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Is the white inside the wound an infection, and how long are wet to dry dressings needed? (Photo)

What is the white substance in the wound and how long is a wet to dry dressing required if the wound is no longer deep? READ MORE

What are the chance and symptoms of infection after Tummy tuck and Mastopexy?

Hi every one I am 40 years lady and I had Tummy Tuck with Liposuction and mastopexy a week ago. I want to know what is the chance of infection and... READ MORE

Can silicone breast implants be reused?

On april 23 2014 i had a mommy make over on may 8th my implants were removed due to infection. I have an apointment sept 10th to have my implants put... READ MORE

15 days post op, I can't feel anything. Is my Belly Button Infected? (photo)

15 days PO - Since I can't feel anything, I can't tell whats happening with my belly button. The scabbing I know is normal, but is the fleshy colored... READ MORE

TT, BA and Lipo- Hematoma Complication? (photo)

Hospitalized to treat infection after heavy bleeding at 6 days post op. CT scan revealed hematoma measures 15cm. PS was only able to drained 100cc... READ MORE

Is This Normal? 3 Months Post MOM. (photo)

I did a mommy make over about 3 months ago and since then i had two infections on tummy tuck scar on same spot.First it was a large bump sticking out... READ MORE

I just had a "mommy makeover" about 6 day ago. I'm sure I have a yeast infection. Is it ok to take a monistate?

For my mommy make over I had breast implants and a tummy tuck. My drain have been taking out. I'm very sensitive when on antibiotics and am pretty... READ MORE

1 Week After Mommy Makeover the Drain in my Tummy is Exposed, Can this Cause an Infection?

I am 7 days post op mommy makeover and just noticed my drain, that runs along the incision on the my tummy, is exposed. The open space is aprox. 4 mm... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation infection? 3 weeks post op. (photo)

Okay well I'm new to this site;) I had a mommy makeover done with 350cc saline implants under muscle with a lift. Tummy tuck with lipo on hips. I'm 3... READ MORE

Mommy MO 4-24. Incisions won't heal. Are they infected? Am I rejecting the sutures? Many new & old areas w/discharge (Photo)

My doc is gone- No help anyway- Areas on incisions keep popping up- Very tender & painful- Is that many areas normal? I've been massaging above &... READ MORE

Help, second opinion needed again! Is this necrosis infected, spreading, or need debridement? (Photo)

Photo from a week ago looks better than it does now I think at the bottom is it infected now ? despite surgeon giving me silver sulfadiazine cream... READ MORE

I just had a mommy makeover with breast lift with implants and I have an infection.What options do I have? (photo)

Am I going to need better antibiotics? They told me first it was seroma now cellulitis.. Both are horrible, but I'm going home in a day and have to... READ MORE

3 weeks post op, belly button infected? Pelvic area really hard, seroma? (Photos)

My bellybutton has yellow creamy stuff no smell yet. My doc says it's normal. It doesn't look so to me. And the hardness on my lower pelvic area. READ MORE

Severe Infection After Mommy Makeover. Shouldn't it Be Aspirated?

At this point I am very exhausted and need advise and reassurance. At 6 days post heavy bleeding wasn't treated after calling PS. 1 week later fever,... READ MORE

What type of skin infection is this? (Photo)

I was hospitalized for what they thought was an abscess. After a ct scan the dr said it is cellutitus and fluid accumulation. However i am going to go... READ MORE

I have upper respiratory infection. Should I cancel my Mommey Makeover?

Hello Plastic Surgery Gods and Godesses! I just came down with a runny nose, headache and watery eyes. No fever, sore throat or coughing. My mommy... READ MORE

Why is this taking so long to heal? (photos)

Surgery was Aug 13th. I had a breast aug, extended TT, & lipo on my hips, flanks & back. An infection led me to another surgery Sept. 9th. The new... READ MORE

Both breast red since surgery 5 weeks ago,could this be allergies, weight of implants, red breast syndrome, or infection?(photo)

Oth breast, have both been red since the surgery. The redness is contained to the breast area no migration to chest wall. No temp, minimal soreness... READ MORE

Infection - Should I be worried? (Photo)

Hello, I am 59 days post op. My belly button and wound is not healing. My doctor on DR, can't help. The ER keep saying follow up with your surgeon. Is... READ MORE

My AST came in at 226. Will my Dr. still clear me for surgery?

My labs finally came in and my AST came in at 226, but my ALT was normal. The two weeks prior to my blood test I was on narcotics, and Cipro for a... READ MORE

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