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Mommy Makeover: Is it Advisable to Stay n Hospital Overnight?

Some doctors keep the patient in the hospital over night while others send the patient home after surgery. I am concerned about being home and having... READ MORE

Should I Get a Mommy Makeover or the Lap Band? Any Opinions Will Help!

My weight is 230-240 im 5'4, im okay with my body is just my stomach area and back rolls that i hate...I have 3 children all c-sections and im... READ MORE

Help!!! Tummy Tuck or Lipo?

I am considering getting a Mommy Makeover, I've researched the topic intensively but before going into a consultation I would like to get some... READ MORE

Mommy makeover or lower body lift?

I need so much work I don't know where to start. Went to 1 consultation and was told mommy makeover and come back for thigh and arm lift. Will a thigh... READ MORE

So Many Lipo Options, Which One is Best? (photo)

This year I have dropped from 250 to 185 unexpectedly. The loss has left me with folds of skin on my lower abdomen, inner thighs, lower buttocks, and... READ MORE

Full vs Mini Tummy Tuck? (Photo)

I don't expect perfection, my body has produced and nourished two lives, I just want the excess skin when I bend over to be gone. I will laser any... READ MORE

Considering mommy makeover. Would I need full or mini tuck? (Photo)

I don't like how flat my breasts are at the top, I'd much prefer a higher profile but don't want GIGANTIC boobs READ MORE

2 doctors, 2 consultations, 2 different opinions and NO decision yet. How can I choose the right doctor? (Photo)

Dr. A says I could benefit from lipo, but may be happier with a mini tummy tuck. With regard to the breasts he proposed a lift with incision around... READ MORE

What procedures would you recommend? (Photo)

I am interested in a mommy makeover. I have attached two photos, do you think a mini-tummy tuck would be appropriate; would I need only augmentation... READ MORE

Lollipop or Anchor breast reduction with Tummy tuck and lipo? (photos)

I had my consult & was recommended lollipop breast reduction with pursestring nipple. My friend who had an anchor with this Dr looks great. A comment... READ MORE

Tummy tuck or mommy makeover?

I would like to get a mommy makeover but not sure about the best pricing inthis area I'm struggling which to choose either just a tummy tuck or the... READ MORE

'Donut' lift or lollipop? (Photo)

I am scheduled for a mommy makeover. I am getting a tummy tuck, diastasis repair, lipo on hips and breast lift with implants. I was told I could get... READ MORE

Tummy tuck/breast lift - fleur de lis vs. traditional, extension of breast incision to upper back possible? (photos)

28y/o, 100lb weight loss (no surgery), no chronic medical problems, no pregnancies/children - will be several years (aware of possible damage to TT... READ MORE

Why do some larger implants (550-600cc) look so small, and some small implants (250-300cc) look so large?

I'm 5'4" 160 lbs and scheduled for a tummy tuck, breast lift and implants. I have a small rib cage (32") and very small waist, with a large bottom.... READ MORE

What is the difference between a board certified cosmetic surgeon and a board certified plastic surgeon?

I'm Intersted in getting a TT and BL with/or fat transfer to Breast . I have three dr I'm really Intersted in two are board certified plastic surgeon... READ MORE

What type of tummy tuck would be best for me? (Photo)

Hello. I've had 3 consults for a mommy makeover. One surgeon told me I wouldn't be happy with a TT and would need to go all the way around my body...I... READ MORE

Full or mini TT, just a lift or implants? Anything else to prepare me for my consultation? (Photo)

I have a consultation next week for a mommy makeover. I currently wear a 32D to 34DD bra depending on the brand/type. I fill out the bottom of the cup... READ MORE

Round or anatomical? (Photo)

Going in for a mommy makeover this summer!!! Would I benefit from round or anatomical implants best? I have seen one BS PS and he said either one... READ MORE

How would you rate the pain of a mommy makeover?

How would you rate the pain of a mommy makeover? In comparison to a C-Sec, or worse? How long until most patients are able to move freely, shower,... READ MORE

What is a mommy makeover?

I am having a tummy tuck with lipo on Oct. 14. But seeing quite a few saying on the message boards they are getting a mommy makeover. What is that?... READ MORE

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