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Laser Treatment for "Fleshy" Facial Mole Removal

I have two "fleshy" moles on my face, and I've heard that laser procedure can remove them. I have been to two doctors; and one wanted to... READ MORE

Best Way to Remove Dark Slightly Raised Moles (Possibly Dark Freckles)? (photo)

Not sure what to considered these: dark freckles or moles... Some are very slightly raised and a few are not, but they are very dark. What, if any, is... READ MORE

Red Moles On My Face?

Hello...about two months ago a red mole appeared on my face..under my eye..I am thinking of removing it...but worried because the eye area is so... READ MORE

Punch Biopsy or Shave Biopsy for a Suspicious Mole?

I have medium skin tone with lot's of freckles and moles. I have had several moles removed via shave biopsy in the past. A new derm with great... READ MORE

What is the Best Technique for Flat Brown Mole Removal on the Breast Region? (photo)

Hi, my name is Nicole and I have always been self conscious about my mole. Especially since it is on my chest/breast. I would like to have the least... READ MORE

Laser Vs Electrocautery Mole Removal - What's the Difference?

I had my mole removed and undergo DUAL process-shave and laser because it's rounded. Then the doctor said that it will leave a deep scar. BUt... READ MORE

Mole on Lip?

I have a small raised mole on my lip border, on my cupid's bow. I had it electrocauterized it years ago. That left a small white indented line. The... READ MORE

Which is a Better for Cosmetic Purposes for a 2mm Mole on Nose, Dermal Punch or Cutting with Knife?

We are asking this question because we have had 2 consultations with 2 different doctors. One of them prefers punching it since it is small and the... READ MORE

Scoop Method of Removal? (photo)

I saw a dermatologist today and I have 3 moles on my face I want removing. He told me he will 'scoop' them out and a scab will form and this will heal... READ MORE

Is it good technique to shave a mole, then cauterise the base? I have spoken with a local dermatologist who's suggested this.

Here is specifically what he has said: "After shaving off the mole, I would cauterise the base, so you would be left with a crust which would be there... READ MORE

Questions About Types of Mole Incision? (photo)

I have a large mole below my right nostril & want it removed. I don't know whether to see a dermatologist, dermatologist surgeon or facial surgeon... READ MORE

Best Method to Remove Mole Size of Pencil Eraser on Right Side of Nostril? (photo)

Mole size of pencil eraser on right side of nostril, what is the best way to remove it with minimal scarring? I've seen a derm who suggested shaving... READ MORE

Different Methods to Remove a Mole from my Nose? (photo)

I was born with this mole, and recently went to a dermatologist to ask about getting it removed. The mole has hairs, and kept growing over the years.... READ MORE

I'm Planning to Have my Mole Excision or Shaved? (photo)

Which method would be more suitable for the area my mole is located in? Also, how well will the scar blend in? Thanks in advance! READ MORE

I had a nevi (mole) in my eyelid. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a Nevis in my eyelid (uper) my Dr kind of remove it but I think the technique that she used was not the right one. She only cut a piece of the... READ MORE

This Raised Mole on my Face Looks Suspicious, Remove? (photo)

Hi, I am planning on getting this raised mole removed, and was wondering which method would be the most effective method of removal READ MORE

What is the Procedure for the Best Results So That the Vermillion Border is Aligned and Minimize the Scar? (photo)

Which type of sutures will create less of a scar on the skin’s surface, subcuticular (dissolvable) sutures without tying a knot or using a nylon s... READ MORE

Whats the Best Way to Get This Mole Removed? (photo)

I have a pretty big mole on my cheek. I've been thinking about removing it because I dont like it and the health risks. How much does mole removal... READ MORE

Is lamprobe mole removal safe? Why isn't it used by most dermatologists but is used by aestheticians?

I have already gotten a few facial moles checked out by a dermatologist to make sure they are benign. I recently saw the lamprobe mole removal... READ MORE

Mole on upper eyelid. (photo)

I have a mole on upper eyelid whch doctor should i consult.who will do it the best.which technique is the best READ MORE

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