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Mommy Makeover Complications

What are the most common complications seen with mommy makeover? Exactly how common is it to have complications from a mommy makeover?   READ MORE

Safety of Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck Done Together? (photo)

Having a Breast reduction on August 9th which is covered by insurance. I am 27yrs 5'5" about 176lbs with DDD cup breasts. I have 2 little boys and now... READ MORE

Risk/complication Period After MM?

I had my mommy makeover done on the 23rd of January and still worry about complications how many weeks out before you in the clear from dvt/PE,... READ MORE

Can you die from a Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift?

I am wondering what the chances are of dieing from getting a breast lift with a tummy tuck. Would it be better/safer to get them done in two separate... READ MORE

What are some "MAJOR" complications that can/may "OCCUR" after having an Extended Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift with Implants?

I am going to have an Extended Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift with Implants in September. I need to know what are the most common and major complications... READ MORE

What is best combination for easy recovery when wanting 3 procedures?

Want to do a mommy makeover and thigh lift (thighs arent too bad) is better to do a Tummy tuck, thigh lift & save breast lift w/ implants For another... READ MORE

I'm a healthy 33 yr old w/ clearance-afraid of complications . What's the risk percentage if heathy with clearance? (photo)

Looking to get tt, breast lift,breast reduction, lipo on my back fat and transferred to my butt. Healthy 33yr old w/ clearance-afraid of complications... READ MORE

What is a seroma?

I keep seeing that word, is it a complication? How or can it be prevented? READ MORE

How many procedures can be done at once and still be safe?

I want to have a tummy tuck with full back lipo and a bbl. would a breast lift with augmentation be safe to do during the first procedure, with out... READ MORE

What difficulties can I expect if I do multiple surgeries all at once, alone?

What can I honestly expect? If I take vitamins, eat well until the surgery can I expect to be ok? I will be doing this alone and need to know what to... READ MORE

What are my risks? Can I go into cardiac arrest or any other complication if I get plastic surgery? (Photo)

Im 5'9 225lbs. Never had any health problems or heart problems. About 2years ago they found a small nobule on my right lung. What are my risk if i get... READ MORE

6 weeks post op Mommy Makeover with unresolved hematoma on abdomen. Is it likely it will liquify, or require surgery? (photo)

Had multiple complications with Mommy Makeover. Excessive blood loss, 4 transfusions and hematoma on abdomen above incision. Seeing new PS who is... READ MORE

Am I overreacting?

Having mommy makeover soon. Mastopexy with augmentation, full tummy tuck, lipo. Also have small fat containing umbilical hernia. 5'8" and 150 pounds.... READ MORE

I had a tummy tuck and Breast lift. How common are the complications I experienced?

I had a hemoseratoma, required 4 pints of blood, had a broken drain tube that required surgery to remove and ended up with severe abdominal scar... READ MORE

Can you use the word RARE when a condition or situation IS actually RARE. What is RARE? 1 out of 50? 1 out of 1000?

Any person that has spent any time here on realself can see that sutures opening, infection, drains staying longer than a week, necrosis, and every... READ MORE

Wanting tummy tuck & silicone implants 350-400cc. Surgeon suggest full anchor lift I wish for benelli? No lift possible? (photo)

I do not like the scarring and complications that can be associated with the full lift. Nipple sits above crease doing pencil trick. Surgeon is pretty... READ MORE

Is 6 weeks of antibiotics typical after a Mommy Makeover?

My PS prescribed 6 weeks of Cleocin after my mommy makeover. Is this typical? I have not had any complications and have healed nicely. I take 3... READ MORE

Full Tummy Tuck and Lipo with Breast Augmentation and Implant scheduled at 7 pm. Conflicting answers, any advice?

Full tummy tuck & Lipo with breast augmentation and implant schulded at 7 pm?! The coordinator said 6/7 hours.. Prop said 2 hours!? How is this... READ MORE

Will having mesh from an epigastric hernia interfere with abdominalplasty or change my treatment plan?

During my consultation I told my ps that I had several hernia repairs but that I didnt think I had mesh. I just talked to my mom [I am 9 days pre op... READ MORE

How long before I get a Tummy tuck, breast lift and implants do I have to stop taking diet pills or any other medications?

I been taking diet pills since the end of January to help give me a boost of energy and curb my appetite to shed some fat. Reading other forums on... READ MORE

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