3 Days Post-op + Mommy Makeover

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Is the Binder Suppose to Be So Tight That I Struggle to Breath?

Is the binder suppose to be so tight that I struggle to breath? I had a TT, BA, lipo of flanks, and thighs. 3 days PO. READ MORE

I have a string of blood in drainage pumps. Is that normal?

Hi, I had a complete mommy makeover on 12/8/14. And today as I was draining my pumps one was clogged with like a red long mucous string. I had to pull... READ MORE

Is it okay to take Melatonin (3mg) at night to help me sleep? (Photo)

I'm 3 days post op from Mommy makeover - including BA, hernia fix and Lipo to stomach and flanks. I have stopped taking my Percocet but feel I need a... READ MORE

How Many Days Should I Be on Total Rest in my Recliner? I Had a Br and Tt 72 Hours Ago.

I have been resting in the recliner and getting up for restroom and short walks about ten times a day. I am getting back pains from the Reiner. I am... READ MORE

Is my breast lift normal? (photo)

I am 19 years old and on day 3 op. I got a tummy tuck along with a Breast lift with implants. I feel that my pain is just escalating. After surgery my... READ MORE

3 days post-op, should I be concerned about how much larger my left breast is? (Photo)

Had my mommy makeover on the 21st. Today is a holiday and don't want to call over something that is nothing. Being so soon after surgery, should I be... READ MORE

Worried about uplift shape (Photo)

Hi I have had a breast lift and implant and also a fully tummy tuck with tsar I am only 3 days post op my implants are so high the don't seem to goto... READ MORE

Is this amount of swelling normal 3 days post tummy tuck w/MR and liposuction to the flanks? (Photo)

I am currently 6 days post TT w/MR, lipo to flanks, and 620cc gummy bear implants with periareolar lift. My entire abdomen and sides are incredibly... READ MORE

Edema... 3 days post op TT and BL with 325 Natrelle. (Photo)

I'm curious about edema/weight gain. Post op day 3, I am up 10 lbs. it seems to all be in my belly and chest, is that possible? How do I get that... READ MORE

Burning at incision site 3 days post op?

I had a tummy tuck, lipo, and breasts August done a few days ago. The pain is getting more bearable as each day progresses, but I have noticed a... READ MORE

Is my belly button going to go in more? Also, can I help it by pushing it in a little? (photos)

It's only been one month and 3 days since my mommy makeover I know I'm still swollen but my belly button is puffy and sticking out top much. READ MORE

Rheumatoid Arthritis patient 3 days PO MMO. (Photo)

RA symptoms were in remission prior to surgery but now I'm having severe inflammation and swelling. What can I do to help with the pain and swelling... READ MORE

I got my drains taken out only 3 days after Tummy Tuck, Breast Implants and Lipo. Should I be concerned?

After my massage on my belly I was here liquid and it grossed me out and scared me made me think maybe they took my drains out to early? And now they... READ MORE

I had a mommy makeover 3 days ago: tightness, swelling and puckering.

There is a lot of tightness swelling in both breasts that does not seem to be going down ,is there anything I can do to help with recovery ?how long... READ MORE

Could this dark area on my nipple be the start of necrosis? (photo)

I had 620cc subfascial gummy bear implants w/periareolar lift, TT w/MR & flank lipo 12/26.Today pain started in right breast w/new bruising... READ MORE

Day 3 after Mommy makeover. Cleaning and care.

After reading so many posts I am worried I am doing something wrong. Should I have removed all bindings wraps and bandages? My TT bandages were bloody... READ MORE

Low pain similar to post part in on day 3? Normal?

Just got outta my bed to potty. Been doing well so far today. Then this one time it was like my uterus was gonna come out of my drains. I managed to... READ MORE

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