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How Long is Too Long to Wait to Drain an Abdominal Seroma? I Am Almost 3 Weeks Post Op and Ten Days Post Seroma.

I was out of town when the seroma developed. I just got back and the dr. will drain it tomorrow but I had to wait ten days because I was away. Is this... READ MORE

How Many Things Can Go Wrong on a Mommy Makeover Before It is Not Coincidence? (photo)

I had a mommy makeover on 2.16.12. My right nipple died. My left breast has an open wound the size of a palm. And I have a seroma on my belly - that... READ MORE

3 Weeks Post Op TT Draining 50cc's a Day, What Are my Options?

I am 3 weeks post op of a full tummy tuck and breast augmentation with a lift and still with one drain in. It is starting to really be of a discomfort... READ MORE

1 Week After Mommy Makeover the Drain in my Tummy is Exposed, Can this Cause an Infection?

I am 7 days post op mommy makeover and just noticed my drain, that runs along the incision on the my tummy, is exposed. The open space is aprox. 4 mm... READ MORE

What is the Drain Free Method for a Mommy Makeover and What Are the Benefits??

What is the Drain Free Method for a Mommy Makeover and What Are the Benefits?? READ MORE

Sick from Drainage Tubes, What Was Wrong with Me?

I had three drains after my mommy makeover. Two for breasts (augmentation) one for my tummy tuck, and a pain pump. My Dr. removes all of these two... READ MORE

I have a string of blood in drainage pumps. Is that normal?

Hi, I had a complete mommy makeover on 12/8/14. And today as I was draining my pumps one was clogged with like a red long mucous string. I had to pull... READ MORE

Breast augmentation hematoma infiltrated vs. surgically removed. How long can it take for a hematoma to absorb?

I had a mommy make over and the 2nd day after surgery developed a large hematoma in the left breast. The doctor saw me about 20 hours after swelling... READ MORE

21 days post op Full TT, mommy makeover. I'm still draining 50 cc every 24 hours. What's causing the new bruising? (Photo)

I have only had one drain and it's on right side. The right side of TT looks like I expected. The left side from the beginning was very swollen and... READ MORE

6 weeks post op Mommy Makeover, drain taken out at 4 weeks, reinserted yesterday and drained 400cc in 24 hours.

My surgeon is away in Palm springs but I saw RN yesterday. She was concerned about the amount my stomach was filled and replaced the drain, but the... READ MORE

Trip to Cuba that didn't turn out like it was suppose too. How long do I have to wait before I get a new Mommy Makeover? (photo)

How long do I have to wait before I get a new tummy tuck and breast augmentation. It will be five months since I had my surgery. It was quite a bad... READ MORE

Is it normal to have drains at 7 weeks post operation? What can be done to stop drainage from tummy tuck?

It's been 7 weeks since tummy tuck w/ lipo back, flanks, arms, saddlebags, knees, breast lift with augmentation, and inner thigh lift. I still have... READ MORE

I'm 5 wks post TT, no muscle repair, and BL. My abdomen is firm and distended. Why is this? (Photo)

Tummy sticks out, is hard and uncomfortable by mid-day. I showed it to my surgeon. He says it's my muscles sticking out (because I didn't have them... READ MORE

Nervous about mommy makeover and getting an infection. Any suggestions? (photos)

I've been seeing a lot of tunmy tucks with dark holes, infections where drainage tubes are etc is that common and how can it be prevented ? What NOT... READ MORE

I have two opening along my tummy tuck incision. Should I worry?

I am 4 wk post mommy makeover. I have two tiny opening along my TT incision and i am still draining through tbose incisions. Doctor tells me they will... READ MORE

Drainage tubes after surgery?

I had my mommy make over 5 weeks ago. The dr only inserted two tubs lower abs for tummy tuck. The tubs are still draining around 30-35 ml daily and my... READ MORE

P/O anemia due to acute blood loss from TT/BA. Is this going to affect the timing of my drainage removal?

I had a out if town TT/BA on 8/14/15. Everything went great until I got discharged from the surgical center. I had a reaction to the oxycodone... READ MORE

Drainage color?

So I went to the PS today to f/u. Drain color never turned to straw. Always red. He said no worries, took out drain, come back when all the glue is... READ MORE

22 days post -op TT and BR. Drainage is fluctuating between 30 and 25 cc. Is this normal?

I'm concerned about my drains. I'm 22 days post-op TT & BR, and my doctor requires that I drain 25 cc's for 2 days before I can remove the drains.... READ MORE

Walking a lot after a Mommy makeover. Any suggestions?

Is it bad to walk alot 5days post op a mmo? I dont feel any pain mor discomfort when I walk. Will it increase in drainage in my jp or swelling? READ MORE

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