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Punch Biopsy Healing. Scar is Bigger Than the Mole Itself, 2 Months Post Op?

Had a punch biopsy 2mths ago everything normal. i now have a scar that is bigger than the mole it's self and is purple. I just purchased silicone not... READ MORE

Best option to remove my mole? Will scarring look worse than mole now? (photo)

I have had this flesh colored mole my whole life and am now interested in getting it removed. I am worried that the scar will look wore than the mole... READ MORE

Will the scar be worse than the mole? (Photo)

I saw a dermatologist today. She just told me that the scare will be worse then the mole itself. And I should really think about it. Since I'm young... READ MORE

How can I help to improve the appearance of this recent scar (approx 1 month ago)? It seems to be getting worse. (Photo)

I had to see a plastic surgeon 1 month ago to have a mole and surrounding removed. When the dressing came off 2 weeks ago the scar looked very neat... READ MORE

Does removing big black mole leaves a much bigger scar on my face given that I am a keloid prone? (Photo)

I have big black mole on my face. I badly want to remove it in any means possible. However, I am a keloid prone, in fact I had one on my leg. I am... READ MORE

Will the redness ever be reduced?

Hello, 4 years ago I had a mole over my face removed. Today there is still a red scar visible. Will the redness ever be reduced? If not what are my... READ MORE

How can I treat ACV scars post mole removal? (Photo)

I used apple cider vinegar to remove a mole on my forehead. looking back, bad idea but now i need to deal with the aftermath. i got careless on how i... READ MORE

Mole vs Scar? (photos)

I had this mole since birth that has gotten to about the size of pink pencil eraser. I want to remove it but I don't want to have an ugly scar that... READ MORE

Is it normal for a scar to get worse after stitches are removed and will this result worse scarring? (Photos)

I had two moles removed last week surgically (by my eyebrow and chin). I had two layers of stitches which were removed yesterday. My chin scar kept... READ MORE

Can subcision with filler improve mole removal scar? (photo)

I had a mole removed a few years ago and the scar I am left with is hypo pigmented and depressed. Whenever I am in certain lighting shadows cast on... READ MORE

Why does my mole excision scar look worse as time progresses? (Photo)

I had a mole excision procedure and it's been about 7 months and the scar looks horrible. It got wider and has a weird texture to it with minor... READ MORE

Is my post mole shaving healing right? How long will it take to heal? (photo)

I got a mole on my stomach removed about 6 days ago and I wasn't really given any aftercare directions so I've just been cleaning it 2 times a day... READ MORE

Can small moles be removed without scarring? Can these be removed or would doing so make them look worse than they do? (photo)

I've have a number of moles that appeared on my face during my early 20s. Some of them have really unfortunate placement (e.g. right in between my... READ MORE

Mole removal - will the scar be worse than the mole? (Photo)

Will the scar be worse than the mole if I get this mole on my cheek removed? READ MORE

Is a scar going to be worse than the mole? What outcome can I expect ? (photos)

Getting a skin biobsy what Is the best method of removing this doc? READ MORE

Laser mole removal - reducing redness and scarring.

I had 3moles removed on my face 2months ago,2oncheeks and1on forehead.I'm worried the scarring&redness won't disappear and I am young so don't... READ MORE

If I were to go to a dermatologist to remove moles, what's the worst case scenario, and what's the chance of it happening?

This is a follow up to a previous question. I want to remove moles, but I'm worried about negative symptoms. If I were to go to a dermatologist to... READ MORE

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