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My excision doesn't seem to be healing. Is it infected inside? What do I do? (photo)

I had 3 moles on my face excised 2 months ago. 2 are hardly noticeable. One is very sore inside. It is protruding and very red. I gave it a little... READ MORE

Has picking and squeezing my mole made it cancerous or given me skin cancer? (photos)

Mole was medium brown and raised. Now it's sore to touch and a little red with a chunk missing. It doesn't itch and it hasn't changed shape but I'm... READ MORE

Should I see a doctor about a mole on my arm? (Photo)

I have a mole on my arm and i always pluck out the hairs. I think i then got an ingrown hair and it seemed to get worse. I kept picking at it too. Now... READ MORE

Spot or mole on bum hurts. What should I do? (Photo)

I have had (I think) a mole on my bum for quite a few years but recently noticed it felt like a pimple. What would This be? It feels like a pimple and... READ MORE

Is my mole removal area healing correctly? I had my mole removed last wednesday by my family doctor who shaved it off. (photo)

Day 1 i put a bandaid on it an saw that the area around it was red, it started bleeding an it also was oozing. Day 2 still red an started crusting,... READ MORE

What is the best method of surgery to minimise my scars post Micro-Thermocoagulation. (photo)

12 months ago I went to a beauty clinic for Micro-Thermocoagulation of 10 moles, 4 of the larger moles have scared (keloid) and are sore if pressed. I... READ MORE

Is this a melanoma? (photos)

The around my mole is a little hard and sore. I recently scratched it a bit thats Why there's a bit of blood residue there. READ MORE

I Have a Mole on my Cheek Around the Corner of my Lip. Can It Be Easily Removed in Such a Thin Area? (photo)

Photo attached.. I hate how much it stands out.. and sometimes it gets sore. I just want it removed but I am so afraid it will actually cut through my... READ MORE

I have a mole that now looks like it has a blister. What could this be? (photos)

Had this mole every since I was young and another on my back. It was sore and itchy and I thought I got it caught on something and tore it. My husband... READ MORE

My mole has changed in a short period of time looks a little scary. Any suggestions? (photos)

I just went to a dermatologist less then 2 months ago to have all my moles checked out everything was normal, but I noticed a few days ago something... READ MORE

Mole removal aftercare.

I just got my mole removed with shaving biopsy about 3 days ago. I've been putting Aquaphor 2 times a day. Should I also put a bandaid on it? It feels... READ MORE

I have a mole on my left nipple that has upset me for years. Help?

I am currently trying to remove it with ACV…its very sore and swollen now. Is this a bad idea and going to affect my nipple for life?? Please help... READ MORE

Is my mole removal site infected? (photo)

I got a mole removed 2.5 weeks ago. Does it look infected? I just noticed the redness today. It is sore to the touch. READ MORE

Mole on scalp? (Photo)

I was getting my hair done and my stylist noticed an odd looking c-shaped discolored spot in my scalp. It feels a little sore to the touch. Should I... READ MORE

Cyst/pimple like structure on the mole removal - incision. (photo)

I underwent a mole removal by surgical excision a month and a half ago. Last week I noticed the appearance of a small cyst/ pimple like structure at... READ MORE

I had a tiny mole removed 3 months ago and straight away a large red lump developed on the area. Is it infected? (photos)

I had a tiny mole removed 3 months ago and straight away a large red lump developed on the area. No stitches used. It is sore in some occasions if hit... READ MORE

My mole on my neck fell off and now it is growing back and is itchy, is this healthy/normal?

I have been traveling for several months and woke up with a very sore neck starting at the base of my jaw and down to where my neck meets my shoulder.... READ MORE

Is the mole in my neck infected or something else? (photos)

I have a mole on my neck that I noticed the other day was inflamed and bleeding with red around it. It is sore and itches a at times. Could of I... READ MORE

Is this mole a cause for concern? (photo)

I have a mole On my shoulder I've had all my life, it has always been flat and around 5mm in diameter, over the last 2 week's it has raised around... READ MORE

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