Anxiety + Mommy Makeover

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I'm currently taking medication for anxiety and wondering if I need to stop taking before a mommy makeover?

I've been taking Sertraline 50Mg daily for the past few months for mostly anxiety and some depression. I'm booked in Jan for a mommy makeover, breast... READ MORE

I'm 2 Days Pre-op for my Granny Takeover. Very Anxious, Sleepless. Can Anxiety Cause Esophageal Ache and Slight Burning?

I'm 64 yrs old and scheduled for my granny takeover (TT and BR, both with lipo) in 2 days. Anxiety and sleeplessness (hard to fall asleep and I wake... READ MORE

Can I take a Valium a few days before my mommy makeover surgery?

My anxiety has been through the roof. I can't sleep, it seems like I am a nervous wreck. I have a prescription for Valium from my surgeon. Would it be... READ MORE

Aiding Before and After Surgery?

Thank you for all your advices. Very helpful. I'm very anxious yet excited about my tummy tuck and breast reduction surgery! I like to know how I... READ MORE

Is it normal to be scared or anxious before getting a mommy makeover? (Photo)

Is it normal to be scared before getting a mommy make over. Im starting to panic and im not sure if i should continue! I am a 31 year old mother of 4... READ MORE

About how long will it take to heal? Emotional, anxious, impatient. (Photo)

I had a tummy tuck and breast reduction 6 weeks ago on July 1. I started seeing neurosis in week 3 and it has just evolved from there. I am doing what... READ MORE

I scheduled my TT/Lipo & Breast lift with implants surgery & I'm seeing some not so great reviews on the plastic surgeon. (photo

Current weight 175 (I was 247) hypothyroid. I have lots of lose skin. I was extremely excited for my procedure but then I can across some very... READ MORE

Medication day of surgery?

I take medicine for my anxiety everyday. What would happen if I do not take them the morning of my surgery. I'm afraid it would interact w the... READ MORE

I am having a Tummy Tuck, breast lift (no implants) and lipo on 11/12/15. I am 48. Any suggestions?

I tend to have a lot of anxiety. I'm wondering if there are any tips to lessening anxiety as I lead up to surgery and also while recovering and not... READ MORE

Is this how TT is supposed to look after 8 weeks? (Photo)

I am very anxious and a little bit disturbed that my results have changed from 4 weeks to 8 weeks drastically and not in a good way. Although it may... READ MORE

Mini tummy tuck swelling at 11 weeks? (photo)

I had a mini tummy tuck and BA 11 weeks ago today. I have a post op with my BC plastic surgeon next week but am anxious about end of day swelling. I... READ MORE

Nurse anesthetist able to give medication for anxiety night after surgery?

I am scheduled for my mommy makeover in 3 weeks and I am very excited. I will be staying at a hotel near the surgery center with my husband and a... READ MORE

Breast lift, implants and tummy tuck for a RMSF patient (sister to Lymes disease) safe?

I was diagnosed in 2008 with Rocky Mountain Spotted tick fever ( sister to Lymes). I didn't have any of the visible symptoms. Physically; anxiety,... READ MORE

I'm heading to Lithuania in 3 weeks for a mommy makeover and I'm very anxious. What's the recovery time?

Whats the recovery time ive never being put asleep and I am very wortied about it READ MORE

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