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Girdle? Can I Take a Break from It? (photo)

Hi! I'm post op day 17 mommy make over. I was told by my PS that I could remove the binder & start wearing a snugg girdle to help contour my torso... READ MORE

Is the Binder Suppose to Be So Tight That I Struggle to Breath?

Is the binder suppose to be so tight that I struggle to breath? I had a TT, BA, lipo of flanks, and thighs. 3 days PO. READ MORE

When do I wear a bra? 4 days post-op (Photo)

I just had a mommy makeover. Because of the binder she diesnt put on a bra or wrap the breasts because she says pushes them to high up. When should I... READ MORE

Looking for a couple of great post surgical garments to wear after my Mommy Makeover.

Having a Mommy Makeover in June, I kno it's gonna cost for a couple great post surgical garments! I'm tryna prepare myself. What is the best Post... READ MORE

3 weeks post op from tummy tuck, lipo and breast agumentation and my tummy is bigger than before. (photos)

3 weeks post op from tummy tuck, lipo and breast agumentation. I am getting a little concerned because I am bigger now than I was before the procedure... READ MORE

Mommy makeover 5 months post op

I am 5 months post op from a mommy makeover and I stopped wearing my binder a few weeks ago and now I feel a lot of swelling after being up for a... READ MORE

How long should I wear binder? 3 weeks post-op. (photo)

Just wondering how long I should wear my binder I am currently 2 weeks and 5days po?i have spanx but wondering when Is safe to start wearing them? READ MORE

Should I be wearing a bra? (Photo)

I just had a mommy makeover with a gummy bear implants and with a tummy tuck. Because of my tummy tuck she didn't wrap my breasts or give me a bra to... READ MORE

No binder for first week after surgery?

My doctor is doing drainless TT, breast augmentation as well as Lipo on flanks and hips on Aug. 22, 2016. I was told by his nurse that my PS doesn't... READ MORE

I think I have a seroma that needs draining. What if I don't agree with my PS? (Photo)

I am 28 day post mommy make over. I still have one drain. Just the last three days have I been between 25cc-30cc in 24h. Initially after surgery my... READ MORE

8 days post tummy tuck with back and flank lipo. Back feels lumpy. 21 days post BR, breasts feel a little hard in places (Photo)

My back has hard spots where the binder or girdle sinks in. The inner skin is soft but the top and bottom of the fold is hard. I switch between a... READ MORE

I had a MM and the surgeon supplied me with a CG afterwards, I purchased a dale binder is it safe to wear both? (photos)

I woke up after surgery with my CG in place, I purchased a Dale binder and although it's slightly uncomfortable on my swollen abs, it feels really... READ MORE

Day 3 after Mommy makeover. Cleaning and care.

After reading so many posts I am worried I am doing something wrong. Should I have removed all bindings wraps and bandages? My TT bandages were bloody... READ MORE

Why am I not able to walk straight with out a binder.

Yes, I had a mommy make over 5 weeks ago and still not able to walk straight with out using a binder. READ MORE

Why can't I walk straight without a binder? I'm 5 weeks post tummy tuck

Sorry I didn't specified on my previous question I had a mommy make over on april 22 2016 and haven't been able to walk completely straight with out... READ MORE

Why am I experiencing general numbness after surgery?

Hi. I am 11 days post-op. I had an abdominoplasty and breast lift under general anaesthetic. Naturally my stomach is still completely numb but since... READ MORE

Almost 6 weeks post op. I have been sore (muscle type), my swelling is still there. I feel bloated. Still wear binder (Photo)

My procedures were done April 27, 2017. I hope you can tell something from my photos. I had a TT, w/lipo of my back/flank area and breast augmentation. READ MORE

Should we continue to use a binder/waist trainer/corset? Does it help with healing?

I seeing many corsets and waist trainers. Does 'this help maintain your results long term?? Is it necessary.. READ MORE

Is it ok if I wear two surgical binders at the same time after a mommy makeover?

I had a mommy makeover a week ago, I'm still wearing one one of the drains. I had to purchase a new surgical binder since the one I got after my... READ MORE

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