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Should I Wait to Lose More Weight to Get a Consult for a Mommy Makeover? (photo)

I'm 36, 5"8 and 210 lbs. 15 yrs ago, I lost 140 lbs, from a high of 330. I have fluctuated between 180 and 230 (highest was 258 - 9 mo pregnant). I... READ MORE

How does a plastic surgeon determine whether there is fat above or below the abdominal muscle?

I just went for a consultation and the doctor told me that a tummy tuck wouldn't help the "rounded" appearance of my tummy, even with a tummy tuck.... READ MORE

After Two Consultations, I Like Both Surgeons, How do I Decide?

I really liked and respected both camps so I am having trouble deciding which way to go. All things are equal as far as qualifications and price.... READ MORE

How Far In Advance Of Mommy Makeover To Start Consultations?

How far in adavance should I start consulting with the plastic surgeons? How many surgeons should I plan to meet with? TIA READ MORE

I Want a Complete Mommy Makeover but I've Got Another 30 Lbs to Loose. Is It Too Soon to Get a Consultation?

I'm 5'9. At my heaviest after my second child I was 220. I'm 185' I was 165 before I had kids but even that was a little heavier than I normally was.... READ MORE

Mommy make over consults have me confused, why are costs so different?

I had 3 consults for a mommy make over, all gave the same opinion for procedures BA with no lift 500cc hp silicone under mus. tummytuck no lipo needed... READ MORE

What are my options on financing for Mommy Makeover?

I have a consultation set up with the surgeon this coming Saturday. I have applied for CareCredit and have been declined with a score of 650. My... READ MORE

How Long After the Initial Consultation Would a Potential Customer Receive a Quote? How Long is the Quote Good For?

I have decided to get a mommy makeover to improve my body after two kids 5 and 3. I recently started a new job at a small company and this year I do... READ MORE

Can I have good results to a mommy makeover!? Tummy tuck and breast lift? (photos)

I want a mommy makeover!! I want to feel comfortable again about myself. I can't even get undressed in front of my husband! I feel like this has put a... READ MORE

2 doctors, 2 consultations, 2 different opinions and NO decision yet. How can I choose the right doctor? (Photo)

Dr. A says I could benefit from lipo, but may be happier with a mini tummy tuck. With regard to the breasts he proposed a lift with incision around... READ MORE

Can I have it all in one day? (photos)

I had my first consult yesterday. I want lipo from stomach,flanks,back,with fat injection in butt,then extended tummy tuck with wise breast lift. I... READ MORE

How many pre-op visits with your surgeon are typical?

I had a consultation with my surgeon in September, at which time I had planned to have my mommy makeover in December. Due to issues with insurance, my... READ MORE

Does grade 3 ptosis make for a more difficult lift and augmentation?

I went for a consultation for a mommy makeover, and I overheard the plastic surgeon say I had grade three ptosis. I'm a dentist, and if a patient has... READ MORE

What is a good weight for someone who is 5'4" to be at for a consultation? (Photo)

In the picture I was 183 and I'm down another 10 lbs now. My ideal weight is about 130lbs. I would like to have a consultation done to get an idea of... READ MORE

Full or mini TT, just a lift or implants? Anything else to prepare me for my consultation? (Photo)

I have a consultation next week for a mommy makeover. I currently wear a 32D to 34DD bra depending on the brand/type. I fill out the bottom of the cup... READ MORE

Mommy makeover concerns. I'm not sure what size or type of implants I should be looking for. (Photo)

I am scheduled for a tummy tuck and a breast lift. During my consultation my surgeon suggested 200cc to 225cc saline implants under the muscle. I am... READ MORE

When should I get a mommy makeover consultation if I want to lose 35 pounds before procedure? (Photo)

I am 39 with 4 children ages 12-2 and I'm 5'2" weighing approx 185 wanting to be 150 lbs before mommy makeover by next year. When should I get a... READ MORE

Looking for feedback before consultation. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have a consultation next Tuesday. I'm interested in getting a tummy tuck and breast lift, maybe implants. I am looking for some feedback on here, so... READ MORE

What's the best first step to start the mommy make over? (Photo)

37years old,163 with 2 kids.I am 20 lb currently, and gained only 30-35 lb during each pregnancy.I'm active and Work out at least 3times a week.Weight... READ MORE

What is the most efficient way to find a doctor in my price range for mommy makeover (full tt, bl, ba, mr & lipo) surgery?

I had a couple of consultations in my town a few years ago but knew we wanted to have another child (which we did-born 8-2014) so I waited. I am 100%... READ MORE

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