this skin? I also want a breast lift and augmentation. I'm just not sure if I need a body lift,... READ MORE

I need a mommy makeover in the $8,000 price range

. I'm 20. 128 pounds. 5'4. I breast fed so my breast are "deflated." My tummy is loose skin and stretch marks. I live in California. TIA READ MORE

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