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Best Treatment for Black Moles on Face?

I Have Lot of Black Moles on my Face How Can I Get Rid of Them What Kind of Treatment is Best?  READ MORE

Should I go for CO2 Fractional Laser treatment or excision of my facial moles? (photo)

I have several moles on my face/neck that I would like removed for cosmetic purposes. Some have grown slowly over many years, and some have appeared... READ MORE

What are treatment options for removing small flat moles?

I have many small flat moles scattered all over my arms and some on my leg. I am very self conscious about them, and would like to get them removed or... READ MORE

I have had a mole on eyebrow removed twice and it grew back. How can I treat permanently? (photos)

I have a mole on my eyebrow , i have them removed twice when i was 11 and 12 , but it kept growing back and growing bigger. should i be concern it... READ MORE

Are There Any New Effective Treatments for Syringiomas?

Are There Any New Effective Treatments for Syringiomas? READ MORE

What's the right treatment strategy for my facial mole? (photo)

I was born with the mole as seen in the attachment (am in my early thirties now). It hasn't changed in size or color in the recent two years but... READ MORE

I recently had my moles removed via excision. I wanted to know if there is any treatment for the scarring?

I know it hasn't been that long, but I wasn't expecting to have scars. I wouldn't have had it done all together if it would scar my face. I know i can... READ MORE

Mole and scar removal options. Shave excision vs. laser treatment. (photo)

I'm looking to possibly remove this mole, but it's not just a regular mole, as you can see in the pics it's surrounded by minor scarring from a failed... READ MORE

I'm worried that my mole removal site is infected? What can I do to help it? (photo)

I removed a mole between my eyebrows a month ago and it's been itching like crazy for the past week and there is a raised white bump on it, it doesn't... READ MORE

Unnecessary removal of "Inflamed Lentigo" left bice. p. What can I do? (photos)

Dermatologist removed a 'possible'Dysplastic Neoplasm ' which as I knew was Nothing! 9 stitches in my left bicep! removed 2.0 X 0.7 cm excised to a... READ MORE

What treatments are available for a deep scar on face from mole removal? Can clear skin ever be achieved? (photo)

I have two scars on my face as you can see in the picture. The bigger one in the centre of my cheek is a year and a half old and is from picking a... READ MORE

Mild Atypical Mole further treatment advice?

I had a mole removed that the pathology report says "Melanocytic Nevus Lentiginous compound dysplastic type w/ mild cytological atypical &... READ MORE

Wound treatment after mole removal under nose? (photo)

I just got a small mole removal under my nose and now I have stitches. The doctor will remove the stitches in a week, but I'm not sure if I should let... READ MORE

Best treatment to have mole removed on the side of my nose? (Photo)

I have a mole on the side of my nose that I've had beginning at age 9. I have been really self concious about and thinking about finally having it... READ MORE

It is a Mole or a Sunspot? (photo)

I just got a brown spot on my face.. And i don't if it is a mole or sunspot.. And if there is any treatment to remove it. Thanks READ MORE

What kind of laser did the doctor use on me? (Photo)

I had many flat moles on my face. Yesterday i done laser treatment, With a machine that have a instrument looks like gun, its spotted a laser light on... READ MORE

I got my mole shaved down about 3 hours ago, how long until I can wash my face?

I just got my mole removed on my chin. I asked my doctor all the questions associated with cancer, and the regrowth perentage, he explained everything... READ MORE

How many days until a white scab forms during the healing process for laser mole removal?

How many days until a white scab will form during the healing process for mole removal by laser that burnt it off? Is potassium permanganate dangerous... READ MORE

Had surgery on my foot to remove a mole & went out into the sun without putting sunblock on and now I have sunburn on the scar?

Surgical scar and it wont go away or come off! in other words the surgical scar got sunburned and i dont know how the sunburn on the scar will go... READ MORE

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