Bleeding + Mommy Makeover

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TT, BA and Lipo- Hematoma Complication? (photo)

Hospitalized to treat infection after heavy bleeding at 6 days post op. CT scan revealed hematoma measures 15cm. PS was only able to drained 100cc... READ MORE

Could a pre surgery epidural steroid injection put me at risk for bleeding our is it safe?

I am going to have a bl with implant and a tt. I get epidural steroid injections in my spine and am due for one 2 days before my surgery. I have to... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Internal Bleeding 3.5 Months Post Op?

I am 14 weeks post op (Full TT and BA)... and I have purpura in my thighs (I have already seen a doctor). I'm getting blood work results later today... READ MORE

Do Arnica and Bromelain increase the risk of bleeding if taken after surgery?

I'll be undergoing breast augmentation and abdominoplasty in June. I'm trying to figure out ways to maximize my surgery recovery without causing... READ MORE

Why Am I Bleeding from my Vagina After Abdominalplasty and Breast Aug?

I just had surgery 6 days ago. I had ended my monthly cycle just days before the surgery so I am not due for another period in over a month but I... READ MORE

Can a scar be redone if it was not done properly the first and 2nd time? (photo)

I had a mommy makeover in April. 3 days later I landed in ER due to internal bleeding. The next day 2nd surgery done on Tummy to release hemorrhage... READ MORE

17 days post op - slight incision separation. Will it get bigger? Did I cause this by trying to stand straight too soon? (photo)

I am 17 days post op from a MM (TT w/ muscle & hernia repair & BL with implants). I first noticed a scab 5 days ago when my doctor removed the... READ MORE

I was told that I can do light cardio. But I would like to know what exact exercises am I able to do?

Today makes 3 months since my mommy makeover (Tummy Tuck & Breast Aug), My right breast hasn't completely dropped, and I still have little bleeding... READ MORE

Can I have a "mommy makeover" with vonwillebrands disease?

I had the gastric sleeve surgery 3 years ago and once I get to my ideal weight, I would like to have a tummy tuck, breast implants and lift and... READ MORE

Is it necessary to buy puppy pads after a mommy makeover?

Is it necessary to buy puppy pads after a mommy makeover? Full tummy tuck with muscle repair, hernia repair, breast aug with lift? Is the bleeding... READ MORE

Bright red period following Tummy tuck, arm lift and breast augmentation. Any suggestions?

I had a TT, AL, &BA last Wednsday. The surgery was causing issues with my lap band and not allowing me to eat/drink. After conferring with my PS and... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover with Colitis-Blood thinner concern, will Lovenox cause excessive bleeding?

I'm scheduled for a Mommy Makeover in a few weeks & concerned about taking blood thinners because I have Crohn's Colitis which is in remission.... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck/Breast Lift with Implants - Mild bleeding disorder patient.

Hi, I am looking to get a Tummy Tuck/Breast lift w/ implants as soon as possible. I have mild hemophilia A and only need clotting factor for major... READ MORE

Have a question Mommy makeover; was my bleeding issue caused by this procedure I had?

I had a mommy makeover I see people have to get ekg blood work etc in my case that was not done but days after I had chest pains went to the hospital... READ MORE

Can using a walker after BA, TT cause excess bleeding around implants?

I have a rolling walker with a seat for getting around after Tummy tuck and breast augmentation. I am wondering if using a walker can cause the pecs... READ MORE

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