Skin Tags + Mole Removal

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Removing flesh-toned mole on head

I have an ugly big mole on my head and I want to have it removed. It is of the same color of my scalp and its shape has changed, it looks kind of like... READ MORE

How Long Does it Take For Skin Tags To Fall Off After Electrocautery? Would it Leave Scarring?

How long does it take for skin tags to fall off after electrocautery and would it leave any scarring? I have an appointment with the dermatologist in... READ MORE

Tying off a Skin Tag?

Okay so this is quite embarrassing but I have a mole or skin tag literally on my butthole. . .the NP at our local clinic called it a skin tag. its... READ MORE

Is it infected ? Mole/Skin tag. (photos)

Ive had this what I think to be a mole for probably a year now it kinda just popped up randomly and a few days ago it got irritated and it grew in... READ MORE

What is the standard practice for removing moles/skin tags?

I had 3 moles and 2 skin tags froze at a dermatologist last week. There was no follow up care given, just 'wash as normal', and they might die and... READ MORE

Mole / Boil / Skin Tag on inner thigh... something to cause concern? (photos)

Not sure what this is. It possibly started as an ingrown hair after shaving, which became like a brown mole / skin tag. I've had it for a few years,... READ MORE

Mole turned to skintag then infection? (photo)

I've had this mole on my back since I can remember. Never really grew always stuck out like a coco pop. After giving birth 1year ago I've noticed it... READ MORE

Hi Doctors, I want to ask you, what are these things on my forehead and hand? (photo)

Is it a skin tag or wart because of the HPV? I'm women, 25 yo. I've never had sexual intercourse. If that is HPV what should i do? Is it harmful? I've... READ MORE

Concerns over the need to remove a mole. Any suggestions?

I don't have any history of skin cancer in my family but have started getting full skin exams the last two years as my wife does and has history in... READ MORE

Mole removal and skin tags scar. Can you help me make the scar disappear? (photos)

I'd like to ask if this is possible to remove. I have a little bumpy mole I tried removing it but it came back again. How much would it cost. Thanks.... READ MORE

I want to get some facial moles removed, is using a cosmetic doctor that specializes in this critical or is it a general skill?

I have ~25 facial moles and skin tags . Most of them are fine, but some have worsened as I've aged (really raised, the tags look like zits). I got a... READ MORE

How do I get rid of a bloody mole on my top lip without going to the doctor? Tried apple cider vinegar, skin tag removal (photo)

The mole in the pictures was flat and its color was normal like the rest of my lip. The only it was wide and semi flat. So I thought of poking it with... READ MORE

I have a mole or skin tag on my neck. It does not hurt that much but it does bleed when I take a shower. (Photo)

It's lose and I can move it back and forth only looks like it's attached by the skin how can I get it removed it's starting to scare me and my wife... READ MORE

Is this simply a mole/skintag or potentially something more serious? (photo)

This photo is of a bump/mole/skintag located in the area between my anus and scrotum. It is not painful to the touch nor does it cause me discomfort.... READ MORE

If I picked a mole/skin tag off my back & the area it was at goes numb & itchy, what would it be?

I had a mole that slightly stuck out like a skin tag & I picked it off. Since then the place it was at has become numb tingley & itches all the time.... READ MORE

Skin Tags or Moles? (Photo)

I moved from India to US on Jan 2014 and started developing skin tags like a thing on my neck. It started concentrating at one area and hence I have 5... READ MORE

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