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Would You Recommend Me Getting Areola Reduction? (photo)

I am 3 wks post op mini tummy tuck and 460cc high profile silicone implants. I am unsatisfied with my tummy tuck, but I am hoping when all the... READ MORE

Will my Breasts Get Bigger? (photo)

I just had my Mommy Makeover on Sept 19th, and I guess I wasn't planning on my breasts being quite this big. I went with 600cc HP silicone under the... READ MORE

Wondering if my Breast Will Grow to my Desired Size

Hi, I'm a 35 years old, with two kids age 10 and 6 years old. I just had a mommy makeover (tummy tuck and breast augmentation) a month ago. Prior... READ MORE

Would like honest opinions on my breast augmentation as I am disappointed (Photo)

Mummy makeover 10 days ago.Happy with the outcome of my tummy, but breasts look nothing like what I had wanted. I said that I wanted them to be fuller... READ MORE

Wondering if I Should Get a Revision?

Had a Mommy Makeover on Aug 5, 2013. 425cc High Profile Mentor in my left, 450 in my right due to asemtry. Now my right looks too big! I wondering if... READ MORE

Should I Have a Breast Lift? (photo)

These are pics exactly 3 months after my tummy tuck and a few breast surgeries. I had a capsulectomy on my rt breast-an implant exchange on both-from... READ MORE

Considering mommy makeover. Would I need full or mini tuck? (Photo)

I don't like how flat my breasts are at the top, I'd much prefer a higher profile but don't want GIGANTIC boobs READ MORE

500cc HP silicone implants too big for my 5'4 128 lb frame? Will I achieve cleavage? Should I get a mini TT or full? (Photo)

I like large breasts but do a lot of weight lifting & do not want them in the way under my arms. I will also be getting a lollipop lift. I'm leaning... READ MORE

Are my breast implants too high? Something seems wrong (Photo)

As part of a mommy makeover, I had BA 4 months ago with sientra 320cc hp textured shaped implants. They look like high, upside down eggs. I asked my... READ MORE

Scheduled in less than a month for a TT. I have lost 50 lbs. Will the TT give me the tight flat stomach I've dreamed of? (Photo)

Also getting a BA with a donut lift I have chosen silicone implants 500 cc smooth high profile any opinions on that as well? READ MORE

Is it possible to combine all procedures in one for a mommy makeover? (Photo)

I've had 5 kids (a set of twins) all C-Secs and I'm getting a MM.. Just want other Dr opinions on the procedure itself , or if you recommend it be... READ MORE

What size of breast implant is needed? (Photos)

I have a BWD of 15cm, according to the measurements I did on myself (as seen in photo). What type of MemoryGel implant would I need to give me the... READ MORE

Is it dangerous to have multiple procedures done at the same time?

In 6 days I'm having a breast reduction, lift and augmentation with 450 cc high profile implants, inner thigh lift, tummy tuck with liposuction back... READ MORE

I am a little over 1 year post op. I feel as if my breasts have dropped. Do they look like they have bottomed out? (Photo)

I had a mommy makeover a little over a year ago. I had a breast lift & high profile silicone implants. 550cc in left and 500 in right. I've always... READ MORE

From the picture what is my best option for my breast implants and tummy? (photos)

I currently have 350 cc implants saline. I want to go much larger. Just by looking how big do you think I can go? I want to fill them out. I like the... READ MORE

What would make this result more slim, feminine and pretty? I feel like an old washer woman. I look heavier in clothing (Photo)

45y, 5'10, 150 lbs. 2 wks post TT and BA. Asked for a balanced frame with minimal width and D cup, donut lift considered during surgery but PS decided... READ MORE

What is the problem here? Breast lift anchor with 500cc hp smooth implant (Photo)

I had a mommy makeover dec 29 2015. Everything went really well 24 hours after everything looked amazing.After a few months my boobs took a turn as dr... READ MORE

Will 325cc high profile give me full rounded breasts? Having lift with implants and mini TT 12/29/15 (Photo)

Currently I am 34C, having lift with silicone implants . My dimensions are: 25/9/13.5, I'm 5'3" 120pounds, lean build and broad shoulders. Current bra... READ MORE

4 weeks post Mommy makeover. Which bra should I wear to get best and most natural results? (photos)

MR,TT,LIPO,BA lift and implants). been wearing a CG & foam pad since sx. 275cc high profile saline. At 4 wk appt PS said I could start wearing a bra.... READ MORE

53 yrs old full TT w/ a crescent lift & augmentation 375 cc Mentor stiltex Round high Profile . Do you think I look fine?(photo)

I just did my surgery 6 days ago . I also had Lipo of the flanks , thighs , back and tummy . I woke up with 4 drains , 2 in each breast and 2 in the... READ MORE

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