Vinegar + Mole Removal

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I removed a Mole using Apple Cider Vinegar. Now I have a pink scar/crater. What will make this scar look normal again? (photo)

I got a scar from removing a mole using Apple Cider Vinegar. It resulted in creating a crater. A scab formed which eventually came off resulting in a... READ MORE

Burned my mole trying to remove it with apple cider vinegar. Have I ruined my chances to remove it professionally? (Photo)

I read that using apple cider vinegar was an effective way to remove moles so I thought I would give it a try . I placed a q-tip with acv on my mole... READ MORE

How to get rid of Dark spot after mole removal? (photo)

I had a raised mole on my forehead, and I removed that with apple cider vinegar application. it worked! After the scab fell down there was pale and... READ MORE

I removed a mole using apple cider vinegar, but I still have some pigment left from the mole. How can I get rid of it? (Photo)

How do I remove all of the pigmentation from underneath the skin so it looks like I never had a mole there before? READ MORE

I want to remove a mole on my breast, but I'm afraid of getting a keloid scar. Is cider vinegar an effective method? (photo)

I went in to a derm to have a few moles removed he did not want to remove the one on my breast stating stitches don't hold well there and it will look... READ MORE

Is there any risk involved in removing small flat moles using natural ingredients?

I have a large number of small or tiny flat brown moles on my body and face. I removed a few of them with laser three years ago but I was left with... READ MORE

Is using apple cider vinegar on moles safe? (photos)

I have 3 moles I wanted to get rid off. On my nose, neck, and arm. All are perfectly round and no bigger than a pencil erase and haven't changed in... READ MORE

I want to remove my mole - Will apple cider vinegar work?

It's under my lips i hate it so much..But im afraid with lazer and other things why cant i use apple cider vinegar? READ MORE

Can I shave off my scar mole? (photos)

I did this home ready to remove moles, it was the apple cider vinegar and it did help it removed it but the thing is , it left this ugly dark scar... READ MORE

I have tried removing a mole above my eyebrow with apple cider vinegar and it did not work at all. What should I do?

I have been to see a doctor and he said they cannot remove it as i was not old enough. I am now 15, i cannot pay for a mole removal surgery or... READ MORE

What's the best way to remove moles from my face?

I have mole on my cheek so i wanted to remove and i was using aloe vera and it faded only the center and around it leave mole. Than i was using castor... READ MORE

I was attempting to remove a mole naturally w/ apple cider vinegar but then I read that that is a terrible thing to do? (photo)

The mole looks gross and almost infected. I have marks around the mole because of the bandaid. The mole has inflated to a larger size thatn it was... READ MORE

Hi doc, can you tell me what to do now? Should stop using Acv , has the mole gone or have I removed only a part of it? (photos)

I read about Apple Cider Vinegar and everybody's experiences so I thought of doing this on a mole dark brown in colour over my upper lip which I had... READ MORE

I have a hole inside scar after mole removal. Any suggestions? (photos)

So, three years ago I removed my mole using Apple cider vinegar (which is seriously the most stupid thing I have ever done, and I regret it). that... READ MORE

How can I aid this to heal? Flat mole on breast treated with apple cider vinegar. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have treated a flat mole on my chest/breast with apple cider vinegar. Please see photo and advise me on the healing process. Thank you. It's a... READ MORE

I took out a mole myself with apple cider vinegar. It has been dark red for a month now with no signs of improvement.

I took out a mole myself with apple cider vinaigar but usually when the skin underneath is supposed to be pinkish, it is now dark red and it has been... READ MORE

Apple Cider Vinegar, mole removal and holes in the face

I think i prematurely removed the mole before it was ready to fall off and there's a hole even though i used the raw organic apple cider vinegar... READ MORE

Mole removed with apple cider vinegar. Is the mole tissue has spread trough my bloodstream or is this not possible?

There is now scar tissue where the mole was what if the tissue beneath the scar turns in melanoma will you see some changes in the area?or is it... READ MORE

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