Allergies + Mommy Makeover

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Paper tape allergy (Photo)

I have been itching like crazy so I got home and took everything off and noticed that I am developing an allergic reaction to the paper tape that is... READ MORE

Allergy Medication During and Following a Mommy Makeover Safe?

What are the safest OTC allergy meds to take after surgery? I tend to sneeze a lot and with the long list of what NOT to take, I want to make sure I'm... READ MORE

Both breast red since surgery 5 weeks ago,could this be allergies, weight of implants, red breast syndrome, or infection?(photo)

Oth breast, have both been red since the surgery. The redness is contained to the breast area no migration to chest wall. No temp, minimal soreness... READ MORE

Recent cold/allergies and anesthesia?

I just got over either a cold or allergies (hard to tell which as I was not blowing mucus). I had post nasal drip and a cough. Cough went away as of... READ MORE

Does this look like an allergy? (Photo)

I had my steri strips removed 5days ago and was told I had a reaction to the the tape. Each day my reaction has continued to get worse. No over the... READ MORE

Hole on my breast surgery and abdominolasty. Allergy on my breast and blisters on it. Incision opened up. Advice? (photo)

Evrything was fine. My surgeon asked me to put on everyday only betadine. Betadine makes my skin itchy at feel hot. But he said it lets just wait to... READ MORE

Allergies and Mommy Makeover

Good day! I had a "Mommy Makeover" surgery last week and I am presently struggling with allergies/asthma. In order to lessen the symptoms I have been... READ MORE

Montelukast and Mommy makeover: Is there anything wrong for tissue recovery and the medication?

Good day! I would like to know if there is any problem in using montelukast for allergies while going through a recovery after a mommy makeover. Is... READ MORE

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