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What Should I Do with Hair Growing from Mole Removal Wound?

Four days ago I had a mole removed from my face. I am doing the right thing and covering the wound with vaseline and band aids. The mole used to have... READ MORE

Is my mole excision wound infected? (Photo)

I got a mole from my lower back shaved off about 3 weeks ago. I have been washing it regularly and using Neosporin and a band aid each day. However,... READ MORE

Post Mole Removal: Purple/Black Spot Inside Red Healed Wound

Hi. 4 weeks ago I got rid of a flat mole on the middle of my cheek with a few stitches. The stitches were removed 3 weeks ago and I now have a small... READ MORE

Care of mole removal wound after two weeks. Should I continue keeping it moist with Vaseline?

Having had a mole removed two weeks ago, the site is still rather red. Every day I have washed it and put Vaseline there covered by a plaster. Is it... READ MORE

Accidently Popped Blister from Frozen Mole, How to Care for Wound (photo)?

I had a Keratosis removed from my forearm. The blister that formed popped accidentally. I trimmed the skin off because it was hanging by a thread. Now... READ MORE

What wound care would you recommend after shave biopsy? (photos)

I had a shave biopsy on my nose two weeks ago and got no post-surgery instructions from NHS at all. Now the scab has formed for more than 2 weeks and... READ MORE

How to I Clean the Wound Area Which a Mole Has Been Removed? (photo)

I got the mole removed today. She removed what you can see with the eye by shaving it off then burning the skin I took the bandage off I cleaned it... READ MORE

How to help the wound to be heal faster (with a deep hole) after removing a mole?

I just had a mole removal about two months ago, and now it left with a hole and red mark. READ MORE

What can I expect as for wound progression and should I apply silicon gel to my wound? (photos)

Dear reader, Three weeks ago I had a raised mole on my cheeck shaved off. My derm said I shouldn't be worried about scarring just that there was a... READ MORE

Blisters in wound after mole removal. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had a mole shaved off about a 1.5 weeks ago and now the wound is filled with blister looking things. Is this normal? READ MORE

Yellow pus developed near mole removal wound? (Photo)

Hi doctor, I got my mole removed a little over a day ago on my face, and i begin to see this yellow pus spot today near the wound. Is this infection?... READ MORE

Is it okay to put makeup over the healing mole wound? (photos)

Hi, I have flat moles on my face and I went to a small shop (which provides services like manicure and eyebrow embroidery) to get them removed... READ MORE

Mole excision with and without stitches.

Why would a plastic surgeon choose to not use stitches for a mole excision? I had a consultation not to long ago, and the surgeon specified she... READ MORE

How to I heal an apple cider vinegar acid wound? (photos)

I saw a home remedy for mole removal using apple cidar vinegar. I researched and followed the instuctions to not harm my skin (using vasaline around... READ MORE

Is the mole I am referring cancerous? (Photo)

Four months ago I accidentally scratched my mole. At first i thought it was just an ordinary wound. I am applying an antibacterial ointment as per... READ MORE

I had a mole removed on Thursday. What is the white stuff inside it? I clean it gently because it is painful to touch.

I had a mole removed on my upper stomach on Thursday. Every move I make i feel it pull. There is white stuff in the wound. The one on my back also... READ MORE

Is this considered normal healing after a mole shave? (photos)

Hi, I had a mole shaved off 14 days ago. First week, i kept it moist with Polysporin and covered with a band aid. After the wound healed, ive been... READ MORE

Will my crater-like wound fill in with new skin? (Photo)

I did something stupid! Removed a mole from my forehead with ACV, now there is a crater like wound on my face. Will this fill in with new skin? I've... READ MORE

Post op Mole Removal, a scar/wound got stretched and turned dark. Will it fade after a while?

I had stitches from a mole removal removed near my lip yesterday. The problem was that the day after, I was eating and I guess I opened my mouth too... READ MORE

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