Bruising + Mommy Makeover

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Recommend Taking Arnica Montana After Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation?

I am wondering if this really helps with swelling and bruising? I am going in for a tt and breast aug July 6 and would like to start taking or know... READ MORE

Hard Spot on Right Side, Bruised and Warm to Touch After TT Mommy Makeover?

 After being examined by the nurse (Dr not available because he was performing surgery), she said it was not hematoma. I am still swollen more on... READ MORE

Are there any supplements that I could begin to take before the surgery to minimize bruising and inflammation?

To minimize bruising and inflamation, and how long before yhe surgery date shoukd i begin to take yhem ? have heard about arnica pills and other. I am... READ MORE

21 days post op Full TT, mommy makeover. I'm still draining 50 cc every 24 hours. What's causing the new bruising? (Photo)

I have only had one drain and it's on right side. The right side of TT looks like I expected. The left side from the beginning was very swollen and... READ MORE

Turmeric & arnica for inflammation and bruising?

How do you feel about taking Turmeric and Arnica for inflammation and bruising post op? How long should I take it and how many times a day typically? READ MORE

Is Arnica Montana and Bromelain with quercetin effective?

I'm scheduled for a BL with Augment and a modified mini TT with complete muscle repair and lipo to contour in May. My PS gave the go ahead to take... READ MORE

Pain in weird spots after mommy makeover? (photos)

I am 23 days post op. My procedure included an anchor lift with implants and a full tummy tuck + Lipo on upper and lower flanks. My recovery has been... READ MORE

Is this sudden bruising and mild pain normal after a breast lift, implant exchange and tummy tuck? (Photo)

Today I am 11 days op of breast lift and implant exchange plus a TT. Today is day 2 of my period. I still have lots of swelling and tenderness on both... READ MORE

Post Op Vitamins?

Which vitamins would you recommend for swelling, bruising and a faster recovery? I am getting a complete mommy makeover breast augmentation, full... READ MORE

I'm 3 weeks post op, I've been active and felt great. Now I have big bruising on right breast. Bruise or hematoma? (Photo)

Is it possible to develop a hematoma later than 2 weeks? I had been moving some light stuff, housework, walking... Not much increase in pain, but the... READ MORE

3 weeks post op Mommy Makeover, my stomach is very tender to the touch like really bad bruising. Is this normal?

I had a mm this Tuesday will be 3 weeks post op. There is no visual bruising and never was. I feel like I am healing very well. I have been wearing a... READ MORE

Breast lift with implants done and now slightly swollen, hard, bruised & seeping dark fluid. 13 days post op (Photo)

I had a mommy makeover on 6/22/15 which consisted of a breast lift(anchor) implants & tummy tuck. I had my sutures removed on 7/2 & all seemed well... READ MORE

Increased swelling? Redness or bruising

I had a full TT, Thigh Lift and Breast Aug on 1/15/15. Over the last few days the lower portion of my abdomen is VERY swollen, increasingly sore and... READ MORE

Suggested Dosage?

Bromelain & Arnica what recommended dosages and for how many days before and after a MMO to help with the brusing and swelling? READ MORE

Is it normal to feel incredibly bruised and sore in my tummy and breasts as I am getting feeling back in those locations?

I JD a TT, BL and BA. I am 7 weeks PO. My stomach and hips are starting to get feeling back and have just felt bruised to the touch or to stretch.... READ MORE

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