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Tummy Tuck W/Breast Augmentation? Hang over and extra skin, my breasts are deflated now

3 babies in 3 years and I have lost nearly 100 lbs through clean eating and 5-6x/wk exercise. I am COMPLETELY frustrated though as my results on my... READ MORE

Are there any plastic surgery schools that offer a discount on something like a mommy makeover in the South Florida area?

I am very 5'8" 199 ilbs but after having my two children (8 years ago) I can't get rid of that extra belly fat as well as the many stretch marks on my... READ MORE

How much weight should I lose before even considering setting a surgery date for Mommy Makeover?

I'm 5'5 241.6lbs (just weighed myself). I am considering having a mommy makeover done and for sure want a BBL performed. I want to be realistic in my... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for a Tummy Tuck & Breast Augmentation?

I'm 23 years old, 5'2 119 lbs but I want to get down to 115. I feel like I have a lot extra skin from pregnancy. I'm very healthy. READ MORE

Need Extensive Surgery but Can't Have Them All Done at Once?

I'm 5'3 and 145 pounds with a ton of stretch marks, excess skin, saggy breasts,inverted nipples, flat butt. I've never had any children though it... READ MORE

I'm 25 year old mother. Which procedure would help improve my body? (Photo)

My main concern is my stomach, from about 2 inches above the hideous belly button, all the way to where my pelvic region begins. Probably due to... READ MORE

What is a good weight for someone who is 5'4" to be at for a consultation? (Photo)

In the picture I was 183 and I'm down another 10 lbs now. My ideal weight is about 130lbs. I would like to have a consultation done to get an idea of... READ MORE

Are there any programs that help with the removal of excess skin? (Photo)

I've lost over 100lbs and have excess skin. I've tried different types of creams and lotions that claim to tighten the skin,but it seems like that... READ MORE

I'm 36 y.o., 165 lbs. I'm interested in Mommy Makeover. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am beginning to look into my options for a mommy make over. I am 5 years post gastric bypass which has left me with the excess belly skin and... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for a Mommy makeover? (photos)

Hello, I'm a mother of two, (not having anymore) inquiring about getting a mommy makeover to get rid of excess skin around my tummy area, stretch... READ MORE

Post bariatric surgery options? Considering BA, TT, and BBL (Photo)

I had lap band surgery in 2008 and lost 130 lbs. I have excess skin in tummy area, arms and legs. I was also left with deflated breasts and butt. I... READ MORE

How can I qualify for a pro-bono surgery, to remove all of this layer of excess skin from having 6 c-sections? (Photo)

I am 45 yr old women, I had my first pregnancy when I was 14, I was unable to have them vaginal, so all of my pregnancy after that all were c-section,... READ MORE

Do I need a flankplasty to make my love handles look better after my tummy tuck? (Photo)

I had a Breast reduction & Tummy tuck May 18, I feel my flanks are just excess skin. I run and exercise but can't lose the love handles. Also can I... READ MORE

Mommy makeover and BBL at the same time? (Photo)

Can I get them all done at the same time? I would like to add volume and shape to my butt and I really want a mommy make over. I was wondering if I... READ MORE

Are there any suggestions on surgeries that may be my best option based on my body type? (photos)

I'm 36, done having children. I've recently lost 50 lbs. I would love to have a nice body back. My breasts look totally deflated. the flap and extra... READ MORE

I had a tummy tuck, breast lift/aug & upper thigh lift surgery 2weeksago. why am i so disappointed with how i look now? (photos)

While i did not have a lot of excess skin, i had enough that it needed to be removed & my tummy muscles needed to be tightened as well. i cant help... READ MORE

Is it possible to have multiple procedures done at one time?

I'm 37 years old, 6 children, 5'6, 150 lbs and would like a mommy makeover. I'd like to get a tummy tuck( possibly mini,not a lot of excess skin)... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a tummy tuck and breast revision? (Photos)

I am 26 years old and had a baby four years ago. I exercise regularly but still have unsightly stretch marks and excess skin in my stomach area. I... READ MORE

Do Medicaid in NYC cover breast reduction or lift and tummy tuck after gastric bypass?

I had gastric bypass 5 years ago and have a lot of access skin but I always had a problem with my Breast they are very heavy and hurt my back I'm a 38... READ MORE

What can be done to address excess skin the place typically known to be "bra fat?"

I've lost 120 pounds and would like to have a "Mommy Makeover" with possible BA. I have lots of excess skin that hangs over my bra where women... READ MORE

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