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Wart/Mole (Not Sure) on Nose? (photo)

I have a wart/mole (Im not sure what it is really) on my nose. In school (7,8 years ago) I thought it might be a blood clot or something and tried to... READ MORE

I have a mole on my right nipple, I put salicylic acid on that mole. Since then, I have pain in my right breast. Any suggestion?

I have a mole on my right nipple, two years ago I was getting treatment for warts, so I put the same medication (salicylic acid) on that mole. Since... READ MORE

I used CVS pharmacy one step wart remover strips to help remove my thumb wart, do you think its helped and will fall off soon?

If not what else do you recommended if it's not working? I need it removed as soon as possible because I have very low confidence and mental health... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Flat Warts on Face?

My dermatologist they diagnosed me with "Flat Warts" I've treated these flat warts with Retin A and also tried freezing. Nothing has worked and the... READ MORE

I have a mole on my back and I tried to freeze it off. The skin around the mole turned a dark brown color. Why? (Photo)

I tried to freeze it off with compoundW freeze off wort removal . woll this brown on my back go away or is it permanent READ MORE

Can I Use Duofilm in Treatment my Chicken Pox on my Face and Neck?

Duofilm is for the treatment of warts so I was thinking, would it work for chicken pox if it burn it and them it peels off READ MORE

What is This on my 7year Old Sons Foot? (photo)

Hi, I ve been treated this with bazuka for the last few weeks believing its a varruca, and it doesn't seem to be inproving?! If anything it's grown... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Remove a Wart?

What is the best way to remove a wart? I have tried freezing as well as salicylic acid. They keep coming back. I have heard of duct tape and other... READ MORE

Is this a mole or wart on my nose? (Photo)

Question within the past year I've gotten what appears to be a wart or mole on my nose and the same thing on my upper lip, what is it? How would you... READ MORE

Do i need to have a surgery for this scalp mole/wart?

I don't know whether it's mole or wart but i have it since i was at least 12 yo .. now I'm 25. I have contacted a clinic centre and showed them the... READ MORE

This started as a mole. Is this a mole or warts? (photo)

I noticed this 6 months ago. Right after I had my baby. It doesn't hurt or burn. This is the only one I see and I have no foul odor or discharge. When... READ MORE

Existing mole has crusty wart-like surface

Have had a normal round raised brown mole on my arm for many years approx 6mm diameter. Recently the surface has become crusty like a scab, now has... READ MORE

Wart or mole? (photos)

I have this new growth on the back of my leg. Noticed it last summer but it has gotten bigger and is now turning black on one side. I think it is a... READ MORE

What kind of dermatologist should I go see to remove a newly grown, flesh colored wart on my neck?

I had a small mole type bump on my neck that just bothered the heck out of me. I picked it off one day after a shower. Well, it grew back, but grew... READ MORE

Four different medical professionals and two different diagnoses. Wart or mole? How can I be sure one way or the other? (Photo)

Clinic doctor & nurse practioner diagnosd me with genital warts. Specialist Gyno doc & emergency room doc diagnosed me with compound nevus.... READ MORE

Mole or wart? (Photo)

Don't know if this is a mole or wart. On the side of my nose. Please help! It started out as a pimple when I was younger and it will not go away. I... READ MORE

Is retinoids like retino A .25% used for flat warts best? Why regrowth occur once affected area heals in 3 week of application?

Hi,my dermatologist diagnosed 100 of small sized flat pimples on neck around chin area as flat warts.She has prescribed a multi vitamin... READ MORE

Are these flat warts or moles? On my arms and hands for like 4 years or more, and I do shave with a razor regularly (Photos)

Please see uploaded images and zoom if unclear. I am a female and I am 24 years old. Your help is highly appreciated. Thank you so much! READ MORE

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