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What Size Should my Nipples Be if I Am Estimated to Be a C Cup After Breast Lift?

I am trying to decide what size nipples I should be reduced to when I have my upcoming major lift / mommy makeover. My doc said he uses a 3.5 cm... READ MORE

Wondering if my Breast Will Grow to my Desired Size

Hi, I'm a 35 years old, with two kids age 10 and 6 years old. I just had a mommy makeover (tummy tuck and breast augmentation) a month ago. Prior... READ MORE

I Want Natural-Looking Implants, What's Best If I'm a 38C Now? How Much Pain Will I Experience Multiple Procedures?

I am 5'7 185 pounds what size implants should I get if I am already a 38 C cup...? My goal is Natural,Soft & Light weight...Silcone or Saline?... READ MORE

What Size is Best for Me at 6ft, 190lbs?

I'm a 6 feet tall 190 pound woman with a tall wide upper body my breast are a big 38c I've ha one child and can not have anymore my breast are still... READ MORE

I had my first Mommy Makeover consult. Do I need a Pubic Lift & Liposuction? [PHOTO]

I had my first consultation last week. For my breasts, he agreed with my desire to go from a small B to a full C, with silicone implants, along with a... READ MORE

Mini Vs. Full? Breast Lift or Augmentation? Body Lift? Help!

I lost a significant amount of weight without surgery over the course of several years. I've been stable at a size 4 for two years now, and would like... READ MORE

Should I go with 275cc OR 250CC size implants?

I am going in for a MM and my PC suggested i get 275cc for me cohesive impalnts, I am 5' 2" and currently weight 150lb, and wear size 34c. I am... READ MORE

What kind of multiple surgeries can be clubbed together? (photo)

Hi I'm a 33 yr old lady. I'm 5'2" and 218 lbs. After 2 c-sections in 2 years I've gotten the infamous mothers Apron. I also have Asymmetric breast.... READ MORE

I am thinking about getting a Mommy Makeover, I'm looking for recommendations. Advice? (photos)

I have 5 kids. 2 were c sections. My youngest is 6. I want to get a mommy makeover but have a few questions. I was wondering about implant style and... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation and either Bodytite or Liposuction or Tummy Tuck? (photos)

42 years old. Breastfed for 6 month. Lost weight from 200lbs to 140-ish lbs for 2 years. Cardio 4 times a week. 143lbs / 5' 3" / 38C cup size / under... READ MORE

Mommy makeover- Breast implant size? Is 200 or 225 a good choice? (Photo)

I am scheduled for a mommy makeover in 3 weeks and I am having sleepless nights deciding on implant size for my breast lift. I am a 34 C, 119 pounds,... READ MORE

Is it reasonable to get full abdominoplasty, breast lift and augmentation and liposuction all at the same time?

I have lost almost 50 pounds since having my 2 kids. My breast are a small C but saggy since having kids. I want my breast rounder and perkier. I have... READ MORE

I'd like skin removal at my stomach and my breasts lifted. How much more weight should I lose prior to procedure? (photo)

I've lost over 100 pounds on my own. I was 320 pounds. I'd like abdominal skin removal and breast lift to start. I don't know how much more weight I... READ MORE

Wanting a full TT and BL. Will I get a firmer breast with a bit of cleavage by having BL only... (photos)

...Or will I need a small implant? 5ft 3in and 115lbs, droopy 32C/D. Have lost 66lbs since pregnancy and breasts inflated to 36F during pregnancy... READ MORE

Do I have enough cup for just a lift with no implant & would I be able to do a mini tummy tuck? What area staring prices?(photo)

I am wanting to know if i have enough cup to do just a lift with no implant & can I get away with just a mini tummy tuck Im currently 5'0 123lbs BF%... READ MORE

Breast lift small implants? (photos)

I had a consultation for a mommy makeover, I totally forgot a question cuz I was a little overwhelmed. I was 201 I am 160 at this moment will lose... READ MORE

I would like to know the best options for surgery; Mommy makeover or lower body lift.

I have been to one consultation and the Dr. Said mommy makeover with a second thigh and arm lift. I've had 3 9lb babies all by c-section and a natural... READ MORE

Breast augmentation and tummy tuck after weight loss.

I have struggled with my breast size and shape since puberty however my husband of 26 years refused for me to get breast implants. I have been single... READ MORE

Which profile should I choose? I'm currently a 34 moderate c cup

I have a mommy makeover scheduled for late next month. im getting a tummy tuck with breast lift, wise pattern, and implants. i want rather large... READ MORE

When is the right time to set up consultations for breast augmentation/tummy tuck? (on weight loss journey)

I am 5"8.5 and weigh 160 pounds. My goal weight is 145 (lost 70 pounds over the past 5 years) I want breast implants (Small C) + tummy tuck. I think... READ MORE

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